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Motivation & related problems


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The word 'Motivation' is widely used or misused. This PPT is an eye opener for most of the managers faced with the problem of lack of motivation of their subordinates.
This is an attempt to solve their problem in a nutshell.

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Motivation & related problems

  1. 1. Motivation & Related Problems By – N.G.Palit
  2. 2. Motivation • Meet our protagonist… We’ll call him “The Manager”
  3. 3. Meet our Manager Hi!
  4. 4. The Manager works for a Company We make stuff!
  5. 5. But, there is a problem
  6. 6. The workers are not motivated
  7. 7. Workers are not motivated Break is over !
  8. 8. Workers are not motivated #%$#*!
  9. 9. Motivation The Manager needs to figure out how to increase employee motivations
  10. 10. The manager needs to figure out how to increase employee’s motivation? But how?
  11. 11. He tried to get the worker excited
  12. 12. He tried various methods Let’s go!
  13. 13. He tried to get the workers excited Get motivated!
  14. 14. He put various motivational quotes all around the office
  15. 15. He tried to instill fear. But, nothing worked
  16. 16. He tried to instill fear! Still, no body bothered. Get moving or your fired!
  17. 17. He even tried to entice them ! With monetary or other rewards. Salary $ $$ • Big Bucks! I got the Big Bucks!
  18. 18. These methods worked for only a short period.
  19. 19. The staff did not respond positively for a long period. But none of them seemed to work for long
  20. 20. So, what is the way out? So what should Manager do now?
  21. 21. So, What is to be done? To answer this question, We need to know/understand..
  22. 22. The only answer is: Motivation Motivation Motivation Motivation Motivation
  24. 24. Motivation The internal and external factors that stimulate desire in people to be interested and committed to a Job and to exert pressure in attaining a GOAL.
  25. 25. Bonus Check $$$ So now the manager knows the way to structure pay and rewards to leverage the drive to Acquire (not just as base pay)
  26. 26. So, now the manager knows how to balance pay & incentives etc. Bonus Check $$$ Utilize incentives to drive performance and create a culture of recognition and reward
  27. 27. Motivation Employees will always compare themselves to others… the drive is never fully satisfied The Manager also knows that the monetary drive is relative
  28. 28. And the manager knows that the motivational drive is more that just money The drive to Acquire is also about prestige and status
  29. 29. Manager should know that motivational drive is more than just money Make sure you give credit and promote your employees achievements!
  30. 30. Motivation But employees also have a drive to Bond
  31. 31. Motivation [ form positive social relationships with co- workers ] But employees also have a drive to Bond
  32. 32. Bonding also helps employees to feel that they are a part of a group. Do you need any help?
  33. 33. These bonds will help to instill loyalty & positive emotions about the company What a great place to work!
  34. 34. So the manager now knows that he has to foster bonding & create opportunities for social interaction Which leads to the employees identifying themselves as a team…
  35. 35. After all these motivations, his team members become --- SUPER HEROES!
  36. 36. Companies create teams of Super Heroes
  37. 37. Who come to work ‘Motivated’
  38. 38. The company prospered
  39. 39. And the manager got promoted Bye!!
  40. 40. Motivation
  41. 41. Thank you very much
  42. 42. The End By – N.G.Palit
  43. 43. Thank you once again! Please send your valuable feed-back to Or to Mobile No - 09948118910