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Legal and Ethical Implications


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Legal and Ethical Implications

  1. 1. Legal and Ethical ImplicationsThere are several issues in the legal department that could be a potential issue, the one serious issueof the legal department is copyright which means that of all the recordings and sounds it needs to bemade sure that what is created has not been created and copyrighted which would of meant that Iwould be sued for using someone else’s work.There are several ethical issues that could be faced during this project; the first issue that could befaced is decency which means that during the video and throughout the audio that there is not foullanguage or nudity within the video that could be considered in decent to the public.Another ethical issue that could be faced is representation which means that what each comment andscene represents could be offensive towards a member of the public, just because it is not said outloud does not mean that the members of the public will not notice the representation.Another ethical issue that could be faced within the project is race, which means that a member of thepublic could take offence to their not being enough ethical people within the advertisement or feel thatthere could be too many, this might be varied considering how the product is made.Another ethical issue that might be faced within this project is gender, this means that some membersof the public could find that there is a gender issue within the advertisement which could mean thatthere might need to be some reediting with the project although nothing can be changed about thevideo but just consider what is being said in the narrative portion of the project.Another ethical issue that might be faced within this project is religion, although in this project thereare no religious quotations of such but a member of the public might find that there is an issue withinthe project that is related to religious offence.The final ethical issue that might be faced within this project is sexuality, this might be an issue asthere are just women in the advertisement, and this might offend some people that feel that feminismshouldn’t be for just women.