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E mail etiquette






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E mail etiquette Presentation Transcript

  • 1. E-mail EtiquetteBy – N.G.Palit.
  • 2. What is E-mail?* It is a mode ofCommunication* A proof oftransaction
  • 3. Where are we now?• Right now, E-mail writing isvery much in a ’free for all’stage with everybody• shooting from the hip, andno sheriff in sight, like scenesfrom old English movies.
  • 4. Think• If you were theSheriff, what wouldbe your Rules?
  • 5. E-mail Etiquette is evolving too ---* E-mail has quickly become acommunication standard and a verypopular application.* Both the number of e-mail users and theusage rates are growing very fast.
  • 6. Phone call, Letter & E-mail• * Most people view e-mail as:- more formal than a phone call- less formal than a letter.
  • 7. What is E-mail Etiquette?* ’Etiquette’ is defined as the rules goveringsocially accptable behaviour.Similarly, e-mail etiquette means virtualbehaviour applied to:* Chat* Messaging.
  • 8. Essentials & AcceptedPractices
  • 9. Why is E-mail EtiquetteImportant?* Most people use electronic communication.* E-mail etiquette projects a professionaloutlook.* It is efficient.* But, it is crucial that we follow the basicrules of etiquette to set an appropriatetone.
  • 10. Why E-mail Etiquette?* There are threeImportant reasonswhy we shouldfollow E-mailEtiquettes.
  • 11. Reason - 1* It shows professionalInterest, Image & Integrity* By using proper E-mailLanguage we can conveya professioan message.
  • 12. Reason - 2• Saves ourselvesfrom costly losses
  • 13. Reason - 3* IT IS EFFECTIVE&* Brings Desired Results1 + 2 = 3
  • 14. The Elements of E-mail Etiquettes* General format* Writing long messages* Attachments* Flaming (opinions –are also known asflaming)* Delivering information* Delivering bad news
  • 15. Format* E-mail Address* Address of person youare sending to.* Message length•
  • 16. Sending Messages* Auto completion* Subject* Jokes & chain letters* C.C* BCC (where e-mail address is keptconfidential)
  • 17. Replying* Reply Vs Reply all* Including the originalmessage* Replying to a list orgroup
  • 18. Address & closing* Make sure your e-mailincludes a courteousgreetings and closing.* Address your contact withappropriate level of formality.* Be sure that the subject accuratelyreflects the content of your e-mail.
  • 19. Body of E-mail* Short and Tothe Point.* Error Free* No FANCYFormating
  • 20. General Format* Write a salutation for each new subjecte-mail.* Try to keep the e-mail brief.* Return e-mails within the same time youwould return a phone call.* Check for punctuation, spelling andgrammatical errors.
  • 21. General Format* Use CAPS when appropriate.* Writing all in Caps means ’shouting’.Use it only when you want.Example: ’CALL ME URGENTLY’* Format your e-mail for plain text* Use a proper font size that has aprofessional look.
  • 22. General Format* Try to keep your lengthat 80 characters orless.* If the message is to beforwarded keep it to 60characters or less.
  • 23. General Format – use ofBullets* While giving written direction or when youwant to emphasize important points, givenumbers or bullet to your main points.Example:1. Improve customer satisfaction.2. Empower employees.
  • 24. Message Tones* Write in a positive tone.* Avoid negative words those begin with,”un, non, ex,” or words ending with ”less”(useless, non-existent, undecided).
  • 25. General Format- Addresses* * Avoid sending e-mails tomore than four at a time.* Instead, create a mailinglist so that readers neednot scroll too much for theactual message.To: mail list 5 @gmail.com
  • 26. General Tips* Avoid discussing privatematters in e-mail.* If you require a responsefrom the reader, thenmake sure to request thatresponse in the first paragraph ofyour e-mail
  • 27. Attachments* When you are sending anattachment mention the name of thefile, and what programme it is saved inExample: This file is in MSWord2005, under the name ” InterviewSkills”
  • 28. Attachments* When sending largeattachments, always’Zip’ or compressthem before sending.* Make sure that your virus andspyware programs are upto date.
  • 29. Flaming in E-mails* Flaming is sendinginflammatory messagesin e-mail.* Avoid flaming, becauseit creates great deal ofconflicts that spirals out ofcontrol.
  • 30. Where to write what* Before you write amessage, check it isaddressed to the mostappropriate place.
  • 31. Writing Style* Keep the messageshort.* Longer messagesshould be typed in aword processor file andthen, attach it to your mail.
  • 32. Things to remember while writing* Remember the written word, unlike aconversation, can be interpretted ormisinterpretted very easily.So, choose your words carefully.
  • 33. Things To Remember* Even if you don’t have time to ’fully’respond to an e-mail, make sure to letthe sender know you have received it.* Example of Quick reply:” Will get back to you soon.”
  • 34. Delivering Bad News* Deliver the news upfront.* Avoid blamingstatements* Avoid using ambiguouswords.* Maintain a positiveresolve.
  • 35. Close* Close your e-mailprofessionally!* Use Polite ending.* Signature
  • 36. Do Not Ignore E-mailsIt isUnprofessional&Rude !
  • 37. When E-mail Won’t Work* There are time when youneed to make a phone call.* If things become very• heated or lot of• misunderstanding occurs or• while dealing with delcate• news, it is better to talk on phone.
  • 38. Importance of E-mail Etiquette* Following thesesimple Etiquettesgoes a long way inattaining our Vision.
  • 39. Questions
  • 40. Thank You-N.G.Palit
  • 41. E-mail Etiquette* Please send your feedback to thefollowing address:nandapalit@yahoo.co.inORCall : 91 9949118910