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Blogapalooza 2011 The Brainzooming Group


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This presentation by Mike Brown of The Brainzooming Group ( shares blogging tips for Blogapalooza 2011 participants at The University of Kansas. Blogapalooza is an effort to introduce marketing communications students to blogging through writing guest posts for a number of already established blogs.

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Blogapalooza 2011 The Brainzooming Group

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Blog: // Twitter: @brainzooming2
  3. 3. We help make smart  p organizations more  successful by rapidly: • Expanding their strategic options and  • Creating innovative plans they can efficiently implement.3
  4. 4. Let s Start with a Few Questions Let’s Start with a Few Questions • Who reads blogs on a regular basis? Who reads blogs on a regular basis? • Who is . . . – Is on Facebook? Twitter? Linkedin? Google+? – Actively sharing content on these? • Who is blogging for Business? Personally?4
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. Who is your target  Wh i t t audience? What are you trying  to communicate?6
  7. 7. Who s Your Target Audience?Who’s Your Target Audience?7
  8. 8. It s Social It’s Social Media! Bland8
  9. 9. Find Your Engaging Personality g g g y Familial Mentor BFF CSRep Maven Comedian Snarky Confidant  Teacher Straight Shooter  Newsperson Cool/Hip Gossip9
  10. 10. Topics? “That’s That s a Post! a Post!”
  11. 11. Blog Name / Link Author / Editor Topics Mike Brown Strategy, Creativity, Innovation, Social  Media, Marketing* Nate Riggs Social Media, Small Business, Marketing,  Career The Experience Effect Jim Joseph Branding, Experience Marketing,  Marketing Communications, Advertising Alexander G Public  Alex Greenwood Public relations, Communication, Ebook Relations Publishing, Kansas City Events Service Encounters  S i E Chris Reaburn Ch i R b Services Experience, Services Marketing,  S i E i S i M k i Onstage Branding Talent Culture Meghan Biro Careers, HR, Workplace * Still confirming participation11
  12. 12. Brainzooming12
  13. 13. NateRiggs.com13
  14. 14. Jim Joseph Jim Joseph14
  15. 15. Alex Greenwood Alex Greenwood15
  16. 16. Service Encounters Onstage Service Encounters Onstage16
  17. 17. Talent Culture Talent Culture17
  18. 18. Think Thi k Know18 Do
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. 15 Blog Formats • Share Your Opinions on  • Speculate About the Future Relevant Topics • Summarize a Topic • React to Others’ Opinions  • Cover Part of a Topic in  (Especially those expressed in other posts  on your target blog) Depth • Report News on Relevant  • Relate an Anecdote Topics • Report on a Conference /  • Report News with Your  Event Opinion • Interview Someone Else • Make a List Post • Review Something • Teach Something • Organize Information in  • Do a Demonstration New Ways21
  22. 22. 300 to 600 words 300 to 600 words22
  23. 23. • St i tories • Unexpected • Concrete • Credible • Emotionall ti • Simple23
  24. 24. 24
  25. 25. Search Engine Optimization – In 1 Slide (ROFL) • Pick a few words which are the focus of your post Pick a few words which are the focus of your post  and use them multiple times – In the title and the beginning section of the post g g p – But don’t over‐use them • Use an actual keyword instead of a pronoun y p • Include links to relevant supporting info – Especially early in the post – 1 for every 100‐120 words • Write a post that’s 300 words25
  26. 26. Sharing &  Sh i g & Marketing  M k ti Your Post Your Post26
  27. 27. Avoid 2 Biggest Mistakes Avoid 2 Biggest Mistakes Thinking: Thi kiEveryone Sees Your Content y No One Sees Your Content No One Sees Your Content27
  28. 28. Commenting & Social Sharing Commenting & Social Sharing28
  29. 29. Twitter29
  30. 30. Facebook30
  31. 31. LinkedIn31
  32. 32. Google+32
  33. 33. Blog Name / Link Author / Editor Topics Mike Brown Strategy, Creativity, Innovation, Social  Media, Marketing* Nate Riggs Social Media, Small Business,  Marketing, Career Marketing Career The Experience  Jim Joseph Branding, Experience Marketing,  Effect* Marketing Communications,  Advertising Alexander G Public  Alex  Public relations, Communication,  Relations Greenwood Ebook Publishing, Kansas City Events Service Encounters  S i E Chris Reaburn Ch i R b Services Experience, Services  S i E i S i Onstage Marketing, Branding Talent Culture Meghan Biro Careers, HR, Workplace * Still confirming participation33
  34. 34. 34
  35. 35. Blog: // Twitter: @brainzooming35