Ellie goulding magazine article


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Ellie goulding magazine article

  1. 1. This is a magazine cover in which Ellie Goulding is presented on the front cover. I feel like by having the artist pictured in the middle of the cover, this displays how important she is, as she is the main part of the cover. In this particular photograph, Ellie is stood in the centre of the page holding her arms up in the air, in a subtle and cool pose, which portrays her great importance and she can be seen as an icon. Ellie Goulding is well known for her ‘indie’ and ‘pop’ songs, which she creates and can be seen as an idol to many other girls or fans. In this particular photograph of Ellie, again she isn’t over done with makeup and she has kept it to quite a minimum, portraying her inner natural beauty self. The bright red lipstick, which the artist is wearing, reflects well with the name/logo of this particular magazine cover. This bright red colour, which has been used within this cover, could maybe reflect the artists’ personality. The colour red is mostly known to symbolise strength, power, passion and love. In this photograph, the artist is wearing a matching two-piece, which captures her beautiful body. In this cover, Ellie Goulding is her usual babe-ly self on the cover of this particular weeks issue of ‘Fabulous’ Magazine. In which the artist, proudly shows off her toned torso – but admits it’s taken her a long time to accept her looks. Within the magazine article, the singer chats about the harder parts of being a touring musician – such as being away from boyfriend Jeremy Irvine and gives her tips on getting a better looking body.
  2. 2. This is a photograph that features in the inside of the magazine article. We see Ellie Goulding dressed in a long pencil skirt which is blue on the bottom, and sort of a red and blue tartan looking pattern on the first half of the skirt, with a detailed zip going through the middle. On the top half of her body, Ellie is wearing a plain and simple white crop top which show of her new, better looking body that she has worked so hard for, in which now she feels very confident about her own body. Again the artist isn’t wearing a face full of makeup, it is once again kept to a minimum, which portrays her natural beauty and shows us that Ellie doesn’t need to wear makeup to look pretty. The bright red lipstick, which she is wearing, again links to her personality of passion, power, love and strength, as she is such a great importance to other women. In this photograph we see an assistant taking care of Ellie, in which this shows that she is an icon and that people look up to her.