Sources of Information


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Sources of Information

  1. 1. Sources of InformationOverall, I felt that I managed this project to the best that I could although there were some points inwhich I feel I could improve on. The first point is the development and modifications of the product,the development of the product was successful with a fair amount of detail, although there were somemodifications that should have been made such as the image and the text which meant that I didn’tsought new approaches as much as I should have done.The second point was the research that was carried out, I felt that I did research thoroughly within theproject although I feel that the research I had made did not make a huge impact on the final idea anddesign due to the fact that I did not feel that the research would impact the idea that I had but wouldinfluence the items that needed to be included within the digi pack.There were two main features of this project where I feel that I have achieved, the first is the research,I did thorough research which meant that I had full knowledge of the product and the second point inwhich I felt I was successful was attempting to acquire to the audiences needs and demands for thisparticular product. I feel that I could have done two particular things better, the first is that I shouldhave followed the brief to an exact match which I did not and therefore the product does not fit in linewith the brief and the second point in which I feel I could have done better is the actual creation of theproduct needed more attention instead of being rushed which meant the quality was not great.I think I have been successful within this project due to the audience responses which meant that theproduct would sell on appearance which means that the product and project has been an all-roundsuccess.