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The Calm Creativity (R)Evolution


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There's a movement brewing built upon leveraging the transformative power of creativity to help us work and create better so that we can produce work infused with meaning. Discover how by knowing your Why, instilling tiny habits to cultivate your creative spark, and finally, fomenting creative collaboration based on the tenets of improv and open spaces, you can take the spark of Creativity (R)Evolution and use it as the impetus to push you, your teams, and your companies to create betterness.

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The Calm Creativity (R)Evolution

  1. The Calm Creativity (R)evolution Denise R. Jacobs User Experience Professionals Association Conference Washington, DC 12 July 2013
  2. I am: @denisejacobs This fine event: @uxpa_int #wssmiami I’m talking about inciting a: #creativityrevolution For the Twitters
  3. Conferences
  4. Ideas!
  5. Dense networks
  6. The microcosm
  7. People are neurons
  8. The initial excitement
  9. Gets taken over by habit
  10. Photo by Derek Kearney I have a goal
  11. After writing my book Photo: Dense Jacobs
  12. I had an epiphany
  13. Is a transformative power
  14. Creativity (R)Evolution
  15. Two ways
  16. The Calm Revolutionary
  17. (R)Evolution is different from Revolution
  18. Our model: the coral polyp
  19. Builds rich environments
  20. You are the gateway
  21. Yes, it’s all about you
  22. The Oxygen Mask Theory
  23. Love what you do. Do what you love.
  24. When you’re in touch with that spark
  25. It comes magic
  26. Opens you up
  27. Self-ful transfroms to
  28. Selfless
  29. Putting into Practice
  30. Tiny Habits
  31. The structure
  32. Big results
  33. (The Personal) Cultivate the habit of nurturing your spark
  34. Your spark deserves to be protected
  35. Start with Why
  36. Recognize your brilliance
  37. Don’t focus on your weaknesses
  38. Shift into habits you want to develop
  39. Think of several topics you are a bad- ass in. Write up some talk descriptions based on your interests and expertise. Be courageous and share them with peers. Homework: Write a talk description
  40. Think of 1-2 tiny habits you will do to nurture the spark ignited at this conference. Homework: Tiny Habit to Nurture the Spark
  41. (The Collective) Cultivate the habit of fomenting synergistic creative collaboration
  42. Creativity: super linear scaling
  43. Escape your silo
  44. Listen
  45. Get your Improv on
  46. Accept the offer, start where you are
  47. Make your partner(s) look good
  48. Builds trust
  49. Collaborations get increasingly stronger
  50. Think of 1-2 tiny habits you will do to cultivate a culture of creative collaboration around you. Homework: Tiny Habit of Creative Collaboration
  51. Viva La Revolution!
  52. Yeah!
  53. “At the most fundamental level, a first-class user experience designer is obsessed with other people’s happiness and has chosen this career in the hopes to change the world. Not because it will make them famous or rich or powerful or get them attention in any way, but because they have the desire to make people’s lives better — and this is the best way they know how to do it.” - Whitney Hess "How to Evaluate a UX Designer for Your Company, or, What Makes a Great User Experience Designer”
  54. Personal fulfillment
  55. Bigger than just yourself
  56. Team and company creating Betterness
  57. Eudaimonia
  58. “Companies need a jolt”
  59. At this conference, with you
  60. We can evolve creatively
  61. And build the structures
  62. ‘Nuff said.
  63. My articles for further reading four-secrets-enhancing- creative-productivity reigniting-your-creative-spark/ banishing-your-inner-critic/
  64. My books! The CSS Detective Guide InterAct With Web Standards My chapter: “Learning with the Web” Smashing Books #3 & #3 1/3 My chapter: “The Missing Element of Redesign: Story”
  65. I speak, write, and evangelize Creativity! Photo used with permission:
  66. And finally…