Poppy question 2


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Poppy question 2

  1. 1. The photos in the magazine, although the front cover has heavy makeup and hair the other photos throughout have not much make up and clean cut. This suggests that although the music is rock and grunge it also has a mainstream appeal. Throughout it is edgy yet marketed at the usual audience. The front cover image is dark eyes and heavy hair stereotypical to the rock magazine , the jumper she is wearing relates to the casual rock of the magazine as it is rough and plain. Her expression is cheerful and inviting and invites the reader to read the magazine.
  2. 2. The images used in this double page spread are different, although the main image has the bright red lipstick against the black top the smaller image is clean cut and relatable. This means the magazine is targeting usual day-to-day people. By having dark eyes and a black top it appeals to teenagers that follow the rock image the mise on scene of the main image on the left hand side of the double page spread is her expression is inviting therefore inviting the reader to the magazine however the image at the bottom’s expression is dark and moody reflecting the type of person the magazine is targeted at.
  3. 3. My model was aimed at the target audience in my opinion this would be the typical girl reading magazines such as keraang and Q therefore I based my model on her. For example the heavy makeup and hair across the face represents hiding and the dark hair and represents anger therefore I made up my models like the target audience
  4. 4.  http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q= slipknot+duality&docid=60802496530429 0669&mid=4C074EB7ADD52C513BA54C0 74EB7ADD52C513BA5&view=detail&FOR M=VIRE2#view=detail&mid=4C074EB7AD D52C513BA54C074EB7ADD52C513BA5