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Find Your (Shameless) Spark


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This session is A Creative Dose™ – a booster shot – to inspire your creative thinking for your personal brand. Being true to yourself and loving what you do is a key part of being able to promote yourself shamelessly... Learn about the mysterious alchemy that occurs in the brain – and how to exploit it to find your best self for stardom.

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Find Your (Shameless) Spark

  1. Find your (Shameless) SparkDenise R. JacobsWomen’s Success SummitMiami, FL21 May 2013Bust Blocks to Shameless Self-Promotion
  2. I am:@denisejacobsThis fine event:@Womens_Success #wssmiamiI’m talking about ways to find your:#shameless-sparkFor the Twitters
  3. Lucky, right?
  4. Upon finishing my first book…Photo: Dense Jacobs
  5. I had an epiphany
  6. It’s all about this!
  7. My book is on web design/developmentPhoto: Denise Jacobs
  8. Wanted to speak at web design conferencesUsed with permission:
  9. Who I was – vs -- Who I wanted to become
  10. Practicing Shameful Self-Promotion
  11. What does does that look and sound like?
  12. Exactly.
  13. Needed to bust through my blocks
  14. 3 Blocks to Shameless Self-Promotion
  15. 1) Fear of Uniqueness: Not enough
  16. 1) Fear of Uniqueness: Too unique
  17. 2) Fear of being completely who you are
  18. 3) Fear of failure
  19. Not extending yourself/reaching
  20. What do these all have in common?
  21. Fear!Photo: Denise Jacobs
  22. Physical evidence of fear
  23. Subtle Fear: Inner CriticPhoto: Denise Jacobs
  24. The evil voices in your head
  25. Subtle Fear: Perfectionism
  26. Subtle Fear: Procrastination
  27. Subtle Fear: Busyness
  28. Fear has neurological effects
  29. Unclosed mental loops
  30. Detrimental brainwaves
  31. Know your Brainwaves
  32. Impedes generation of new neuron paths
  33. Fears create roadblocks
  34. How do we bust these blocks?
  35. “False Evidence Appearing Real”or, alternatively,“F*ck Everything And Run!”F.E.A.R. =
  36. “Fear is not real. It is a product ofthe thoughts you create. Do notmisunderstand me. Danger isvery real. But fear is a choice.”- character of Cypher Raige(played by Will Smith), AfterEarth
  37. 1) Manage your attention
  38. Self-acceptance and empathy
  39. 2) Banish your Inner Critic
  40. 3) Play!Photo: Denise Jacobs
  41. Flow!
  42. Reframe #FAIL
  43. Reignite creativity; light shameless spark
  44. You’ll stop feeling like this
  45. But instead, enter into a special pact
  46. Being of value and service
  47. Much has changed for me…
  48. Because I am now joyfully shameless!
  49. Find your shameless spark
  50. Light up your self-promotion!
  51. My articles for further
  52. My books!The CSS DetectiveGuideCSSDetectiveGuide.comInterAct WithWeb StandardsInterActWithWebStandards.comMy chapter:“Learning with theWeb”Smashing Books #3 &#3 1/3SmashingBook.comMy chapter:“The Missing Elementof Redesign: Story”
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  54. Creativity Evangelist ExtraordinairePhoto used with permission:
  55. And finally…