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Main Project Outline

  1. 1. Outline of ProjectFor this project I intend to choose a video that advertises female perfume in which I intend to createthe soundtrack for that particular advert which is estimated to last to two minutes in total. Thesoundtrack will need to relate to the nature of the video which will be created from scratch and thenbe layered with multiple other sounds to create an effect of a professional soundtrack.This product will be created over a period of time with the research to be completed first as to createthe product I would need to understand the target audience of a product such as this and to researchhow other composers of interactive media have created products similar to this with music pieces.From the research I can devise a plan and actions on the creation of the product which shouldn’tconsume a great amount of time. After the researching and the planning then the production canprogress with the creation of the product which will be completed and will need feedback from anaudience to understand improvements that could be made for future compositions. All this feedbackmust be evaluated along with the product to be able to have a full understanding of the product andthe successes and improvements that can be made for future improvement.This product is designed to create an atmosphere for the target audience so that the audience aremore attracted to purchasing the product. For this particular product which is a female fragrance witha high class means that the target audience is focused towards the older mature woman who is of aworking class standard and has an interest in keeping a high class presentation. This means that theperfume advert itself has been created around the target audience which means the soundtrack hasto suit the advert in atmosphere and targeting.The reason for choosing this particular product is because it is a project that has relations so thatthrough the research it will be simple to understand on behalf of someone who is a targeted audiencefor this product in particular. This product was also chosen as there is a lot of room to be able to becreative and create a product that is new and full of fresh ideas that could either benefit the originalproduct or could be improved which is the reason for the feedback once the product has beencreated. This product should overall be a success with the right research and the correct guidance tobe able to create the ideal which supports the product being marketed and helps to attract theaudience to purchase the product that is being advertised through a music composition.