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Star image


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This one doesn't say Livvy on it. She thought she'd be funny and put her name under star image.

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Star image

  1. 1. Star Image
  2. 2. What makes a star? What image are institutions tryingto portray to their audiences about a certain star. Stars from different genre backgrounds will want tohave different images. Pop – bright and colourful. Rock – Darker colours and more muted.
  3. 3. Examples -While releasing her first album Taylor Swift wasmade to be a ‘country star’ and this is shown in thisalbum cover by having her in a rural background,her hair natural and her make up minimal. This is torepresent her as a simplistic girl who doesn’t rely onanything other than her guitar.I don’t know what album release this is (as I’m notreally a Marilyn fan. TAINTED LOVE ANYONE?)this is a perfect example of a star image created toscare. This album cover shows him covered in darkmake up, leaning forward with a sinister look on hisface and tinted green (this could be related towitches and witchcraft).
  4. 4. The purpose of the star image To appeal to a certain audience. As mentioned in the first slide most genres want a specific image. Rock/Indie would want a morerebellious image than that of Pop and R ‘n’ B as their audience would bepredominantly made up of rebellious teenagers.
  5. 5. The end.*The car from grease flies up into the sky*