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Risk identified


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Risk identified

  1. 1. Risk Identified Shooting Location Responsibility Strategy to Overcome Weather Out doors UsActressEquipment IllnessInjury All UsActress Clashes Inconveniences All UsActress Memory on camera All Us Before filming we will make sure we check the weather forecast. When doing this I will check to see if the weather is appropriate to film in. If the weather is bad we will have to reschedule to a better date. We will carry on doing this until all outdoor filming is complete. Heavy rain will be a issue in all circumstances as it could possibly ruin the equipment. Also we will have to be careful in the forest area if the weather the previous day was bad due to slippy surfaces. There is the chance that the actress or ourselves could fall ill on the chosen day of filming, we will make sure we reschedule the filming to a different date when we are all well enough to complete the task. This year is a busy year to all students due to this we know it will be hard to find a time were we are all free. To avoid this there will be a lot of face-to-face conversations to make sure everything is clear and runs smoothly. We will also keep in touch through social networking. We have chose our actress carefully, she has been chose on her reliability so it will therefore be unlikely that she lets us down. Before filming we will make sure we have enough memory to undertake the task of filming. To make sure we will take a extra memory card, we would want to use 16GB memory cards as these can hold huge amounts of video footage giving us a lot of leeway.
  2. 2. Broken Equipment All Us Low battery on Camera All Us Actress gives poor performance All UsActress Not getting propscostumes on time All Us We will be using the college’s technical equipment so before filming we will make sure all equipment is working to its best standard. We will be using our own props ect so this is our responsibility to make sure they are working prior to filming. As we will know the dates we will be filming we will know when to charge the camera. The camera will be charged over night before the filming. Although this will be the fault of the actress, it is also my responsibility. The actress should be fully briefed before and during the shoot. We will organize practice runs so she can perfect her lip-syncing, and she can voice any concerns prior to the filming. We will be responsible for producing the props and costumes for each shoot, although this is the case the actress could use her own clothes, as this is the look we are going for. To avoid problems in this particular area we will ensure that we know exactly what we need for the shoot referring to our treatment sheet. We will get all costumes to the actress before filming so they can have a trial run.
  3. 3. Lighting All Us The lighting in the studio may not be right for what we want. Due to this we will book the studio before filming to get a grasp of the lighting and getting familiar with what we can do. As for the outdoor lighting, this will go hand in hand with the weather. If the lighting is inappropriate we will have to reschedule. In some of our video we want there to be a night feel this causes a problem as it will be hard to pick up, to resolve this we will film the shots a bit lighter than what we want. We will also have a trial run to make sure we can pick up all the action. Location safety Unavailable All Us Trip Hazards All All Public Interference Outdoors All Research has been conducted regarding the locations. The outdoor location is a busy area for families, therefore the only problem we should have is public interference. In college the studio is used for activities such as this so there should be no issues in using the studio. However we will need to ensure that we book the studio in advance. We can only film during the day due to the facilities. Both our location could have trip hazards. In the studio we will keep it as tidy as possible, making the actress and my self aware of whereabouts of all wires. The wires should be kept to a minimum and put away as soon as we are finished. In our outdoor location there could be major hazards. There will be leaves, sticks and ditches in the forest that we will have to be aware of. We will give the location a once over before filming. Due to our outdoor location there could be a lot of public interference; even at nightfall. There is a risk of theft, to overcome this we will keep all equipment by
  4. 4. Electricals Studio All Software Editing Suite Me our sides throughout filming. We will also check the location before filming. Due to our location being a attraction there could be a lot of public this could cause problems as we want it just to be our artist in the video. If this is the case, we will have to re-schedule for a later date. In the studio we will be using a lot of electrical technology. General health and safety will need to be applied. Switches should be turned of when not in use. Lighting in the studio is strong so if not turned of it could burn or injure one of the present people. All studio lighting will be PAT tested, but if all comes to worst we have a technician on hand. We will be using Final Cut to editing our footage. This could easily freeze during editing resulting in loosing our footage. To over come this we will be saving our editing at regular intervals.