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Main Project Print Screens

  1. 1. Main Project: Creating an Interactive Media Product Shot One: Importing chosen videoThis screen shot is where I had imported the chosen perfume advert video which came with its ownsound audio which had to be deleted in order to be able to create the audio track I needed to create. This video had advantages of being a calm video which left multiple options of sound choicesalthough the disadvantages is that the video was slow motion and therefore the audio could only be so fast.
  2. 2. Shot Two: First seconds of audiohad been composed This screen shot is where I had chosen the piano as the first sound in this project and I began composing using the flow of the video to get an idea of the composing of the piano should flow.Choosing the piano as the first sound was an advantage because it complimented the content of thevideo although the disadvantage was attempting to find the ideal composition that complimented the whole length of the video.
  3. 3. Shot Three: Editing the first composition This screen shot is where I had started to edit the first composition made so that I could help thepiece to compliment the video and to use as the main backing track to the project. The advantages of this were that I could manipulate the composition in order to create the ideal track although the disadvantages are that this was a time consuming process.
  4. 4. Shot Four: Composing new elements of musicThis screen shot shows more elements of music being created as this track needed four elements in order to create the final track. The advantages of creating more elements is that there are multiplesounds that help to contribute to complimenting the chosen video, although the disadvantages of thisis that choosing the right combination of sounds that suit the video was time consuming and difficult.
  5. 5. Shot Five: First component of music finished This is a screen shot of the first completed composition of the track which is the piano piece; thispiece had been edited and placed together in different recording sections. The advantages of this wasthat the first track had been completed which now meant that fitting other pieces of music with it was not as difficult although a disadvantage was that the component started to sound like a piece of already composed and copyrighted piece of music and needed to be changed in order to avoid copyright.
  6. 6. Shot Six: Reversed function to reverse MIDI dataThis screen shot is where I used the reverse function to reverse the track so that it did not sound likeanother piece of composed and copyrighted music. The advantages of this is that I still had a similarsound to the original created although it was different to the similar track which meant I have avoidedcopyright although a disadvantage is that I would then again need to edit the composition to suit the video.
  7. 7. Shot Seven: Added effects channel inserted reverb This screen shot is of the effects channel which helped to change and add some elements; the element that was added was called a reverb which helped to change the volume of the piece. Anadvantage of this is that the main backing track was that it improved the sound of the track although a disadvantage of this is that it might need to be changed when other tracks have been inserted.
  8. 8. Shot Eight: Channel edit window This screen shot is of the channel edit window where the main composition went through anotherstage of editing but with this editing channel in order to improve the quality even further on the track. An advantage of this is that there is more quality to the track when being edited although a disadvantage is that the channel edit window is a complicated element to the software Cubase.
  9. 9. Shot Nine: Editing of the first half of the first track through extensions and movingThis screen shot is of the final editing of the first track; this was done through extending the track and moving elements of the track to find the perfect sound. An advantage of this is that the sound becomes ideal for the purpose although a disadvantage is that it is a process that can be complete once each component is the correct length, position and compliments other elements.
  10. 10. Shot Ten: Finished first componentThis is a screen shot of the final completed version of the first track which can now be complimentedwith three other tracks. This is an advantage as now the final other three pieces of the track can beput together in order to complete the whole track although a disadvantage was that I then needed to find three complimenting tracks in which one needed to be narrative.
  11. 11. Shot Eleven: Second sound cello, fading it in with use of modulation controller This is a screen shot of the second sound that needs to compliment the first sound and it’s a piececalled the cello which is a complimenting sound to original track of the piano. The advantages is thatthe cello is a perfect complement to the sound of the piano although a disadvantage of this is that the cello might be too much of a strong sound which is the reason for the use of fading with the modulation controller.
  12. 12. Shot Twelve: After editing I have now completed my second track and it’s edited to compliment the first oneThis is a screen shot from the final edit of the first two sounds for the entire track. An advantage ofthis is that I need to add two simple tracks to complete the track although a disadvantage is that I need to find two other tracks that can complement the first two tracks and the video.
  13. 13. Shot Thirteen: The script for the narrative recordingThis is a screen shot of the script I’m using for the narrative track of the project. An advantage of thisis that I will be changing the language to Russian as it suits the advert and the purpose of the advertalthough it would be a disadvantage that the viewers might not understand the purpose of the advert and of the product.
  14. 14. Shot Fourteen: Finished track with the adding of the narrative and bird sounds This screen shot is where the final two sounds had been added to the track and now the track iscomplete. An advantage of this is that the track has now been completed with two more tracks whichinclude a narrative and birds chirping which brings the track together although the finished track does not completely synchronise with the video.