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Why B2B Marketing is so Boring

Why is B2B marketing so boring and what can you do about it? A talk we gave to a large marketing team.

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Why B2B Marketing is so Boring

  1. Why most B2B Marketing sucksA gentle kick in the head<br />
  2. 2<br />Most B2B marketing sucks because it’s boring.<br />
  3. 8/27/10<br />Type in footer under view<br />3<br />
  4. The winners will be the ones who tell the best stories.<br />
  5. Vendors<br />Magazines<br />Analysts<br />
  6. YouTube<br />Forums<br />Wikipedia<br />Vendors<br />Social Media<br />LinkedIn<br />Blogs<br />Magazines<br />Newsletters<br />Analysts<br />User Groups<br />Websites<br />Slideshare<br />
  7. You’re not marketing to your mother.<br />
  8. You’re marketing to a skeptical, defensive, busy person.<br />
  9. 1) Make things that prospects go out of their way to get.<br />
  10. 1) Make things that prospects go out of their way to get.2) Things that they finish.<br />
  11. 1) Make things that prospects go out of their way to get.2) Things that they finish.3) Things they recommend to others.<br />
  12. B2B is full of smart, interesting people with a real passion for their subject.<br /> <br />But if that’s true, why do these smart people produce so much boring stuff?<br />
  13. It’s boring because it’s a chore.<br />…all passion is drained out of it<br />
  14. It’s a chore because it takes too long.<br />
  15. It takes too long because it’s made by a committee.<br />
  16. It’s made by a committee because everyone is frightened.<br />
  17. Everyone is frightened because they don’t want to fail.<br />
  18. The result is a lot of professional, credible, well-madecrap.<br />
  19. Tech marketing needs a kick in the head.<br />
  20. 21<br />Great marketing works.<br />
  21. A few principles…<br />
  22. CIOs are people first.<br />
  23. A single, simple, focused idea works wonders.<br />
  24. Its not about you.<br />
  25. Spend time with customers & prospects.<br />
  26. Harvest the company’s expertise with confidence.<br />
  27. Link the tech to the vision (and vice versa).<br />
  28. Raise the ceiling.<br />
  29. Go faster.<br />
  30. The media is (one of) the messages.<br />But the idea is what matters<br />
  31. Have fun.<br />
  32. 33<br />Some things to<br />