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Smart dust


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Smart dust

  1. 1. A PresentationOn SMART DUST
  2. 2.  Introduction Fabrication of Smart Dust Working Major challenges Applications Advantages & Disadvantages Conclusion
  3. 3.  Smart Dust is a self-contained network of tiny motes each having the capability of sensing and monitoring the environment conditions. Smart Dust concept has been credited to researchers at the University of California, Bekerley in 1997 by Prof. Kris Pister. They contain sensors which have the computational capability They can communicate with a base station or with other motes depending on the application. The transmission is carried out by microscopic devices known as micro electromechanical system (MEMS)
  4. 4. N Micro-controller W E 2 Axis Magnetic Processor S Sensor 2 Axis Tiny operating Accelerom system eter 3 KB RAM memory Light Intensity Sensor Humidity Sensor Pressure Sensor Temperature Sensor
  5. 5.  Smart dust motes run by a microcontroller. Microcontrollers consist of tiny sensors for recording various types of data. Sensors run by timers. Data is sent to the base controlling station Corner Cube Retro-Reflectors (CCR) built using MEMS technique
  6. 6.  It is difficult to fit all these devices in a small Smart Dust both size wise and Energy wise. As the devices are so small, batteries present a massive addition of weight.
  7. 7.  Environmental protection Circulatory Net Habitat Monitoring In hospitals In military Security Virtual keyboards Virtual Keyboard SMART DUST
  8. 8. IMPLEMENTATION Drop a smart dust from an airplane Motes self-organize into a networkUSAGE A mote that detects a fire notifies central monitoring station The mote location is the approximate location of the fire
  9. 9. Benefits Inspect pipes without crawling in tight spaces. No need to remove insulation to inspect pipe
  10. 10.  Small Size Better Connectivity Low Cost
  11. 11.  The main concern is privacy. Because it is so tiny, this device can be used to spy on people without their approval. Another concern is the security of the information transmitted through this sensors. Like in any other computer, hackers can brake into the system and steal or modify important data.
  12. 12. There are many ongoing researches on Smart Dust,the main purpose of these researches is to makeSmart Dust mote as small as possible and to makeit available at as low price as possible.