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Transformation of Offline to INline Education (FINE)

How do you support students in times of increasing needs for flexible education? And how do you make sure your institution stays relevant to your students? At the Fontys University of Applied Sciences these questions are being addressed as part of the Fontys INline Education (FINE) project. Inline education is the optimal combination of online and offline education. The activities of the project focusses on different levels, such as providing an internal call for tender, the formation of a community, research related to inline education, teacher training, and optimization of the infrastructure.

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Transformation of Offline to INline Education (FINE)

  1. 1. Transformation of Offline to INline Education (FINE) 15 March 2015 Pierre Gorissen Fontys University of Applied Sciences
  2. 2. Inline Education Online Offline Blended Learning Open Education Laboratory course Project groups F2F Classes Practical training E-Learning Technology Enhanced Learning Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Open Educational Resources (OER) Online Classes
  3. 3. Fontys INline Education (FINE) • Call for tender • Community • Research / BoK • Training • Infrastructure A really quick overview of lessons learned so far
  4. 4. Call for Tender… • 14 project proposals (budget for 4) – Contingency plan for success! • Templates for RFP – We re-used the SURF ones • Most teachers are not experienced proj. leaders – Make sure you support them! • Smart meetings with all projectleaders – Portal / Lync
  5. 5. Research • Most teachers are not experienced researchers* – Make sure you support them! – Collaborate with relevant professors • Research questions as part of project plan – What do you want to find out? • Create a Body of Knowledge – Prevent a lot of duplicate work – Lessons learned of project also part of BoK!
  6. 6. Body of Knowledge Jos Speetjens et al.
  7. 7. Body of Knowledge
  8. 8. Training • Not one size fits all • Focus on what they should be able to do – Not just “take this course” but have them demonstrate competencies using a portfolio! • Provide beginner training when needed • Customization and modular training
  9. 9. Training Pedagogy & Assessment Expert lecturer: experiments, innovative, evaluates effectiveness, meta perspective, etc. Media Literacy Expert: integral use of IT based on (digital) pedagogical knowledge, for curriculum development and coaching of colleges in the use of IT in education. Research Lecturer as experienced researcher, report of an independently designed and performed research at master level (professional/academic), critical reflection on contribution to own professional practice. Senior level Pedagogy & Assessment Experienced lecturer: improvise, differentiate, formative and summative assessments, knowledge of learning processes, etc. Media Literacy Experienced lecturer: integral use of IT based on (digital) pedagogical knowledge. Research Lecturer as researcher: using results of research (review). Commissioning and monitoring research Critical reflection on supervision Conducting, designing research. Medior level Fontys Base Educational Qualification Qualification for new lecturers and (associate) professors that do not have teaching credentials. In this qualification track, the candidate demonstrates that he/she has the required elementary qualifications in pedagogy, assessment, media literacy and research. Base level
  10. 10. Infrastructure • Base infrastructure is available – Mediasite – VLE – Single Sign-on / eduroam / SURFConext – …. • Technology ought to be less of a challenge – Devil in the details – Technology is passion / emotion!
  11. 11. "Open education and flexible learning - Graphic illustration" by Gavin Blake, Licensed under CC0 via Wikimedia Commons
  12. 12. How OPEN is FINE? • Open is no prime directive (yet) at Fontys • But we try to be as open as possible!
  13. 13. Thank You! @PeterMcAllister