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I Love Lucy: Day 2


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The infamously awful Day 2 comes to light. Have fun being in as much pain as I was for most of this day.

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I Love Lucy: Day 2

  1. 1. Hello, everyone, and welcome back to I Love Lucy, Day 2! The Official Munster BC, starring Generation 4 sparess Lucy. Yesterday saw the emergencies of several, super stalker 3 bolt frontrunners. We left off with Georgie Haggerty from the Regacy in the lead, followed closely by Elm Langerak, who was also followed closely by David Smith. Eliminated was Riku Fox, who never bothered to talk to her. I'm warning you, this day was hard for me to work with, and will likely be hard for you to read. Let's move along.
  2. 2. At the house down the road from the Bachelorette Challenge, in a setting all too familiar for Fudge, the woman who had come to be known as Katy took a moment to speak. "So, what do you think?"
  3. 3. "First and foremost, I still think you're hiding something from us. But if you're talking about the first day of my suddenly grown up daughter's Bachelorette Challenge, then I guess she made the right decision. That guy didn't even notice she was there."
  4. 4. "Speaking of transparent people, what are Barty and Dad doing upstairs? You'd think they'd want to watch this with us, it's some quality TV."
  5. 5. The two mentioned men had taken a trek upstairs at the request of the great bearded one, who had a rather serious look in his eyes that Barty rarely saw. "It seems like yesterday.. This is the place, I know it. It's different, but the same. How is it that after being gone for so long, I'm back here? Back to the place I was supposed to die in the first place." "What do you mean, Dad?"
  6. 6. "This is the room. The very room where I was scared to death, almost 80 years ago, and brought back merely a few weeks later. Desiderata Valley imploded, Bartholemew. Strange things, very strange unexplainable things. People disappearing left and right, and I had to leave before it happened to me too. How is it that now it's like nothing ever went wrong here? Like the town was given a fresh start, and all that I knew from it is gone, except for one thing?"
  7. 7. "What's the one thing, dad?" "You wouldn't believe me if I told you. You never did take much of what I said seriously." "You're back from the grave, and me and Abe are young again. My 7 year old granddaughter is a grown woman in a house with a bunch of strange men. Go for it. What's the one thing?"
  8. 8. "Her, Barty. That woman, and I know it was her, was in Desiderata Valley 80 years ago when I was imprisoned in this house. Something very strange is going on here."
  9. 9. Lucy collected her thoughts as she went into the hot tub. The instructions Katy had left said that after the first elimination, she had to do this once a day every day. The elimination had been rough. She was hoping Riku would take it well seeing as he'd never even bothered to talk to her, but he hadn't. In fact it went far worse than she could have imagined.
  10. 10. It was a bit surprising to see Phoenix join her first, but even more surprising was what he was wearing. "Phoenix, don't you think it's a little early in the game to be getting naked?"
  11. 11. "Oh come on, we're all friends here. Isn't that right, Georgie?" "Mr. Olfshkimini, I am not entirely sure why you are naked, but it is completely inappropriate."
  12. 12. Before long, the hottub had filled up, despite naked Phoenix being incredibly offputting. Elm rounded the corner just in time to see Jake take the last spot. He suddenly felt very angry and personally offended, and had to contain himself before he kicked something. Where had that all come from? He should be happy he didn't have to sit next to naked Phoenix.
  13. 13. And as it turned out, things didn't exactly go as smooth as expected in the hot tub. "Whoops, sorry. My hand slipped." "Miss Munster, your behavior is ENTIRELY unacceptable of a lady. How would you like it if I did the same thing to you?"
  14. 14. Lucy was so confused. Where had all this anger in Georgie come from? He was so sweet yesterday. "Please, let me enjoy my soak in whatever this contraption is without being bothered with hot water in my face." "Right, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you completely lacked any sense of humor."
  15. 15. She would just turn her attention to someone else who wasn't so uptight for the moment being. "So, Phoenix, what kind of things are you into? We didn't get to talk nearly enough yesterday."
  16. 16. "I played a lot of sports back in my high school days, when I could. I had to take a lot of time off for.. illnesses, but I'd rather not get into that. I can tell you that when I did get to play I won our school a lot of awards." "You sure like to toot your own horn, don't you?"
  17. 17. George simply sat by as for the next hour, as Lucy talked to everyone but him. He had clearly ruined his shot at ever running away with her. But the fact of the matter is he was quite uncomfortable in this hot tub in such a state, and a woman being so forward was not helping things. It did not happen back at home.
  18. 18. "Miss Munster, I.." "Back to calling me Miss Munster now?" Lucy stared a complete hole through Georgie. She was in no mood now to be having a conversation with him.
  19. 19. Over in the other tub, sims were moaning about not getting to spend any time with the bachelorette. "Damn, she's so hot. I could have sat next to that.." "Zephyr, all you even care about is the fact that she's hot. You haven't even talked to her to see how smart and nice she is. Let me play a tune on the worlds smallest violin for you." "Thank you for saying things that needed to be said, Mr. Langerak."
  20. 20. Things just kept getting worse and worse in the Bachelorette's hot tub anyway. "You guys really need to stop fighting, it's not befitting of you." "I don't understand why you want me to not fight with him. Throwing in the flag, Phoenix?"
  21. 21. She got out before she was supposed to, but she didn't care. This had gone so disastrously that no one was ever going to force her into the hottub again. She'd learned her lesson, splashing was bad.
  22. 22. She was absolutely starving, and maybe an early dinner desert would prove a better route for her to go to talk to people. The instructions had told her to have a chat with every contestant before eliminations tomorrow, but she wasn't looking forward to it.
  23. 23. Needless to say, the fact that the entirety of the lunch group picked the seats furthest away from her to chat with eachother didn't make her any happier. "Guys. Bachelorette. Over here."
  24. 24. After they had eaten and once again left her completely alone, Jake sat down. He was always a good person to talk to, it seemed. "You can't stay mad, Lucy. Trust me on this one. You've got a good thing going with some of us and I don't want to see you screw it up. I'm good at screwing things up."
  25. 25. "Thanks, Jake. I appreciate that you at least bothered to talk to me." Jake was a good man, but he clearly had come into the house with some baggage.
  26. 26. She couldn't express how happy she was to see Elm walk into the room. Everything seemed to light up a bit when he was there, and she knew that if he'd been the one that had gotten splashed, he wouldn't have freaked out. "Look, I'm really sorry I didn't make it to the tub earlier, but man, looking at all that has happened, it's not seeming like such a big deal anymore."
  27. 27. "I think things may have gone a little better if you were there, to be quite honest. Thanks. This talk was just what I needed before I go talk to everyone."
  28. 28. She'd heard Georgie sit down at the table while she was talking to Elm, and decided she may as well try to patch things up after earlier. "So, Georgie, are you enjoying your desert?"
  29. 29. Georgie didn't even look her in the eye. "Yes, I am. Now if you would appreciate it I would like to finish it, Miss Munster."
  30. 30. She'd just been ready to stomp up to her room and call off the whole thing when she heard footsteps run after her. "Miss Munster.. Lucy, I mean. Please, forgive me. I wanted to tell you that I am sorry for what transpired earlier. I am not very comfortable in the circumstances of this house, and they have caught me off guard. And you are so very different from any girl back home, but you are lovely and I don't want you to send me home."
  31. 31. "Oh, Georgie. It's fine, I forgive you." She really liked Georgie, she did. But could he handle this kind of environment?
  32. 32. David had walked into the room shortly after they were finished, so she decided she may as well talk to him. "David! I wanted to ask if you're enjoying the food here."
  33. 33. "Hmm, I believe I am, but not as much as you seem to be enjoying Mr. Langerak and Mr. Haggerty's company."
  34. 34. "I'm sorry, what?" "Oh, nothing. I have to use the lavatory, so if you will excuse me, Miss Munster, I will go there now." What was wrong with these guys today?
  35. 35. Lucy was exceedingly glad that she'd found Jake next. He'd not really made any romantic advances but he was always there when she needed someone to chat with. "Thank goodness, someone I know I can't have a bad conversation with." "It's been a rough day, hasn't it?"
  36. 36. "I don't know what it is, Jake. It's like there's a ghost haunting the place, making everyone angry."
  37. 37. She was glad to see him smile. It had been awhile since she'd seen one on a boy. "You've really got a sense of humor, Lucy. I like it."
  38. 38. "Phh, I wish I was joking. It seems like half of the boys in this house really hate me at the moment." "Hey, they can't hate me as much as some of the people back at home hate me right now."
  39. 39. Lucy didn't get it. Jake seemed so nice, what had he done back home that could possibly get everyone so angry? But still, she was glad someone hadn't ended their conversation with her right away today.
  40. 40. Next on her list was Phoenix, who she found near the card table. "I have to say, Phoenix. I absolutely loved your swimsuit, you'll have to tell me where you got it."
  41. 41. At least she'd broken the ice well. "Hey, sorry about that. It's just a force of habit. Where I'm from we're all so outgoing that nobody thinks twice about it."
  42. 42. "And to think, I thought you were just a normal guy until now. I might have to invest in some curtains with you around."
  43. 43. "I actually am pretty normal, for the most part. Save for having a terrible immune system from my zombie mother. Long story, there. You see before I was even born my crazy great aunt apparently tried to.."
  44. 44. "I'm not boring you, am I?" "No, I'm sorry. It's really interesting, I swear. It's just been a very long day."
  45. 45. She hoped she hadn't seemed too bored to Phoenix. He was really nice and his story had been interesting, but it had been such a long day and she just wanted to crawl into her sheets and forget that it had ever happened. And she hasn't even talked to everyone yet.
  46. 46. Crawl into her sheets and forget about the day she did, as Lucy let her dreams of home and visions of her little siblings overtake her. She wondered how they were doing.
  47. 47. Elm got up rather early the next day, earlier than he normally did. He hadn't gotten nearly enough time as he would have liked with Lucy yesterday, and had to stand back and watch all the other guys wreck their chances with her.
  48. 48. What were they all thinking? He honestly hadn't known if he was even going to have anything in common with Lucy coming here, but she was actually a wonderful person. She was smart, outgoing, fun, and to top it all off, super hot. What were the doofus brigade, blowing her off like that? He had a right mind to go light all their socks on fire. But that was more of an Elan thing to do. Heck, maybe he should have brought Elan with him.
  49. 49. It looked like he was going to have to wait a little longer to have a conversation due to the fact that somehow Zephyr had woken up before him. "Zephyr, I'm glad to see you. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you yesterday."
  50. 50. "Doesn't bother me a bit if you're always going to wear.. well, I don't know what that shirt is from, but it sure looks good on you." Lucy felt complimented, she really did. But this was the same kind of stuff Zephyr had been pulling since Day 1.
  51. 51. "So, do you want to go do anything? Nobody is up yet and there's tons of games we could play." "You know what sounds fun? Having a one on one private date in your room.."
  52. 52. "What is wrong with you, Zephyr? I'm trying to get to know you and all you're doing is hitting on me. I have a personality, you know. I have interests and a life." She was really fed up with this. She didn't know anything about Zephyr except that he apparently really liked to flirt.
  53. 53. "Hm, what? I'm sorry, I'm still kind of tired. I'm going to take a shower if that's alright with you." Ugh. This was going just as bad as yesterday.
  54. 54. At this point, the only person she hadn't talked to was Elm, and she'd seen him mope past angrily while she was having with her ill fated conversation with Zephyr, so she figured it was time she got around to him. "Wow, Elm. I didn't notice you were so built. You work out a lot, don't you?"
  55. 55. "I'm glad you noticed, I do try to keep in shape. Though a lot of it is just running around because of fire." "Are you a firefighter or something?"
  56. 56. "No, actually, my mom just likes to light things on fire. Ok, so she doesn't like to. It just happens a lot. She's a spore child, so she doesn't exactly get the concept of food like normal people do."
  57. 57. "Your family sounds like a riot and a half, Elm. I'd love to hang around them for awhile after this is all over."
  58. 58. "If you're sure, I'd be happy to introduce you too them, but I have to warn you it could get ugly if you start wanting to meet all of my family. There's about 70 of us."
  59. 59. "That's a lot of cousins. I have several myself, but not that many." Elm talked to her longer than anyone else in the entire house had. Nobody yawned, nobody argued, and she didn't see a single angry face. She found herself very happy that she'd saved him for last.
  60. 60. After she was finally done chatting with all the men, she took a moment to herself in the bathroom. She had to flirt with everyone next. It said it clearly on the notebook that she'd taken with her for instructions. This was not going to be fun. Flirting wasn't something you just did for the sake of things, unless you were Dad, or possibly Zephyr. It was something that just happened. No matter what she did, this was going to come off stupid, awkward, and forced.
  61. 61. "Walking up to her room, she was still thinking. This wasn't going to be made any easier by the fact that half of these men had given her the cold shoulder, and she was in no mood to be flirting with them. Especially Georgie. Something about him blowing her off had hurt worst of all. Maybe it was that she actually really liked him. Maybe it was that the more she liked him, the more he seemed to absolutely freak out.
  62. 62. She barely even had time to sit down before David came in. She was actually surprised it was him. After getting along so well on the first day, he certainly had been keeping to himself. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything, Miss Munster. You seemed very eager to lock yourself up in here and I was simply wondering if anything was wrong."
  63. 63. "Oh, don't worry about it. I was going to invite you all in for a chat anyway sooner or later." As long as he was in here, she might as well go for it.
  64. 64. "I mean, why would I be angry that someone as good looking as you wanted to come see me anyway?" That had maybe been the cheesiest thing she had ever said.
  65. 65. "You do make a resounding argument. I am quite good looking." "See? I knew there was a sense of humor under all of those old fashioned values."
  66. 66. "Actually, I was completely serious, but if you would like it to be a joke Miss Munster, that would be fine with me as well." "Like I said before, David. Call me Lucy. Would you go tell all the other guys to come see me one by one?" This was getting off to a great start, and looking at him, she'd remembered why she'd liked David in the first place.
  67. 67. Phoenix came in next, a smile on his face and clothes mercifully in place on his body. She didn't mind him being next too much. He was nice. He was cute. But at the same time, she really hadn't connected with him like she had with some of the men.
  68. 68. "So, I was at the Mahjong table with Zephyr and David said we should all start heading in. What's the deal?" "Oh, I just wanted to talk with you all, that's it."
  69. 69. "See, I only wanted to tell you that you don't have to worry too much about getting naked in the hot tub." "And why would that be?"
  70. 70. "Well, you're pretty easy on the eyes." Oh man. She felt like vomitting.
  71. 71. Phoenix lit up at that, so she knew she must have done something right. "Hey, as long as there aren't any diseases floating around in the hottub, I'll keep it up then. I'll go get someone else now, alright?" "Sounds good to me."
  72. 72. Lucy was practically hyperventalating, facing the wall, by the time Georgie lumbered through the door at the speed of light. "Miss Munster.. I mean Lucy. I keep forgetting. You said that you wanted to see me?"
  73. 73. "It's alright Georgie. Calm down." The poor guy looked like he was hyperventilating, and she had to admit it was absolutely charming. He really must have felt bad about what had happened yesterday.
  74. 74. "You do realize that I only splash the cute ones, don't you?" "When you put it like that, I suppose it isn't such a bad thing."
  75. 75. "No, it isn't. And I wish you'd gotten that yesterday because we were doing so well up until then."
  76. 76. "I must admit, I probably did overreact. My mother always did tell me I took many things far too seriously. You are lovely, Lucy, and I hope you will forgive me." "Trust me, Georgie. I already have."
  77. 77. When Zephyr came in before she was even finished with Georgie, she had to say it was a little offputting. "Uh, is there something wrong? You're making an awful face there." "What face?"
  78. 78. "Don't worry about it at all Lucy. I will let you have some time alone with Mr. Walton."
  79. 79. Before the door could even close, Zephyr was all over her. "So, now that we're alone, what do you say we put that bed to good use?"
  80. 80. Lucy played along if simply for the fact that the look Zephyr had on his face when he entered the room slightly frightened her. "I think you're going to have to get to know me a little better than that, Zephyr."
  81. 81. "Are you sure? Because I know a ton of ladies that would looove to get with me right away."
  82. 82. "It's not that you're not good looking, because you completely are. And I love a go getter but.. you're a bit strong, you know?" "Yeah, I'm great, aren't I?" Oh boy, this was awkward.
  83. 83. When Zephyr opened the door to leave, he got a bit of a startle. "You again? Didn't you have your turn?" "I am sorry, Mr. Walton. There is simply something I wanted to talk to Lucy about."
  84. 84. "Talk, yeah. Whatever the two of you say."
  85. 85. It had been on odd moment when Georgie had burst back in to randomly hug him, but she couldn't say she felt sorry about it. It actually felt nice, and she was certain that she was falling for him. But was he even falling for her back?
  86. 86. What was even more confusing was she was fairly certain she was falling for Elm as well. "I hope you're not too tired after all the other guys already got to you first. Because we all know they were simply preparing you for me."
  87. 87. Lucy actually let out a genuine laugh at that. Everything was going so much better now. "Whatever you say. I'm well rested, don't worry."
  88. 88. "I'm sure you think you're the hottest guy here anyway." "Can't exactly argue with that."
  89. 89. "So much for humility with you, eh?" "It's not exactly a word I keep in my vocabulary often, but if you want me to try it, just say the word."
  90. 90. Lucy felt a bit giddy, like she wanted to wave her hands around and yell "People like me! They actually like me!". As smitten as she had to realize she was with Georgie, Elm seemed to have more in common with her. And furthermore, he seemed to get her. Now she had confused herself again.
  91. 91. The last person to come in was Jake, and she couldn't say she was unhappy it was him. They did get along very well.
  92. 92. "I hope I'm not too late for all the fun? I could hear the others talking about flirting, and this is usually my territory." "Hey, I saved the best for last, you could say."
  93. 93. "You better have, or else I'm going to have to have to go beat someone else up for being better than me."
  94. 94. At first, Lucy didn't know what was off. She liked Jake, and she was fairly certain Jake liked her. They were flirting, and nobody was running off. Then she figured it out. It was like flirting with her brother. She couldn't say it right there, she didn't want to hurt his feelings. So for the moment, she just went along with it until it was time to head downstairs for lunch. Plus, maybe it would change.
  95. 95. Around the time she got her plate of turkey, she suddenly realized how fast the day was going. It was 11:30.
  96. 96. She slowly ate, thinking to herself. Somebody was going to have to go soon, and after how Riku had acted the day before, she didn't want to gather everyone up again to cause a scene.
  97. 97. Thankfully for her, she knew exactly who needed to go, and he was sitting at the table that moment. "Everyone, it's 12 O Clock. I don't mean to be abrupt or anything but..."
  98. 98. "Zephyr, I really don't think this is going to work. You're a good guy, but you're just not my type."
  99. 99. Zephyr nearly choked on his gelatin and then whimpered a little. Did he just get shot down like he thought he had? "Well, if you're sure. I guess I don't have a choice, do I?"
  100. 100. "It's like you said, there's tons of girls out there. I don't really think you're all that ready to settle down, and I think you know it too."
  101. 101. Sh"I think you are right. If you want one of the nice one lady type of guys, I'll go. Good luck finding someone for yourself here." Lucy tried to get up to hug him goodbye, but he was fast. Maybe he just wasn't the hugging type like Georgie was.
  102. 102. Zephyr had to admit, it had been fun, and Lucy was hot, but the fun had to come to an end sometime, and if Lucy didn't want to keep him around, it's not like he was going to throw a fit like that weirdo had done yesterday after he'd never even talked to her. Ah well. You win some and you lose some.
  103. 103. "Honestly, you made the right decision, Lucy. He simply was not interested in you at all, merely the fact that you are a lady." "You always seem to be here when I need a word, don't you, David?"
  104. 104. Georgie sighed to himself while David and Lucy chatted. That was close, really close. He'd thought he might be a goner, and he didn't want to leave at all. He needed to make it up to her, and fast.
  105. 105. Outside, Zephyr stepped into the cab, officially the second man eliminated from the house. That's the end of Day 2, everyone, and oh boy oh boy was this hard to watch, and even harder to write. It's not all pictured, but Lucy unsuccessfully splashed Georgie about.. oh, 4 times? And it was murder on their score, and first place at one point had actually changed. He really tried to make it up later, Cee, so don't yell at him! Scores: Georgie Haggerty - 110 - 78/32 - Crush Elm Langerak - 102 - 72/30 - Double Crush (Yes, the second placer has a crush on her but the first does not.) David Smith - 68 - 44/24 Jake Finch - 61 - 45/16 Phoenix Olshfski - 37 - 22/15 Zephyr Walton - 25 - 19/6