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Varieties of english
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Varieties of english


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Varieties of English _____________________________ Lexical Analysis - Diego Ulloa Iglesias -
  • 2. Region Attitude Medium Field of Discourse Social Group Related to the language user Related to the language use
  • 3. 1.- Regional Variation Related to the concept “Dialect”, which is defined as a regional or social variety of a language distinguished by pronunciation, grammar, or vocabulary, especially a variety of speech differing from the standard literary language or speech pattern of the culture in which it exists. ↘ There are more dialects in long-settled Britain than in areas more recently settled by English speakers (eg., North Americans/New York).
  • 4. 2.- Social Variation Refered to aspects such as: education, socioeconomic group and ethnic group. ↘ It focuses more on educated and uneducated speech used by the speaker/writer, eg., the prominent example of double negative: “I don’t want nothing” // “I don’t want anything”
  • 5. It refers to uniformity, what is common to all. 2.1.- Standard English Degree of acceptance of the language.
  • 6. 2.2.1.- National Standars of English: British (BrE) and American (AmE) English. ↘ Two over-whelmingly predominant national standards. ↘ Few grammatical differences. * BrE : Biscuit * AmE : Cookie Any of various small flat sweet cakes ↘ Lexical differences are more numerous. * BrE : “The government (is OR are) in favour of economic sanctions. * AmE : “The government IS in favour of economic sanctions.
  • 7. 2.2.2.- National Standards of English: Other National Standards. Hibero-English Scots Canadian English South Africa New Zealand Australia
  • 8. 2.2.3.- Pronunciation and Standard English RP Received Pronunciation ↘ Nonregional pronunciation which has prestige, associated with older schools and universities of England.
  • 9. 3.- Varieties according to field of discourse A speaker has repertoire of varieties according to field and switches to the appropate one as occasion demands. law footballcookery meetinginterview
  • 10. 4.- Varieties according to medium Written Form V/S Spoken Form Some recourses are often limited to demonstrate what we really want to say or write.
  • 11. 4.- Varieties according to attitude Choice that depends on our attitude to the: Hearer / Reader Purpose of Communication Topic Formal – Neutral – Informal