Nine frame analysis – kanye west – runaway


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Nine frame analysis – kanye west – runaway

  1. 1. Nine Frame Analysis – Kanye West – Runaway. In the opening scene to the music video ‘’Runaway’’ by Kanye West, an extreme long shot is being used to introduce the Artist Kanye West running closer towards the camera. The smoky lightning, which has been used in this shot, gives a sense of fear and fright, as if the Artist is being chased or trying to escape from something. As this shot emerges onto the screen the start of the song begins to play which at the start, sounds orchestral which goes well with the atmosphere of the Artist feeling a sense of fear within himself. The second shot, which is presented in the music video, is a black background, which captures the name of the song in a aluminous pink color which looks like it
  2. 2. has been written in lipstick. This bright color, which establishes the name of the music video makes, the title stand out and draws the watchers eyes towards the screen. At this part of the music video the song is still continuing but isn’t as harmonious and intense as it was at the start, the song begins to die down a touch. The next shot, which is an extreme long shot, we see looks like comets or meteors coming down to earth, this long shot that has been used also uses non- diegetic sounds from a woman singers voice- possibly Nicki Minaj which sounds like she is telling a story to the audience, but we don’t see the woman pictured in this frame.
  3. 3. In this shot the female singer begins to stop singing, in which we hear the main artist Kanye West begging to rap. This extreme long shot gives us a view of a car driving down the street, which is using continuity editing as the camera follows the car. The non-diegetic sounds that are being used when Kanye begins to rap suggest to us and gives us an idea of this particular genre of this singer. In the next shot we see an over the shoulder shot being used which captures the back of Kanye West in which he is driving a car. As Kanye carries on to sing, diegetic sounds are being used. Also continuity editing is being used in this particular shot as the camera follows the driving car.
  4. 4. In this shot as Kanye West carries on singing we can identify this as non-diegetic sounds as we can’t physically see the source that the sound is emerging from. This long shot captures the frame of two animals in a field which look scared which might link back to the first screen shot of the explosions and this shows fear within the animals, hence the way they are hiding behind a tree. We see the explosion again in an extreme long shot. This shows the audience that something bad is happening within the story line of the music video and presents Kanye as a brave, strong man who is going give people his help.
  5. 5. In the next shot we see an Ariel view of a girl laid on the floor, which is quite far away and gives us a wide view, which could be identified as a long shot. The bright colors and feathers that the woman is dressed in gives connotations of that she’s special, beautiful and she’s seen as an idol. In the scene before this, we see a car crash taking place, which suggests that the Artist- Kanye West is going to save the girl. In the next shot we see an extreme long shot being used, which captures the artist saving the girl from the fire/car crash. This symbolizes Kanye West’ power and presents his to the audience as a knight. A shadowed effect is used to picture Kanye carrying the woman, in which this makes the explosions in the background standout, which also makes Kanye look brave and shows his accomplishments of saving the woman.