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Content Posting Guidelines Facebook


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Hope you enjoy this deck on 'Content Posting Guidelines'. Care about Facebook Marketing for incredible Business Growth? You may want to take advantage of our hands-on Advanced Facebook Marketing training. We are just a click away -

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Content Posting Guidelines Facebook

  1. 1. Content Posting Guidelines
  2. 2. Tag Key Influencers in the Image
  3. 3. Target Posting Appropriately
  4. 4. Experiment with TimingsSource:
  5. 5. URL Shorteners are not really good Full Length URL 3 times high engagement rate URL Shortener URLSource:
  6. 6. Keep it Short & Simple Post < 80 Chars 27% higher engagement rate Post > 80 CharsSource:
  7. 7. Use For Publishing Posts External Facebook Publishing Tools
  8. 8. Share SWF Interactive Files
  9. 9. Posting Frequency
  10. 10. Facebook Suggests 1-2 Posts A Day• Post get majority of its reach in < 24 hrs• More Posts => Less Engagement => Less Edge Rank => Less Reach
  11. 11. Example: Page With 7 Posts/Day
  12. 12. Posts Statistics Of The Same Page
  13. 13. Factors To Consider For The Right Frequency• Ensure Quality for every post• Budget Engagement time for each post• How much is “too much” for your users – Engagement should not drop – Negative Feedback should not increase
  14. 14. Leverage Digital Marketing for Incredible Growth? Our Training is a click away!