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Diet-Proof Your Diet


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Instead of fad diets and cleanses, learn to create a healthy eating plan that you'll actually stick to.

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Diet-Proof Your Diet

  1. 1. & create a healthy eating plan that you'll actually stick to 4 SIMPLE STEPS�TO Avoid diet trends that promise fast fixes or extraordinary results.�A diet sounds "too good to be true?"�It probably is.� DIET-PROOF YOUR DIET SPOT THE FADS1 Don't fight your hunger. Focus internally�to�decide when and how much to eat. Using a hunger scale can help. KNOW YOUR CUES2 Instead of revamping your diet all at once, set one or two "SMART" goals at a time. This acronym stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-limited. The USDA's MyPlate tool can help you customize your meals with the right mix of different food groups. learn more at @foodinsight @foodinsightfoodinsight MAKE MYPLATE, YOUR PLATE GET "SMART" 3 4