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Dietary Guidelines (For the Real World!)

With the release of the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a lot of attention is placed on nutrition and how we’re all supposed to be eating. It’s easy for eating right to feel complicated (especially in the form of a 400 page report!), but we’ve got good news: it isn’t. To show how it’s done, five FoodInsight writers (both RDs and non-RDs) took on eating by the dietary guidelines for the week. See how they did it, what they thought was the hardest and how you can steal their approaches!

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Dietary Guidelines (For the Real World!)

  1. 1. Dietary Guidelines (For the Real World) Here's how 5 writers ate by the Dietary Guidelines for one week. Steal their ideas & see what works!
  2. 2. M o n d a y Sarah "I’m not counting calories, or milligrams of nutrients, or weighing my food. Instead, I’m being aware & cognizant of trying to get all the important nutrients I need in my diet."
  3. 3. Sarah's Breakfast Sarah's Snack Greek yogurt & pomegranate seeds Latte with regular or soymilk Protein, calcium, probiotics, & fiber- all before 9am.! Extra protein & calcium M o n d a y
  4. 4. Sarah's Lunch Turkey wrap on a whole grain tortilla with roasted turkey, & avocado. Whole grains, lean protein, & healthy monounsaturated fats Sarah's Snack Whole grain crackers and tzaziki dip (yogurt dip) Protein, whole grains, & fiber to feel satisfied! M o n d a y
  5. 5. Sarah's Dinner Slowcooker eggplant parm, with spinach sautéed in olive oil Important antioxidants, calcium & protein, while adding to my veggie quota & using healthy oils  Sarah's Snack A handful of almonds & a few dried figs Protein & carbs before a workout M o n d a y
  6. 6. T u e s d a y Megan "Meal planning makes a big difference for me! We have a white board in our kitchen that helps us plan our dinners."
  7. 7. Megan's Breakfast Whipped banana oats with milk, chia seeds, jam, and nuts Plenty of protein and healthy fats! T u e s d a y
  8. 8. Megan's Dinner Megan's Lunch Filling half the plate with veggies for vitamins, plus getting some great protein! Whole grains, protein, antioxidants, and vitamins! Chicken sausage, roasted potatoes, & veggies Brown rice, roasted chickpeas, & an Indian dish made with eggplant & tomato T u e s d a y
  9. 9. W e d n e s d a y Liz "MyPlate has always been my best friend when it comes to simple, no-nonsense meal prep. I love eating out, so, luckily for me, many restaurant & quick serve options can fit nicely into a DGA healthy meal pattern. " 
  10. 10. Liz's Breakfast Greek yogurt, strawberry preserves, & a banana. High-protein dairy & a fruit or two!  Healthy fats, protein, grains, & veggies! Liz's Lunch Frozen salmon meal with orzo pasta & spinach in yogurt sauce, an orange, & a diet soda W e d n e s d a y
  11. 11. Packed with protein, fiber, & whole grains, plus bonus healthy fats via the avocado! Liz's Dinner a spinach & kale salad, with black beans, quinoa, avocado, cabbage, tomatoes, & shredded seasoned chicken breast W e d n e s d a y
  12. 12. T h u r s d a y Laura "Sticking to the DGA made it easier for me to make a good choice when I went out to dinner."
  13. 13. Laura's Breakfast Steel cut oatmeal, skim milk, banana, & maple syrup Colorful and full of veggies, protein, and a vitamin A boost! Protein from the milk, a serving of fruit, & whole grains and fiber from the oatmeal Chicken sausage, tomatoes, green beans, hummus, & a sweet potato. Laura's Lunch T h u r s d a y
  14. 14. Protein, omega-3 healthy fats, whole grains, & veggies! Salmon, brown rice, & Brussel sprouts Laura's Dinner T h u r s d a y
  15. 15. F r i d a y Kami "I follow the DGAs pretty well with a few shortcomings, but it's easier sticking to it when my pantry is stocked & I make meals ahead."
  16. 16. Kami's Breakfast Oatmeal, sausage, & hot chocolate with dairy- free milk Plenty of protein, with a hint of dairy! Fiber, whole grains, iron, & zinc, plus protein, along with calcium and vitamin D that even works for the lactose-intolerant!  Chili with ground beef, black beans, tomatoes, & some cheddar cheese Kami's Lunch F r i d a y
  17. 17. Kami's Dinner TBD TBD F r i d a y Added protein and healthy polyunsaturated fats! Spinach salad with boiled eggs, bacon, & a lemon pepper vinaigrette
  18. 18. FoodInsight. org/ eating- right For more, check out: