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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.3


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The Wrongway Legacy: 4.3

  1. 1. Welcome to The Wrongway Legacy, generation four, part three!Last time we saw the Wronglands were successful, Forrest got tired of Rubix andheaded out on his own after admitting to his mother he didnt want to leave her onher own – but she gave him permission to go. Hex spoke to both heiresses andorganised a formal ball where the girls would reveal their partners. Things gotworse for Hercules, Austin woke up after a blurry night and realised he really likedRobin – and turned to Aphrodite for advice. She listened to both Robin and Austinworrying, knowing both could fix things. Mark sang to Lavender, and confessed heloved her. On the night of the ball, Robin hadnt asked anyone, and Austin endedup being her date. Hercules worked out more details of the curse, before bumpinginto Kendra – and his son – in the street. Hercules vowed revenge, and Markrevealed that he was moving to the city, throwing Lavender into a bit of a dilemma.Lets continue -->
  2. 2. Four in the morning meant nothing to Hex – he used to live with avampire, used to fix his day round her sleeping patterns. Once shewas gone, he couldnt quite kick the insomnia habit.“Hex, its not that Im unhappy to see you, but you do realise what timeit is, right?” Grace smiled as she opened the door.“It couldnt wait,” Hex offered a half-smile, and eased his neck, “I havenews that you need to hear.”“Let me grab a coat and some trousers and well talk on the porch.”
  3. 3. Moments later, Grace stepped onto the porch, yawning, “Excuse me.Im just...tired, I guess.”“Its fine. My fault for waking you.”“No, actually. I was already awake, reading through Roses book. I hadno idea she was that talented,” Grace smiled again, “what did youwant to talk about?”“Your husband, actually.”“Late husband, Hex.”
  4. 4. “Well, actually, Phillip found a bonephone in the attic, and weve spentthe past week fixing it up,” Hex shrugged as Graces eyes widened,“but Death was kind of firm. One resurrection in town per generation.”Graces hopefulness faded, “Oh.”“So I went and spoke to Elizabeth...and she willingly gave up being azombie...”A gasp escaped from Grace.
  5. 5. “Is she...?” Grace trailed off.“No,” Hex replied, firmly, “Ive got Elizabeth on Elixir until the time sheshould go...but shell be an elder before the rest of you.”“Thats not right...Im the oldest, Im supposed to age first.”“Her ageing process seems sped up, but Im looking into that withPhillip. Until then, we have Elixir.”Grace frowned a little, “And she did all of that for me?”
  6. 6. “Do you remember how she died, all those years ago, Grace? AllElizabeth had wanted was to be remembered. Apparently, its not soimportant now,” Hex shrugged, “maybe she wants forgiveness for theway she behaved.”“Thats silly, we forgave her a long time ago.”“Well, consider this the final apology, then,” Hex pulled Grace into ahug, “Ill drop Orlando off in the morning. Apparently the trip betweenthe afterlife and our world really tired him.”
  7. 7. “Wait!” Grace said, suddenly, “Is he a zombie?”“No,” Hex smiled, “his resurrection was a complete success.”Grace looked delighted, and Hex waved, before he started to leave.
  8. 8. Hex whispered to himself, “One problem down, only a few more todeal with.”With that, Hex walked off into the night. ...
  9. 9. Hexs work continued the next day, with cheering Lavender up – hewas trying his best, but it seemed there was nothing that could makeher smile. “You might really like the city when you get there.” Hex offered,desperately. Lavender said nothing for a moment.“I have to move miles and miles away from home.”
  10. 10. “Itll help, Lavender,” Hex continued, “we may not be able to separateyour line and Robins line entirely, but at least we can keep theheiresses apart, right?”“So me leaving is a blessing.”“I didnt mean that.”“I know you didnt.”
  11. 11. A silence fell over them for a moment, before Lavender spoke again, “Ijust...I always thought I would raise my family here, in Rubix. Where Igrew up.”“Well, maybe you dont have to move all of that way with Mark.”“I do, though. Hell be working out of Sim City. If I stay here, Ill rarelysee him,” Lavender smiled a little, “I should probably start packing. Heleaves next week.”“If you need a bit longer, you know, tie things up, Ill drive you downwhen youre ready.”
  12. 12. “In fact, your line of Wrongways will need a guardian down in the city,how about I move up to Sim City with you? So youll have a familiarface in the new place.”
  13. 13. “I could never ask you to do that, Hex.”“You dont have to ask, Im offering.” Hex pointed out.Lavender looked at him, smiling, “Alright then. Come with us.”“Great! I just need to make sure my son is ready to take over myduties with Robin, here in Rubix.”“Thank you, Hex. I promise you wont regret it.” ...
  14. 14. Later that day, the oldest of generation four were ready to leave, withonly Rose available to see them off.“Got everything?” Robin asked, “Because were not coming back.”Aphrodite laughed, “Dont you sound like a mother. Ive got everything.Just a case of hitting the road now.”Lavender smiled. This was the next big step – moving on afterstudying was over.
  15. 15. Rose grinned at her family, “Lavender, call me when you get back andgive Mum my best wishes!”“I will, I swear!” Lavender replied.After that, the four of them started their journey back to Rubix, leavingRose to wave until she could no longer see them. ...
  16. 16. As night fell on Rubix, Lavender arrived at home with Mark, wherethey would stay until it was time to move to the city.Lavender was speechless when she saw her father in front of her.“I thought you said your father was dead?” Mark looked to Lavender,completely confused.“He was...this is just...odd.”
  17. 17. “Lavender, Hex resurrected your father for us.” Grace smiled.Lavender chuckled a little in disbelief.“I dont plan on going anywhere now,” Orlando added, “I dont everwant to leave you again.”Graces smile broadened, before she turned to face Mark, “Im sorry!Youre Lavenders partner, arent you?”“Absolutely. Its nice to meet you again, Mrs Wrongway”“Please, call me Grace.”
  18. 18. “Your home is my home,” Grace told Mark firmly, “if youre aWrongway, youll always have a home here.”Lavender said nothing as she hugged her father. It was impossible tobelieve he was there, believe he was alive and not a zombie.After the reunion, Grace sent her daughter, and her son-in-law, to bed,ready for the big day that followed Lavenders return to Rubix.
  19. 19. The Wrongways were up bright and early on a chilly day at the end ofautumn. Despite all of the recommendations to move the wedding toan indoor venue, the ceremony was still taking place in the garden.“Nearly ready, Lavender? Its almost time.” Grace smiled, wanderinginto her bedroom – Mark was being prepared in the bedroom heshared with Lavender.“Almost. I just...”
  20. 20. Lavender got up and wandered over to her mother, “What do I do,Mum? Do I move to the city with Mark, or stay here and raise afamily?”“Lavender, sweetheart, you know I cant answer that question for you,”Grace tried to smile reassuringly, “you love Mark?”“With all my heart.”“And you trust him?”“Completely.”
  21. 21. “Then theres nothing to worry about. If he goes to the city, you trusthim to come back to you, right?” Grace started to neaten Lavendersdress a little.“What if he meets someone in the city?” Lavender asked, terrified.Grace straightened up.“I cant tell you he wont, Lavender. But I can tell you I feared Orlandowould do the same thing here in Rubix.”
  22. 22. “Its my choice if I follow him to the city or not.” Lavender smiled,picking up her bouquet.“Lavender, youre absolutely right,” Grace grinned, “let me take yourhair out of that ponytail.”
  23. 23. Downstairs, Mark was experiencing a different pep talk, fromLavenders father.“Mark, tell me truthfully that you love her. That youre not just going todrag her down to the city with you and cheat, behind her back.”“Im not going to do that, Mr Wrongway, I swear. I love her.”“Good! Because I have missed a fair amount of her life, Mark. I nevergot the chance to meet her boyfriend before she decided to marryhim,” Orlando sighed, “lets get this wedding started, shall we?”
  24. 24. As Lavender took her first steps towards the aisle, necks craned, herfamily made effort to look at her.Lavender had already been feeling slightly nervous, but hoped shecould make it to the end of the aisle without tripping. A hush fell overthe guests, waiting eagerly to hear the vows.
  25. 25. “That was the most difficult walk ever.” Lavender said, in whisperedrelief. Mark looked at her, stunned.“You mean you dont want to get married?”“I do!” Lavender blurted out, loudly. Her family raised eyebrows ininterest.Mark chuckled, “That part comes later, Lavender.”
  26. 26. Although, that part wasnt too far in the future.“Best day of my life, Lavender.” Mark whispered, smiling. Lavendereased the gold zero onto his finger.“Mine, too, Mr Wrongway.” Lavender answered, as the ceremonyended.
  27. 27. “Are you ready for the real fun part?” Grace asked Orlando. Hefrowned a little, “the after-party!”He grinned, “Then grandchildren. Forrest coming home. Roseswedding, should decide thats what she wants.”“Slow down a little, Orlando. You havent missed that much. Rose andForrest still have plenty of time before they settle down. Rose isnteven dating.”Orlando considered this, before smiling, “Lets go get the party started,then.”
  28. 28. Part of the party was a performance by Mark and his band, which hadbeen eagerly anticipated by most of the family.“This song is for my beautiful bride,” Mark said into the microphone, So lately, Ive been wonderin Who will be there to take my place When Im gone, youll need love To light the shadows on your face If a great wave should fall It would fall upon us all And between the sand and stone Could you make it on your own
  29. 29. If I could, then I would Ill go wherever you will go Way up high or down low Ill go wherever you will go And maybe, Ill find out The way to make it back someday To watch you, to guide you Through the darkest of your days If a great wave should fall It would fall upon us allWell I hope theres someone out there Who can bring me back to you
  30. 30. If I could, then I wouldIll go wherever you will go Way up high or down lowIll go wherever you will go Runaway with my heart Runaway with my hope Runaway with my love
  31. 31. I know now, just quite howMy life and love might still go on In your heart and your mind Ill stay with you for all of time If I could, then I would Ill go wherever you will go Way up high or down low Ill go wherever you will go
  32. 32. Mark finished the song, missing out the final part as he considered itirrelevant, and smiled at Lavender.“Ill go wherever you will go, Lavender,” he said, softly, before lookingtowards the family, “thank you.” ...
  33. 33. By the end of the afternoon, the guests had gone home, and thenewly-weds were settling into their room, which was decorated muchlike Liams was when he returned from university.“Nothing quite like kicking off high heels for bed, really.” Lavendersaid, sighing happily.“I cant answer that.”“Would you rather I wore high heels to bed?” Lavender asked, dryly.
  34. 34. “Hey, I was merely pointing out I dont wear high heels. However, if youdecide to wear them to bed, Im not about to complain.”Lavender giggled a little, leaning back onto the pillows.
  35. 35. “You know, its a bit odd to be going to bed in the afternoon.” Markpointed out. Lavender shrugged.“I thought we were allowed to do whatever we want on our weddingday.”“We are,” Mark grinned, “and if my princess wants to spend the day inbed, then so be it!”
  36. 36. “Tomorrows our last day together, Mark.” Lavender sighed.“True,” Mark put his hands together, “but I thought we could spend theday together, maybe? Go up to the Indoor Gardens for a picnic?”
  37. 37. “That sounds great, Mark.” Lavender replied, truthfully.“Yeah! Well just go off, spend the day together.”
  38. 38. “Were going to have a great day.” Mark decided. Neither pointed out itwas going to be their last day together for a while – regardless ofwhether Lavender was heading down to the city after him or not. ...
  39. 39. Rubix Indoor Gardens opened in winter when it was too cold to visitoutdoor gardens, or the park. It was a warm greenhouse, filled with allkinds of plants, many of which Lavender enjoyed looking at.Of course, it was the perfect place for a couple to spend a daytogether.
  40. 40. ...
  41. 41. ...
  42. 42. By the end of the day, Mark and Lavender had set up a small picnic forthemselves hidden in the hedge maze. It was the perfect nook forprivacy.“This was a wonderful idea.” Lavender murmured, smiling.“Ive enjoyed every minute of it,” Mark looked from his laptop screen toLavender, “did I mention no flower in this greenhouse is as beautifulas you?”“Did you rehearse that line, or just come up with the cheesiness on thespot?” ...
  43. 43. The next day, Mark was preparing to drive to the city. His father-in-lawstared incredulously at the red convertible Mark had neatly parked onthe drive.“How are you going to fit all of your stuff in the car?” Grace asked,laughing a little.“Most of its already there, I just have a few things to take down. Likemy laptop and some food.”
  44. 44. Orlando stopped admiring the convertible for a moment, “Any particularreason why you chose this car?”
  45. 45. “I want to arrive in style,” Mark winked, “wheres Lavender?”“She was in the the bathroom...” Grace smiled a little, as if she knewsomething Mark didnt.“You dont think the car is a bit unsuitable?” Orlando chuckled,“Beautiful little thing, but unsuitable?”
  46. 46. “Is it unsuitable?” Mark asked, curiously. Lavender appeared behindhim, sporting a baby bump.“Hey, Mark, you might want to turn round.”“Lavender!” Mark turned round, and was struck silent for a moment.
  47. 47. Mark swiftly broke the silence, and started talk to the bump, “So whoare you going to be, baby? A musician, like daddy? Or sweet anduncertain like mummy?”“Or they could be someone else entirely.” Lavender laughed.
  48. 48. “Of course not,” Mark looked at Lavender, “are you going to be okaywithout me, now?”“Mark, Ill be fine. You have go, regardless of how I feel.”“I could-”
  49. 49. “Dont cancel your meeting, Mark. Ill miss you, but its for the future,right? Itll be best for us both.”“Hopefully my band will be a success...think about how that willchange our lives, Lavender!”Lavender tried, to smile, thinking only of how that would mean stayingin the city for longer, coming home less...Lavender pushed the thoughtout of her mind. She was doing this for Mark.
  50. 50. “Ill call you when I get there, okay, Lavender?”“Have a safe journey, okay, Mark? I love you.”
  51. 51. Mark didnt reply. Well, at least not with words.------------And this is where Ill leave it this time! I dont normally put chapters outthis short, but I wanted a fairly light-hearted chapter after all of thedarker plots lately.Im also planning to put out a recap soon, because I think that will beuseful.The song used on slides 28-30 is Wherever You Will Go by theCalling.Thanks for reading! :)