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Media Research

  1. 1. Introduction Background information How does Lily promote products Genetic Conventions Image and colours Representations Convections of an album cover Analysis of a poster Interview Target audience Conclusion
  2. 2. Introduction Lily Allen is a 24 year old Londoner with an eye for fashion and a talent at music. She is has been signed to Regal and Capitol in her music career and in total has released two albums in total which both contain singles that have reached number one. Lily also has talents as a talk show host (Lily Allen and friends). Lily is well known for her wild approach to life and this is often publicised and some what promoted in magazines using personal storylines and interviews. Her style and body language portrays her attitude to life and people which reflect back to her genre of music, (Pop, pop rock). Back
  3. 3. Background information Lily Rose Beatrice Allen (born 2 May 1985) is an English recording artist, talk show host and actress. The daughter of actor and musician Keith Allen and film producer Alison Owen, she had a challenging childhood, without a stable residence and had been a pupil in thirteen different school institutions until the age of fifteen. Allen abandoned school and concentrated on improving her performing and composite skills. She, afterwards, created several demo songs, and near the end of 2005, she made a profile on MySpace where she made public some of her recordings. A contract was signed with the label Regal Recordings, as the views on MySpace rose to tens of thousands. In 2006, work began on completing what would be the first studio album of the singer, and its first mainstream single, titled "Smile", earned the top position on the UK Singles Chart, while her debut record, Alright, Still, was well received on the international market, selling over 2.6 million copies and brought Allen a nomination at the Grammy Awards, BRIT Awards and MTV Video Music Awards. She then began hosting her own talk-show, Lily Allen and Friends on BBC Three. Her second major release, It's Not Me, It's You, saw a genre shift for her, having more of an electropop feel, rather than the ska and reggae influences of the first one. The album debuted at the number one position on the UK Albums Chart and the Australian ARIA Charts and was appreciated by the critics, noting the singer's musical evolution and maturity. It spawned the hit singles "The Fear" and "Fuck You", popular mostly in Europe. Allen and Amy Winehouse have been credited with starting a process that led to the media- proclaimed "year of the women" in 2009 that has seen five female artists making music of "experimentalism and fearlessness long" nominated for the Mercury Prize Back
  4. 4. How does Lily promote products Lily Allen promotes products on the front page opposite in a variety of ways depending on the props she is using and also what she is wearing. For example, in the picture opposite, Lily is using the props to make her look childish but also to promote the food she is consuming. Also, the clothes she is wearing on the picture is usually talked about inside the magazine (if directed at women) and her wearing the clothes may promote it further. The articles inside a magazine may also promote products as during interviews they may contain information about her lifestyle, beauty regime, etc and thus promoting products that she personally uses. The promotion of her musical products are often moving image based and are therefore hard to talk about in this presentation. However, Lily Allen has previously used posters and advertisements in magazines to promote her new album or single to the public/consumer. Many of the images in the posters have references to the song but also the CD jacket information is often sometimes included. Back
  5. 5. Generic Conventions The generic conventions shown by Lily Allen are those that are often repeatedly shown by other female celebrities. In print publications, female celebrities in images are expected to show skin, be sexy, be beautiful and most of all look flawless. This repetitive image shown by many different female celebrities has almost become the minimum requirement in order to be successful to many and may be the start of the stars downfall. Magazines focused in the publication of articles which have been interviewed and researched often show celebrities in an unspoiled way whilst those articles published in gossip magazines have a purpose to show celebrities in non perfect ways. For example, Lily Allen is often seen in gossip magazines flashing cameras and people watching. Some artists feel that they need to produce and share every aspect of their life to gain publicity for their music and other work with their fans and critics through the use of interviews and stories in magazines. For example, in the front page opposite, ‘SEXY BEAST LILY ALLEN & HER WICKED, WICKED WAYS...’ may show Lily Allen as more of a sex kitten than a person and go into detail about her relationships and actions. Back
  6. 6. Images and Colours In the magazine front cover opposite, the colour scheme is chosen to suit both Lily Allen’s features and dress style, and the seasonal colour schemes that most magazines follow. By using the colours red, brown, black, creams and whites, the editor is able to customize the front page to suit the issues seasonal release, for example, for these colours to be used I am suspecting the issue to have been released in Autumn. Most of the colour in the page is within the front page picture which is shown in the clothes she is wearing. The clothing choice of Lily Allen shows a feminine, sexy approach as she chooses a corset, underwear and fishnet tights. This choice suggests Lily Allen is daring, sexy and her facial expression is mysterious yet inviting. This particular picture is probably taken for a magazine that is aimed at males because of the clothing choice and the use of the image on the page. In magazines aimed at women, I expect the image of Lily Allen would be more sensible with less a ‘sexy’ approach. One of Lily’s signature poses is the hands on hips look which is shown continuously in many of the different front pages on this presentation. This makes Lily identifiable to fans and critics but also gives Lily a chance to look her best and to perfect her pictures when natural. Back
  7. 7. Representation The representation of Lily Allen changes depending on the editor’s personal view of Lily and also the target audience of the magazine. In some magazines, the editor will show her as a fragile, timid and unruly character (as shown in the front page opposite) and in some it will show her as privileged, beautiful and a role model to others. This clear constant difference between the magazines story choices and how they reflect in the images chosen to be displayed they are able to reach to readers and attract readers that have not read the same story again and again. The representation of the magazine is also included in the way that they show their stories. For example, in the front cover opposite, they use the main image to attract the reader and invite them to buy the magazine through the text related ‘Lily Allen’s Most Outrageous Interview Yet’ this signals that the interview will be good but without giving the whole topic and story line away to buyers. Readers of the magazine will often buy the magazine through suggestion and committed readers that buy every magazine. Back
  8. 8. Conventions of an album cover The purpose is that the audience are familiar with the artist logo and hopeful buy into the product. The artist name is written in text which suits the style of her music. The text is then displayed in a bolt of lighting which is a The album is artistic it uses logo always displayed on the artists albums, this can be different pictures which recognised by the audience. look like doodles and shows features of her personality and her music. Title of her album is also displayed in the background its The lyric to the song ‘smile’ is reflects the idea of about love and feeling alone lighting in the logo. the cover reflects this. The dark colours show her sadness, the Artist in cover line rain represents her crying, her (centre of the cover) doodles each reflect the song. The audience know The flowers have been crushed who the artist is. Her so the idea her relationship is body language over. The legs down the drain illustrates her shows her partner almost being attitudes and her thrown away. styles of music (pop rock, electric pop) The clothing (dress) features the album title, this helps the branding my advertising the title of the album on the artist. Back
  9. 9. Analysis of a poster Her hair style also reflects her Her signature pose with her music (pop rock, electric pop) hands placed on her hips is she looks reckless and fits into represented in most images this genre of music. take of Lily this has become familiar to the audience as Lily's typical pose. Her facial expression shows attitude. It fits with her type of music and her stereotypical Her jewellery symbols her view that Lily gives out. She music and it has connotations looks full of attitude. of her being a ‘chav portraying the sterotypical A plain background has image’ , this is reflected in her been used so the eye music and her personality. focuses on the main Her cloths are unique to image. her as an individual. Lily has her own clothing line The Image has been ‘Lily loves’ so she has designed so that Lily is selected a similar outfit positioned central to which can be found in the poster indicating her clothing line in new to the audience she is look these cloths will be the focus point. familiar to her target audience which is teenage girls. Back
  10. 10. Interview Lily Allen has given a variety of interviews on different chat shows; Graham Norton, GMTV, the Charlotte church show. I have found an interview with Jonathan Ross and Lily Allen. The reason for the interviews is that Lily has a new album coming out so she is advertising this by giving an interview and also performing to showcase her music to the public. She is also adverting the fact that she is doing concerts in March. The interview allows Lily to showcase her music and her as an individual artist, her fans can learn more about the artists and her personal life. In the interview with Jonathan Lily discuss her private life and is questioned about her partying and drinking ,relationships, Her current tour and the release of her new album ‘The Fear’. Back
  11. 11. Lily Allen has a target audience of tweens and teens that like pop and indie music. Lily Allen has her own style of music with influences of artists such as T-Rex, the specials and Happy Mondays. She is also well known for her stylish ways as the creator of the fashion label Lily Loves which is sold in The media portray Lily Allen as a bold different Her clothes lineis directed at to the New Look stores. artist, she is shown a wider, audience as different this may be because herLily Allen’s musicmixture of different female audience music is a as adults are also interested in her clothes. than her talk-show Lily Allen and Friends genres or she is th first artist who introduced its target audience because of the times it was failed to reach this types of music to the audience. broadcasted being unsuitable for most viewers that would watch it. Magazines that do features on Lily Allen often have the same if not a bit older audience than Lily Allen’s musical target audience. However, the features on Lily Allen in magazines with a higher target audience can and do improve the range of people who listen to her music and buy her products. Many of Lily’s fans would buy the magazine if there was a story on her or simply her picture on the front cover. The media portray Lily Allen as a bold varies artist, she is shown to the audience as various this may be because her music is a mixture of different genres and she was the first artist who introduced this types of music to the audience. Back
  12. 12. Conclusion In conclusion, Lily Allen has a number of different images and this is shown through each magazine individually as they all have their own different view and perception of Lily Allen. She promotes herself as a product as well as her music and fashion lines by using magazines to draw in and attract new consumers. Her lyrics are often about relationships and love her language The album is artistic it uses different pictures which look like doodlesF***kin' reflects her attitudes towards them “But you were and that girl next door”. Lily shows features of her personality in shows features of her personality andalbum covers as they are all artistic featuring different her her music. pictures and doodles. I have also found that in images taken of Lily Allen she stands in a certain pose (hand on her hip) this reflects her personality and shows her attitudes by doing this Lily is promoting herself as a different individual artist and also her music as her attitudes fit with her target audience and her genre of music. Back
  13. 13. Promotional music package As part of my analysis I have analysed three music videos which range with different artists and genres this is so I can identify some key conventions which are used which I can later apply to my own music video. I have started with Lady Gaga ‘poker face’. Lady Gaga is an American artist who creates pop music. I think that the her target audience is mainly female early teenagers to late 20s, this is shown in her video through the age of people who feature in the video and the types of clothing worn which all have representations of sex. The video starts with Lady Gaga rising up from the ground dressed in a black leather cat suit this appears very sexual towards men and it reflects the lyrics ‘I’ll get him hot show him what I got’. The darkness of the background makes the artist the focal point and so she is presented as the main focus in the video. The artist is shown to the audience unique and unusual this is shown though her style (hair, make up) I think that this makes her interesting to the audience because she is different to other artists of this genre. The video shows Lady Gaga as a strong performer, she is made to look more beautiful compared to the rest of the people in her video though lighting this is because the video is about her and she is the main feature so she needs to stand out to her audience. Special effects such as smoke and lighting in the background make the video more interesting and the contrasts of the lighting work with the lyrics to give it an uplifting beat which reflects the strong. The video promotes the artist being different and unique this is shown to the audience by her style and the way in which she is presented as a power full and dominant woman. The second music video I looked at was ‘Halo’ by Beyonce. Beyonce is an American artist who creates R&B music. The video features Beyonce (artist) as the main character telling the story to the audience this is illustrated by the side on view of her overlooking the man who is in this video (her partner). The lyrics are about love and emotions this is shown by the way the two connect with each other shown through facial expression and eye contact. Rather than Lady Gaga’s video Beyonce is performing to the man but telling the audience a story. The white lights reflect the angel theme and give the video the soft and gentle theme of heaven and love. Beyonce looks natural in this video and the producers have focused on emotions and portraying a love story to the audience. The use of high angle shots which look down on Beyonce show that the man is the dominant sex and has the high status than Beyonce in the video, it also shows the audience what he is seeing rather then just focusing on Beyonce. There is also over the shoulder shot focusing on Beyonce because she is the focus in the video. Special effects such as the sunrise which cuts to the next scene all add to the representation of love. I think that the target audience for Beyonce and this music video is late teenagers to late twenties I think this because the issues it deals with (emotion love and romance) I think this age group would relate to it more because they can relate to Beyonces story in this video. The final video I analysed was ‘The climb’ by Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus is a young artist who creates pop and teen rock, this indicates her target audience being teenagers this is also indicated because the artist is just sixteen years old herself. The video focuses on her and unlike the other two her music is at the centre of the video. In the video she looks very natural with little make up and casual clothing (jeans and a t-shirt) the video also contrasts with this and shows natural things to the audience (rose, sky and stars).
  14. 14. The video starts with a long path heading to a mountain with the artist stood at the bottom of the path, the video is about her getting to the end of the mountain which is reflected in the lyrics ‘I can almost see that dream I’m dreaming’ for the target audience the video portrays hard work and determination and it gives the audience a message that with these things you can reach to the end of your dreams. As the video goes on different clips are shown to illustrate she has reached to the top of the mountain. The video has been heavily edited and special effects are used such as rain and the sun coming through the clouds to portray different emotions and break through’s in the artist’s life. Each scene is cut to another by special effects this is so the audience are kept interacted with the video and so it appears more interesting to watch. From analysing three music videos from different artists I have noticed that they use different conventions to attract their target audience. Lady Gaga used eccentric costume and lighting to show she is unique; she also uses men to illustrate her dominance as a female over the men. In Beyonces she appeared to be telling a story and even though she was again the focus of the video the relationship between her and the man was more equal and the lyrics were reflected in the video by the connection between the two. Finally in Miley Cyrus is video the focused was on her musical talents as her music is for a younger audience. The main ideologies in the video are to chase your dream so the video was similar to Beyonce in the way it was telling a story and showing her struggles to reach to the top of the mountain. Overall I have spotted that the artists were the main focus in all three videos however they were all shown in a different ways to support the music they were promoting.
  15. 15. Props Performance Setting-reflected to the Artist performance or lyrics Equipment • Instruments Narrative •Leads •Microphone •Lighting •Cameras Codes and conventions of Costume-helping the music videos audience identify the genre Sound/effects dialogue Dancing Editing (transitions, lighting, Lip syncing (singing) non- diegetic/ diegetic sound, effects) Character(s) The conventions of a music video vary depending on genre of music. The genre can be identified in music videos through the costume , instruments, effects, narrative, and performance each of these conventions are recognised and expected of by the audience.