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Parent Technology Certificate Session 3

Living Safe on the Web: The Good, The Bad and the downright ugly!
Session 3 - all about digital citizenship and safety online.
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Parent Technology Certificate Session 3

  1. 1. Session 3 Image by Seth Joguet: Living Safe on the Web The good, the bad & the downright ugly! Jeff Utecht & Chrissy Hellyer
  2. 2. Special Thanks to ourCoffee & Snack Sponsors SPV iStudio Central Chaengwatta
  3. 3. Reflection from Session 2Augmentation Image by b.e.n: How did it feel? What was easy? What was difficult? What skills do you remember?
  4. 4. How does Google “work” Image by cayusa:
  5. 5. Get Ready!
  6. 6. Get Ready! In groups of 4, label yourselves #1, #2, #3 & #4
  7. 7. Get Ready!
  8. 8. Get Ready! #1 - “Jeff Utecht” #2 - “Your child” #3 - “Chrissy Hellyer” #4 - “Your child”
  9. 9. Prepare an introduction for “your person” based only on what you can find out about them on the internet What information can you find? What personal information can you find? What professional information can you find? Where did that information come from? Can you verify the source?
  10. 10. ok? Who’s in Was what you found information?control of thatImage by Taylor McBride:
  11. 11. the goodImage by Krish Tipirneni
  12. 12. Image by Roberto Rizzato: the bad
  13. 13. the downright uglyImage by Don Solo:
  14. 14. Image by Seth Joguet: some about misconceptionschildren and the internet
  15. 15. Image by Chrissy H: it’s not safe
  16. 16. too many predatorsImage by Josh Liba:
  17. 17. spend all their time playing gamese by Great Beyond:
  18. 18. Image by CLUC: to be aware of
  19. 19. children donot know everything about technology Image by Yohan Aberkane:
  20. 20. where is the computer being used ....Image by vauvau: .... consider moving to a family area
  21. 21. parental controls can be used ....Image by zero101: .... but it’s better to educate than block
  22. 22. Image by Mixy: digital content .... Xalmost impossible to remove once uploaded
  23. 23. technology is not always the answer .....Image by Huf: .... encourage balance
  24. 24. e by m4r00ned: become a digiparent three easy steps
  25. 25. Image by Leo Uehara: research the technology .......connect yourself
  26. 26. Image by Cesar R: monitor and engaged
  27. 27. Image by Stuant63: avoid the fear factor....... make a difference
  28. 28. Dashboard WidgetsHow to accessWhat’s there alreadyOur top picks!Apple Widget Store
  29. 29. Homework What new widgets can you find? Share! Write a self-reflection comment on your role as adigiParent. Where are you at? Whats next for you?
  30. 30. All images used under Creative Commons License Special thanks to Julie Lindsay for use of parts of her presentation Learning Digitally: Empowerment with Responsibility