10 Secrets to Improve Recruiting Through Blogging


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  • There are shifts in how people are searching for jobs.
    185 million job-related searches per month via Google.
    People are using LinkedIn and Twitter. They're avoiding paper resumes and using online networking instead. The smart ones are avoiding the big job boards altogether.
  • So how are you reaching them?
    There are over 200 social networks where companies are often posting jobs.
    TweetMyJobs and Microjobs are two well-known Twitter recruiting accounts for the tech set.
    People have found AND applied for jobs on all of these social media outlets.
  • Starbucks even has their iPhone app that you can use to apply for jobs.
  • Social media lets you find qualified candidates without going through recruiters.
  • Business blogging is growing. It's not going away. It's only going to get bigger.
    We just got businesses to finally embrace websites and emails a few years ago. Why would blogging be any different?
  • If you want people to trust you, if you want candidates to trust you, you have to be approachable, friendly (and user friendly), and you have to communicate.
  • Search is important, because it's how I'm found by potential clients. (Note the Bing results — the Broncos WR is outperforming me on Bing, because they're not as accurate. That's why most people still use Google. That's also why he's on my fantasy football team.)
  • Do you have a jobs board? How are you promoting it? What comes up when someone searches for jobs at your company?
  • Title
    First 4 keywords
    Only KW in anchor text
    Spiders don't know punctuation
  • Backlinks are the lifeblood of SEO
  • 10 Secrets to Improve Recruiting Through Blogging

    1. 1. 10 Secrets to Improve Recruiting Through Blogging Erik Deckers @edeckers
    2. 2. The Job Search Is Changing Is Changing
    3. 3. Social media helps find qualified candidates
    4. 4. Secret #1 If you’re not using (social media) because you’re in the camp that thinks it’s stupid, you’re going to lose. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s stupid. It’s free communication, and there’s a crapload of users. — Gary Vaynerchuk, Crush It
    5. 5. 122.6 million ‣active number of Internet users who read blogs (That's 53.5%) (He is not one of them.)
    6. 6. Business Blogging is Growing
    7. 7. Secret #2 It's about Trust & Relationships
    8. 8. Blogging Helps Recruiting • Lay out information about job expectations • Describe company life • Answer questions • Help candidates self-select • Post surveys and polls
    9. 9. Secret #3 It's also about search...
    10. 10. #4. Keywords • Title • First 4 words of copy • ONLY keywords in anchor text
    11. 11. Use Unique Keywords “It’s in my raccoon wounds.”
    12. 12. #5. Backlinks (get it?)
    13. 13. Create Backlinks • Other blogs (comments section) • Job postings • LinkedIn discussion groups • Forums • Company website (internal links count too)
    14. 14. 1. Write for a Clever12-Year- Old 6. Write for a Clever12-Year- Old
    15. 15. What should you blog about. . . blog about. . . •The organization •The industry •Life at the company •Job openings
    16. 16. 7. Write Good Stuff7. Write Good Stuff
    17. 17. Topic Ideas • 5 Important Factors [Company] Recruiters Look For • Why [Our Company]Values Diversity • 5 Résumé Red Flags • 5Ways to HelpYour [Company] Interview
    18. 18. FindingTopics • Economic/job news • Industry newsletters • Frequently Asked Questions • Lists from list posts • Other blogs • Brainstorming sessions • Ask your networks
    19. 19. 8. Give the people what they want
    20. 20. 9. Keep it short.Real short.
    21. 21. Typical blog post • 350 - 450 words is fine • 1,000 words is too much • One idea, one post, one day • Find the "crease" where posts break • Include photos and videos
    22. 22. Secret #10: Get LinkedIn Get LinkedIn
    23. 23. Read me ErikDeckers.com ProBlogService.com @edeckers Erik.Deckers@gmail.com Reach me Thank you!