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Digi pack

  1. 1. For my A2 media product of creating a music video the genre I will be focusing on will be pop/R&B. Due to this I will be analysing digi packs of similar genres. This will aid me when it comes to me creating my own digi pack for my music video. I looked at Rihanna’s ‘Loud’ digi pack. The digi pack cover is a close up of Rihanna looking down, avoiding eye contact. This gives the album a secretive edge. Also the way Rihanna’s lips are presented gives the album a seductive feel something that the artist is well known for; this is supported by some of the artist’s songs. As Rihanna is a pop artist, their albums usually revolve entirely around them, this is backed up by the front cover as the picture of Rihanna is the only item on the album. In this particular photo Rihanna’s flawless skin and make-up is shown, this emphasises her beauty this all constructs her star image. The cover has a red theme, due to the colour of the artist’s hair and lips. Red is symbolised as a loud flamboyant colour so ties in with the albums name ‘Loud’. Red could also be seen as a celebration colour, this links with the genre of the album. The title of the digi pack is plain and simple, on the digi pack ‘Loud’ is presented in a white simple format spaced of evenly along the bottom of the digi pack, this is affective as it does not drag the attention away from the artists main photo. ‘Rihanna’ is printed along the top of the digi pack in the same way. This is the only text on the digi pack as the images speak for themselves. They evoke such power through the mise en scene. Text is therefore not needed, this is effective as again it gives of secretive vibes.
  2. 2. From just looking at the front cover you can identify that the overall theme of the digi pack is love/lust. In all the images of the artist that are displayed on the digi pack rihanna has her eyes closed or is avoiding the camera. This is unusual for a digi pack, artists are usually engaging in direct contact with what would be the audience. Her eyes may be closed as she is embracing and feeling the music she has created, a sense of passion which is again symbolised through the red of the roses. The inside of the digi pack again shows the audience a picture of the artist; laying seductively on roses. The red colouring of the roses dramatizes the whole scene making the picture bold. Rihanna is able to stand out from the busy background due to the bright colouring of her hair and the light coloured dress she is presented in, this dress could connote themes of purity from the off white colour, this gives the artist a sense of innocence, this is massively effective as this image contrasts with her seductive music. The image is eye catching like the digi pack cover, this is the idea of the whole digi pack. It includes sensuality and a raw sex appeal without taking of items of clothing or wearing skimpy outfits. The artist shows her beauty naturally, this makes her likeable to her audience and less threatening to her female audience. Intensity is shown through the themes of love and lust, however the red could show an underlining sense of danger, this is what will be revealed in the album so the audience will be eager to indulge in the album and find out. The back of the digi pack is a faded pink which shows a softer side. Throughout the digi pack the pictures have formed a connection by Rihanna making no eye contact this perhaps connotes vulnerability. This could suggest she feels her lyrics can express her feelings. Again on the back Rihanna is presented as being secretive, not revealing to much. This
  3. 3. encourages audiences to buy the product. The songs that a on the album are written on the right hand side, not covering the artist. The writing is in dark red capitals which emphasises the songs, this again follows the theme throughout the digi pack. The actual CDs have a graphic image of a light pink rose on them. This connotes to the theme of the digi pack and shows a soft feminine feel. These roses are different to the roses Rihanna is lying on, this shows a sense of variety; balancing the themes of the album. Rihanna’s star image is now focused around her bold feisty personality and style. When rihanna adopted this look it was seen as outrageous and quirky. This is the first time Rihanna was presented on her album like this. Suggesting this album is going to be a change from all her others.