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Build Your Own Snack Dip [INFOGRAPHIC]


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Our final installment of Build Your Own Benefits, last but not least is snack dip! The perfect midday snack, make your dip healthier and more filling with a protein base and lots of veggies.

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Build Your Own Snack Dip [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. BUILD YOUR OWN S N A C K D I P Veggie Add-in Base Choose a�base�with�protein. Protein�may help you feel full longer�& build muscle. These bases are simple & perfect for�building flavor! Grains have B vitamins which are important for our metabolism & nervous system. Vegetables provide many nutrients including�vitamins A & C, potassium & fiber. A great dip isn't just for a party - you can have one any time! � Based in protein &�paired with veggies, dips can be�a smart snack.�� Mix up your favorite ingredients to see what you come up with! HUMMUS WHOLE WHEAT PITA BREAD CARROTS BELL PEPPERS BROCCOLI PRETZELS WHOLE GRAIN CRACKERS COTTAGE CHEESE GREEK YOGURT Vary your veggies for a colorful array of nutrients. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend making half your grains whole. choose a... Veggie Dipper BENEFITS(health) SPINACH SUNDRIED TOMATO ARTICHOKE Vegetables provide a variety of�vitamins & minerals. Blend in fresh, frozen or canned veggies! Seasoning CAYENNE PEPPERGARLICPARSLEY Reduce your sodium intake by replacing salt with one (or more!) of these options. Add some kick to your dip with fresh or dried herbs�&�spices! Grain�Dipper