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You know you need to create content, but what does that really mean?


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This runs through reasons you should be developing content to share with your customers, how it adds value, and some main do's & don'ts to think about.

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You know you need to create content, but what does that really mean?

  1. You know you need to create content but what does that really mean? Why should you create content? image source:
  2. Why should you create content? image source:
  3. It adds value back into the community image source:
  4. It helps to establish “expert” status image source:
  5. It facilitates your ability to reach prospects (wherever they are)
  6. image source: It nurtures leads through the buying process (educating, empowering, inspiring & enabling)
  7. It contributes to your organic search ranking (so when you’ve been doing it as long as these guys, you’ll be at the top too)
  8. It allows you to have a relevant impact image source:
  9. But, what actually constitutes content? image source:
  10. comments... image source:
  11. blog posts... image source:
  12. tweets... image source:
  13. pictures... image source:
  14. video clips... image source:
  15. podcasts... image source:
  16. eBooks... image source:
  17. webinars... image source:
  18. Do’s & Don’ts
  19. do, show you’re the expert...
  20. don’t, say you are. (you want people to decide this for themselves) image source:
  21. do, be committed... (content creation is a long-tail strategy)
  22. don’t, expect to get-rich-quick. (it takes consistency and time) image source:
  23. ah, yes...I see, interesting do, use language your customers use... image source:
  24. what exactly is... “mission critical”? don’t, use gobbledygook. image source:
  25. (just do what you do best, and let others do what they do best) do, focus on what your best at... (Like Jim Collins hedgehog focus what your passionate about) image source:
  26. don’t, act like you know everything. (Utilize internal resources and let them share their expertise) image source:
  27. do, be helpful... image source:
  28. don’t, be self-promotional. image source:
  29. do, share with the community...
  30. don’t, bombard them. image source:
  31. do, map content to buying stages...
  32. don’t, make the path hard to find image source:
  33. do, create buyer personas...
  34. image source: don’t assume your content is relevant, by guessing
  35. image source: do, be innovative, experimental & fun... (Scott Ableman plays a practical joke on co-worker using 14,000 Post-Its)
  36. don’t, make others content look like yours. (3M steals idea without compensation or credit)
  37. Genius Thank you! t: @genius_com e: t: @BarbraGago