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The reason we hate opening our inboxes is that many emails, like the "kitchen sink" email, are too difficult to tackle. Emails like this paralyze us and stall our to-do lists. If we can just agree on a few things, email can be easier for everyone.

Just a note about the presentation: When you get to the slides about Axiom #8, have your audience read each statement out loud. This will quickly make the point about why we should use emoticons in email.

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Email Manifesto

  1. Email is morethan 40 years old. Texting will turn 20 this year.
  2. Reply All Forgotten attachmentsSending to “the wrong Bob” Spelling and Grammar Weird formatting errors
  3. Those are (for the most part) the digital “oopsies”typos of the email world
  4. What really paralyzes us (and makes us dread that inbox) are emails that can’t be easily processed.
  5. The “kitchen sink” email:
  6. Axiom #1:An email should have one clear subject.
  7. Axiom #2:Emails should be simple to respond to and todismiss when completed.
  8. Axiom #3: When an email “conversation” takes aU-turn into new territory, a new subject line is in order.
  9. When you forwardthis to 20 of yourclosest friends, doyou really want toaccidentally includea sensitiveconversation abouta student issue byaccident?
  10. Axiom #4:Need to arrange for an in-person meeting? Suggestseveral possible meeting times in the first email communication.
  11. If the person has a secretary, include them in the meeting request
  12. If there are several people involved, use a Doodle.
  13. Axiom #5:If you want the recipient to take additional action outside their normal routine, make it as easyas possible for them to do so.
  14. The “involves more work than necessary” email:
  15. Don’t place the text ofthe message within anattached document if itcan be pasted into thebody of the email.
  16. Include an easy-to-shareblurb and link to websitefor more information forevents, in particular.
  17. Don’t link to files on drives that are only available on-site.(Smartphones, working from home)
  18. Axiom #6:If the message contains alot of information, makerequired actions clear.Use phrasing like “What Ineed from you is …”
  19. Axiom #7:There’s nothing wrong witha short email message orresponse – don’t takeoffense when you get one.
  20. Axiom #8:(and this will be shocking)
  21. Axiom #8:Because it’s difficult to readvoice inflection, facialexpressions, or body languagefrom an email, consider usingemoticons or words to conveythese emotions.
  22. Are you kidding me? ;-)
  23. Are you kidding me? :-(
  24. Are you kidding me? <fuming>
  25. Are you kidding me? <hug>
  26. Eight Axioms One Manifesto(I’m hoping now for something like a rousing “Amen!”)
  27. And, the next time you send an email,make sure that we don’t have to reply with…
  28. Are you kidding me? <sigh>
  29. by Maria H. Andersen Learning Futurist The LIFT Institute Muskegon Community College
  30. Handouts can be found at: Please feel free to download, modify, share, and give this presentation as longas you include the author slide.