A Piratical Legacy Chapter 13 Part 2 - ...Are Better in Togas


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A Piratical Legacy Chapter 13 Part 2 - ...Are Better in Togas

  1. 1. Chapter 13 Part 2 - … Are Better in TogasHello all, and welcome back to Part 2 of Chapter 13 of A Piratical Legacy. Part 1 ended rather abruptly as I ran out of picture space rather thanthings to say. So, without further ado, we return to our regularly scheduled program with no introduction whatsoever.De, aka fireflower314, writes the Morgan Legacy.
  2. 2. While Bart was at class and De was dancing with the maid in the dorm common room, Hadrian was studying outside on the front steps. He sawRenaud walk past and called him over."Hey Ren, I thought you were going to spend the day with Lucy," Hadrian said."Nah, we broke up," Renaud shrugged. "I just wasnt that into her.""No? Shes awfully cute.""Yeah, but theres just no spark," Renaud shrugged.Hadrian took a deep breath. It was now or never. He leaned in close to Renaud.
  3. 3. "You know, you dont have to settle for someone like her," he said slowly. "I know theres someone who thinks youre really hot.""Who?" Renaud asked. He grinned at Hadrian.Hadrian took another deep breath. "Me."
  4. 4. "Sorry, Hadrian," Renaud said, protesting. "Weve had this conversation before. Im straight.""Riiiight," Hadrian drawled. He was a bit hurt, but he was patient.
  5. 5. A bit further down the same sidewalk, Tom Freshe and Emily Lee were taking their relationship to the next level.Since theyre completely and utterly boring, you probably wont see them again in this chapter.
  6. 6. Over in Mille House Dormitory, the Pirate Islanders were studying hard. Autumn, Elphaba, and William were worried about gaining the FreshmanFifteen so they started working out together on a regular basis.
  7. 7. One sunny morning, while eating breakfast together with Elphaba in the cafeteria, Hercules reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet-coveredbox."Fabala," he began, using his favorite term of endearment for Elphaba, "this has been a really long time coming. Marry me?"
  8. 8. "Of course!" Elphaba squealed. She slipped the ring on her finger and grinned at Herc."I just wanted to make it official," Hercules said, grinning back. "I love ya, babe.""Youve been telling me that since we were eight," Elphaba laughed."What?" Herc protested. "Its true!""I know," Elphaba smiled, and blew a kiss at him.
  9. 9. "Did you hear?" Autumn said urgently to William later that day as they played Red Hands in the hallway."Hear what?" William asked."Elphaba and Herc are engaged!""Hey, thats great news!" William said enthusiastically. "Ill have to remember to congratulate them. When are they getting married?""After they graduate, I think," Autumn said. "Faba mentioned something about an island wedding.""I hope were invited!" William grinned."Well, Faba asked me to be a bridesmaid so I guess I am," Autumn said. "I just hope she doesnt pick out a dress with a butt-bow."
  10. 10. Elphaba, meanwhile, was over the moon with excitement. And, er, over the couch.
  11. 11. When Bart stopped by for a visit, William rushed over to tell him the news."Sweet!" Bart grinned. "I love weddings."
  12. 12. "So whats this I hear about a wedding?" Sadism asked as she played "Youre no fun," Sadism pouted. She eyed Wedge speculatively.Red Hands with Hercules. "Taking yourself off the market so soon?" "Hey, do you think my sister would mind if I stole her boyfriend for a bit?""Sadie, I was never even really on the market," Hercules said. "Yes!" Herc said, glaring at Sadism. "I see that want too. Its not"Too bad," Sadism pouted. "I would have liked to get to know you happening either!"really well." Seriously, Sadism has had unspeakable wants for both Herc and"I can see that want panel, being a Deity and all," Hercules said Wedge since becoming friends with them. Shes the worst-behavedwarningly to Sadism. "Its not happening, Sadie." Romance sim Ive ever had.
  13. 13. "So that alien chick that Faba wants to beat up is your sister?" Autumn was sometimes guilty of not thinking before she spoke."Why does Elphaba want to beat up Sadism?" Blake was puzzled."Ohh..." Autumn said, blushing. "I shouldnt have said that, should I.""Probably not," Blake said agreeably. "But I wont tell. Hey, youre that girl my brother keeps talking about, arent you.""Am I?" Autumn asked, startled."Oops," Blake blushed. "I shouldnt have said that, should I?""My lips are sealed," Autumn grinned.
  14. 14. Later during that semester, Hercules invited Angel over."Ive already talked to Bart and he says Im in if you approve my application," he said, referring to the Greek house."Yeah, youre cool," Angel said with a shrug."That was easy," Hercules observed. "Can you let Autumn in too? Shes been talking about nothing else all semester."
  15. 15. "Sure, why not," Angel shrugged. She wandered over to Autumn to tell her the good news."Great!" Autumn said. "When can I move in?""Start of sophomore year," Angel said. "Thats when most people move in."
  16. 16. Autumn rushed into Williams room to give him the good news. "I got in!" she squealed.William looked up at her and blinked. Hed just woken up and wasnt even wearing his glasses yet. In fact, all he was wearing was a pair of fairlyworn pajama pants."Ohh..." Autumn said, noticing Williams state of dishabille.
  17. 17. "I guess I should have knocked," she said, feeling a little breathless."Might have been a good idea," William said, not taking his eyes off of her. Which meant he squinted a bit.There was an uncomfortable pause."Ah, what the heck," William said.
  18. 18. He swept Autumn into his arms and kissed her as soundly as he knew how.
  19. 19. The main floor common room of Casteroff was looking a bit different these days. Irony and Blake had joined the dorm social committee and raisedenough money to redecorate just a bit."Now were really the party dorm," Blake said with satisfaction as he surveyed the brightly decorated room.
  20. 20. The first thing that he and Irony did was throw a party. They invited all the PI-ers and a few locals as well."Hey Bart, have you met CK yet?" Blake asked as they stood around the juice keg."Whos CK?" Bart asked.
  21. 21. "Oh, hes this DJ from the city," Blake said. "But he used to live on Pirate Island. Hang on, Ill introduce you."
  22. 22. For a minute, Bart got his hope up. A DJ from the island? It could be his father! But then he saw that CK had dark hair, and realized that hecouldnt possibly be the same guy. After a few minutes of chatter, Bart excused himself and headed upstairs to visit with Wedge.
  23. 23. CK emerged from the washroom as Bart walked up the stairs. "Dang, its good to get that wig off," he muttered as he ran his fingers through hishair. "And to change. Note to self: change between gigs."Bart didnt see him, though.
  24. 24. "Irony, youre the girl for me and nobody else," Wedge said, grinning. "Weve been dating for a while now... care to make it exclusive?"
  25. 25. "Darned straight Im up for that!" Irony said exuberantly. She was nothing if not enthusiastic.
  26. 26. Seeing as how neither Wedge nor Herc were likely to have an affair with her, Sadism turned to easier targets. Jerry was always good for a fun time.
  27. 27. Blake, meanwhile, decided to let Aurora Taylor know how he felt about her. He invited her over and she came gladly.
  28. 28. ... only to shoot him down when he tried to kiss her."Whoa... lets take things a bit slower, okay Blake?""Yeah..." Blake sighed dejectedly."I do like you," Aurora said slowly. "I just dont know if I want to be in a relationship right now.""Im cool with that, I guess," Blake shrugged. "I like you a lot, Aurora. I can wait."
  29. 29. His heartfelt declaration must have melted Aurora-the-ice-queens facade just a bit, because Aurora didnt pull away when Blake tried to kiss heragain a few hours later.Blake decided that he was in love, but also that he ought to take things slowly. Again.
  30. 30. "So both of my brothers are dating nice girls," Irony said to Wedge as they hung out in the TV lounge. "Im so happy for them!""Youre just a romantic at heart," Wedge grinned."So? Whats wrong with that?" Irony asked. "Its all the poetry mom made me read when I was a kid.""Hmm... good point," Wedge agreed.
  31. 31. Back at Buccaneer Manor, things werent moving enough for the family founders in the removing-the-curse department."What are you still doing ere?" Elise screeched. "You should be in Paris! Learning about zhe occult!""Aaaah!" Roche screamed. "Geeez! Hows a guy supposed to get his scholarship money if hes constantly being interrupted by insane ghosts?"
  32. 32. "With extreme difficulty, savvy?" Captain Jack chortled as he spooked Roche. "Yeve wasted enough time, Roche!""But Im not ready yet!" Roche protested.
  33. 33. Roche decided to study for the rest of his scholarships on the third floor, where the ghosts couldnt spook him.Probably a wise move there, buddy."Youd think theyd refrain from trying to kill me, Goddess."Ghosts arent the smartest undead out there, Roche."No kidding."
  34. 34. "Grandma, the ghosts tried to kill me again.""Thats nice, dearie. Aye? What did you say?"Sadly, Marys mental faculties werent up to par now that her beloved Alan was gone. It was almost as if all his stupid had drained into her. No, notstupid. Density. Umm... naiveté. Vacancy. You get the picture.
  35. 35. Fortunately, Bart stopped by to visit during the semester breaks.Roche lived for those visits. He couldnt wait to go to university "How about you?" Bart asked. "Got a girlfriend yet?"himself and peppered Bart with constant questions about what dormlife was like. "Not yet," Roche shrugged morosely. "I havent had time, Ive been so busy studying for all these framming scholarships. All I want to do"Oh, its good stuff," Bart grinned. "And hey, I met this girl, De... is play tub pirates or bounce on the couch and I havent had time toshes something else. But dont tell mom and dad yet. Things arent do either in ages!"really serious and I dont want to jump the gun." To prove his point, he whacked Bart over the head with a pillow."You can trust me," Roche promised.
  36. 36. "Hi grandma!" Autumn was also home for a vacation. "How are you "True," Autumn said. "I guess it has been a long time."doing?" "Aye, yer dad didnt want yer granddad ta know he ran the Syndicate,"Arr!" Mary said. "And who do ye be, girlie?" aye?""Im Jacks oldest daughter, grandma," Autumn said patiently. "Yeah, thats what daddys always said," Autumn nodded."Oh, thats right," Mary nodded. "Sorry, I havent seen ye since ye "It woulda broke Alans heart," Mary said fondly. "Never could seewere a little kid, Autumn." what was right in front o him."
  37. 37. "Bart!" Pao exclaimed, and gave his step-son a big hug. "We werent Cale consume me."expecting you home until tomorrow!" "Whats her name?" Pao asked knowingly."I know, I got an earlier flight," Bart said. "Roche and grandma were hometo let me in, though. How was work?" "Dad!" Bart said, blushing."Oh, you know," Pao shrugged. "Im married to your mother. I could be the "I know young men," Pao said. "I used to be one."worst general in the islands history and they still wouldnt fire me. Thatswhy Im smuggling warheads to your Uncle Jack." "De," Bart said. "Shes a simself and shes awesome.""Good to know," Bart laughed. "Well, treat her right," Pao said. "Do that and youll always be happy even when things are tough. Thats how your mom and I have stayed together for"You seem a lot happier these days," Pao observed. long.""Im just... enjoying being young," Bart shrugged. "Not letting my search for "Thanks for the advice, dad," Bart said. He smiled at Pao.
  38. 38. However, his smile turned to outright laughter as he caught sight of Roche and Pao smustling later that evening. In their pajamas, no less.
  39. 39. "Arr! I be surrounded by idiots, savvy? Have they stopped yet?""Not yet, dad. Give it a couple hours, mate, and theyll keel over from exhaustion.""Cant ye just keelhaul them first? Would hurt less in the long run, savvy?"
  40. 40. "Lets just play rock, paper, scissors and pretend they dont exist, mother.""Good plan, Ivy.""We thought so. Our eyes are watering from watching them.""Aye, it is a bit painful."
  41. 41. In a flurry of freshly falling snow, Pearl the puppy became Pearl the dog! Sorry there havent been many pictures of her. My husband installedGunmods Radiance lighting and it made a lot of the shots too dark, so most of her puppy pics didnt turn out. But shes a really sweet dog andhasnt destroyed too much yet.
  42. 42. "Ivy, me dear, I feel a chillness in me soul."
  43. 43. Whatcha doin, Alan?"Oh, hi Goddess! Im just here to collect my wife. Ive missed her."Awww...
  44. 44. Goodbye, Mary. Youve had a long and fulfilling life with tons and tons of grandbabies. Now go and spend some eternity with your husband."Arr!""YES. MAYBE YOU CAN GET HIM AND SHANNON TO STOP TALKING ABOUT THOSE FRAMMING CLAMS!""Eh, I never could dissuade them from that, mate.""DAMN."
  45. 45. "Hurry up, Mary! I want to try celestial woohoo!""Be there any celestial rum, Alan?""There are Large Intoxicating Beverages with Tiny Multicoloured Umbrellas," Alan said."Aye, that be the stuff.""CAN WE GET GOING? I DONT HAVE ALL DAY, YOU KNOW.""Hold yer horses, mate! Old bones cant be rushed. Savvy?""SAVVY."
  46. 46. Everyone was pretty sad, but Ivy was soon cheered up by woohoo with Pao.
  47. 47. Roche, on the other hand, was very unhappy. Because Mary had spent so much time passing on the family traditions to him, they were very close.Of all the family, he felt her loss the keenest, and so he started behaving a bit recklessly to compensate.Ivy, not being the best mother in the world, didnt really notice that Roche was staying out all night at seedy pool dives like the Mauve Flamingo,and probably wouldnt have cared if she did notice. She loved her sons... she was just a bit inattentive.
  48. 48. Something you want, Captain Jack? You dont usually levitate like that."The boy needs to get a girl, love."Fine, Ill pass on your advice.
  49. 49. Roche agreed that he did need a girl, at least for one afternoon of romance and kisses. So he wished for one.
  50. 50. Caroline Nott was the result. Roche got his first kiss immediately, thanks to the magic of the wishing well. The fact that Caroline was a Romancesim didnt hurt either.
  51. 51. They spent the afternoon on one smokin date and then he never rolled a want for her again. But he did snap out of his funk.Easily distracted, he is.
  52. 52. A short time later, all the immediate family came over for another party. Bart even made it all the way from Paris for the event, for this was noordinary party.
  53. 53. No, this was Ivys birthday party. While her siblings were still young and very attractive, she was about to elderify... would the results be good orbad?And the verdict is...
  54. 54. ... in my husbands words:"Regal."Oh, and... "Miranda Richardson."She rolled the want for plastic surgery, which I refused. I dont trust that thing.
  55. 55. "Like, being a spare totally rocks. We never get mouldy!""Yes, but in my case thats because Im a mad scientist.""That is not always the case, you know.Elisabeth is almost ready to go.You see, the most predictable wayTo agelessness is to be too hard to play.Such as when Goddess cant think of good rhymesAnd makes her husband write my lines.""Eddie, Aunt Celeste is breaking the fourth wall again."
  56. 56. "Roche, my very dear nephew, have you ever considered a life of crime?""I have, Uncle Jack," Roche replied seriously. He spoke quickly, before Jack could respond. "But I have other responsibilities. I have to overturnthe curse.""Ah, yes. It is unfortunate that such a heavy burden has been placed upon your young shoulders," Jack said sympathetically. "I was hoping youwould consider membership in the Syndicate now that you are almost of age, but you must save our dear family first. Perhaps once the forces ofevil have been overthrown you will reconsider.""Ill definitely keep it in mind, Uncle Jack.""This does, however, mean I shall require a new protégé..."
  57. 57. Sophomore year!Living in Urele Oresha Cham Greek House, aka Royal Greek House, we have:Front (L-R): William Curtin, Autumn Thayer, Hercules DeityBack (L-R): Irony Curtin, Bart BuccaneerNot pictured: Angel Mace, Royal Placeholder
  58. 58. The Greek house members settled into Greek life pretty easily, although they never did get the hang of the free pizza thing. Instead, we had plentyof synchronized cooking and then shouting that the stove was blocked. It was very joyous.
  59. 59. The non-Greek playables also spent most of their free time at the house, since most of them were dating house members.Hercules claimed one of the two double beds, for obvious reasons. Hey, he and Elphaba are engaged! Its almost Squeaky Clean!
  60. 60. William was also a frequent visitor as not only was Autumn living there, but two of his siblings were as well. Unfortunately, his glasses keptglitching so after I while I gave up on inviting him over.
  61. 61. "Im pretty much being ignored, arent I."Sorry, such is the life of a placeholder in most legacies."Figured. Any chance of me auditioning for Ivy again?"Nope.
  62. 62. "Irony, Id like to nominate you as the social planner for the greek house. You have a knack for planning awesome parties.""Why Bart, Im flattered! Of course Ill plan the parties!""Just make sure you add De to the guest list, Irony.""Not a problem, Bart."
  63. 63. "zzzzImsurroundedbyhotchickswhyamIstillsleepingzzzzzz"
  64. 64. "Sorry! The Goddess says William cant come over until she figures out what is glitching his glasses!"
  65. 65. Angel, who shall henceforth be pretty ignored because shes not as interesting as the spares in the Greek house, decided to find romance for herself.Before Ivy shed dated this redheaded dormie briefly.
  66. 66. It didnt take long for them to rekindle the flames of love.
  67. 67. And, since Angel isnt a Romance sim, she immediately rolled the want to get engaged.There. Happy? Now hurry up and graduate.
  68. 68. "Well, I cant promise anything but Ill ask if shell reconsider."Sorry. Havent figured out whats causing the glitch yet."Frammit! I want to see my boyfriend!"
  69. 69. "Oh hey CK, Im doing good too! You busy? Too bad... were having a party tonight. Well, next time youre in town give me a call. We have aparty pretty much every night and youre always welcome. Bye!"
  70. 70. De was one of the first guests to arrive, looking very smashing in her winter coat."Glad you could make it," Bart said, grinning broadly."You know I never miss these shindigs," De laughed. "I miss the island.""Me too."
  71. 71. Impulsively, Bart leaned in and kissed her."Way to go, Bart!" Autumn whooped in the background.
  72. 72. As the rest of the guests piled into the house, Bart and De switched from kissing to dancing... but they kept exchanging glances and Bart knew thattheir relationship was definitely going somewhere fast.
  73. 73. I decided to indulge Autumn and let her boyfriend come over, too... and for once his face wasnt glitchy! Yay!
  74. 74. "Cmon!" Autumn said, and dragged William into one of the bedrooms. "The Goddess can try to keep us apart but shes not succeeding this time!"William just grinned, and the two spent the rest of the evening getting reacquainted.
  75. 75. Someone brought out the juice, and Bart started feeling a little reckless. He got down on his knees and started serenading De."Oh, Bart!" she gushed.Yes, things were definitely looking good between the two of them.
  76. 76. "I am so the man," Bart crowed as the crowd finally left. "Goddess, Im in love!"Awww... Im happy for you, Bart. Does De feel the same way?"I dunno," he said. "We havent said anything yet. But Im going to tell her I love her... and soon."
  77. 77. Bart wasnt the only one feeling the love. Blake had been quietly dating Aurora Taylor since the end of their Freshman year. Now that they werenearly Juniors, he felt ready to take things a little further."I love you, Aurora.""I... I love you too, Blake," Aurora said shyly.
  78. 78. With a huge grin, Blake pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket."Marry me?""Yes!"
  79. 79. "Whee! Im engaged!"This seems to be a common reaction.
  80. 80. "So... another one bites the dust, eh?" Bart said to Irony as they played Punch-You Punch-Me."Yeah, Blakes on cloud nine!" Irony giggled. "So when are you going to pop the question?""Ah, Im not ready for that yet," Bart said. "I dont even know if De loves me yet.""She does," Hercules said knowingly.
  81. 81. "So the weathers supposed to be a bit warmer tonight. Want me to throw another toga party?""Thatd be awesome, Irony.""Can I help this time, sis?""Sure!"
  82. 82. "Herc, Irony says tonights party is a go. Can you call Faba and the rest from Mille House?""Sure thing! Shes calling Casteroff?""Yup, and Ive got Lam Plaza."
  83. 83. "Real mature, Irony.""Pleasure Sim!"
  84. 84. Even the party planner gets to enjoy herself occasionally."Pleasure Sim!"
  85. 85. "Youre Sadism, right?""Yeah, thats me. What about it?""You know, youre almost as hot as Queen Ivy. Gosh, I cant believe I just said that. I just got engaged last week.""Realllly..."I can see that want panel, Sadism. Dont even think about it."What?"
  86. 86. Jack also happened to be in town closing some business deals when the party invites went out, so of course he was invited.
  87. 87. After a gruelling jam session with Bart, he finally agreed to chat with Wedge."I see you have embraced the power of the man-purse. I approve.""I want to join the Syndicate, sir."
  88. 88. "Hmm... I shall have to consider it, young Wedge. You are my own nephew and I like to keep business in the family. Yes, I shall have to considerit... have I mentioned that I approve of your man-purse?"
  89. 89. Ooh.... De, just look at what youre getting. Dreamy much?
  90. 90. "Sadism, I really think you should have pity on Angel. Shes been Ivys concubine. Shes vulnerable.""Excellent...""But Jerrys here! What if he sees?""Jerry wont care... hell probably ask if he can join.""Eww. Just eww."
  91. 91. "Yeah! A little to the left!""Almost got it... almost got it!"*three voices in unison* "YES!"
  92. 92. What? I like a good party too.
  93. 93. "Blake, my friend, this is some fine, fine juice you have mixed."*hic*
  94. 94. With the juice flowing, the party really started warming up. Certain individuals started feeling bolder.
  95. 95. Irony convinced Wedge that they ought to have their own private party in one of the bedrooms.
  96. 96. And Angel made a move on Sadism, who shed been eyeing all night.
  97. 97. Unfortunately, Sadism didnt really know the meaning of fidelity, and she soon made a move on Jerry.
  98. 98. Angel was not pleased.
  99. 99. But Sadism and Jerry were in a great mood!Elphaba just watched the drama and laughed. Not that she particularly liked Sadism. She just found it funny that the cheatee was Jerry Turner,pretty much the ugliest sim the game was capable of spawning naturally.Heck, hes Gages father in some neighborhoods.
  100. 100. While Angel consoled herself with food, the party continued. Angel wasnt actually all that upset, really. She was engaged to a great girl. It was justthe juice that made her act like an idiot.
  101. 101. "De! You came!""Sorry Im late, Bart. As you can see, I have company... its okay that the Professor came, right?""Heck yeah! Ive looked up to Professor Butters-Marius for years, De."Professor Butters writes the Squeaky Clean Legacy. Her Simself is married to Flavius Marius, a spareling from Blite27s Ten Caesars Legacy. Goread both of them!
  102. 102. "I know you had the purple hair first, Irony, but if I win then you have to dye yours.""And if I win, then you have to shave yours off!""Deal!"
  103. 103. "I really dont like you. On principle, I mean."
  104. 104. "De?""Yes?""I love you.""I love you too, Bart.""I know."
  105. 105. Back on Pirate Island..."Guess what, Goddess? Marina is pregnant! And nobody knows if its Shanes baby or Gages baby!"Marina = smoothiequeen87, writer of the Fitzhugh Legacy.
  106. 106. "Dont even say it, Allegra.""I wasnt even thinking it, string-puller."Allegra Fitzhugh is one of Marinas legacy sims.
  107. 107. "For the last time, ye crazy great-grandson o mine, get yerself to college!""Its okay, Grandpa Jack. Im ready now.""About bloody time, mate!"
  108. 108. "Yere tellin me!"Mary, you made an appearance!"Me grandson seems ta need a little help in the direction o Paris, Goddess."Hes just said hes going."I heard! This calls for the rum!"
  109. 109. "No, this calls for puddle splashing!"Roche! Just get in the car... youre going to miss your flight!"Fine, Ill go. See you on campus, Goddess. Youd better hope theyre ready for me!"
  110. 110. "Oh yes, Roche. Were ready!"Are they really ready for Roche on campus? Will Bart and De ever get engaged? Will I stop posting pictures of random sparelings that you cantidentify? Will Ivy take on another Chief Concubine? Whats going on with the Syndicate? Is Jack serious about making Wedge his protege? Andfinally, can Roche really break the curse?All this and more in the next exciting installment of A Piratical Legacy.