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It's a magazine project assigned by Amardeep Dhillon, our teacher of Communicative Competence II at UCSC.

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In Magazine

  1. 1. MAY 2011 EDITION N°1IN COVER6 Learning tips to make easier your process of learning7 Teaching tips as we are going to be teachers in the future, here there are some tips we may have in mind to take easier the process of learning-teaching8 SIMCE results. Some comments of the real English level which is in Chile’s schools.9 Five reasons you should learn a foreign language Here are some real reasons of the importance of learning another language.16 How to understand #$%&/( gringos Every time 20 new word are appearing in the language, here are some informal vocab we can use when talking with a foreigner.19 The helping guide for student parents: five effective steps to be a good parent Many of University’s students have children. This space is for them.20 Fabiola’s life We wanted to know how Fabiola is in her personal lifeIN FASHION4 Women fashion. INside Miss Tatiana Neira and Natalia Molina’s style5 Men fashion. Inside Osvaldo & Jose’s style INside the NEWSIN EDUCATION 18 International new11 Survey (The best and the worst of UCSC)12 INterviews foreign people at ucsc: Brittany Dunstan IN SPARE TIME13 INterviews foreign people at ucsc: Amaya Bai 24 Music and films14 INterviews Students abroad: Kimberly Rivas 25 Social events and books15 INterviews Students abroad: Angie Alvarado 26 Horoscope15 Scholarships information 26 Crossword IN each EDITION 19 A helping guide to be a good parent 3 2 Your comments Editorial letter 8 SIMCE results MAGAZIN e-mail : twitter: @magazine_in
  2. 2. ‘ The real importante of learning a language’ actually know about the education and health systems probles we are dealing with in today’s society, but they do not care or they even do not have an opinion about these issues. Furthermore, this problem can be seen even at University level. These last days the position of university students has sounded very loud, as they fight for their rights. Consequently, I Many of us, future teachers, think that would like to focus all my attention on the our goal is to make students speak a beneficial aspects of this strike. particular language, in this case English. However, we, in our degree have to deal However, in the future if we teach them with people who are not interested in what grammar, phonetics and vocabulary our is happening in our society, therefore, I students at the end of the course will be cannot believe that those people are going able speak English fluently. On the to educate the future of Chile. other hand, if they do not know what to say or do not have an opinion we would What I am explaining is that these have succeeded, because that is the reason people were taught basic things, they we are teaching a language. In addition, learn contents but they cannot relate them We are teaching them how to express to the reality. themselves, how to think critically so that they can feel confident and secure when Teaching a language is not only teaching someone wants to take advantage of them. about how to speak it, but also about how to educate people for next future Nowadays, many school and highs chool generations by non-traditional ways, students do not know what is happening simply, such as daily experiences which2 in our society, or even sadder they have profound message. | MAGAZIN
  3. 3. MAGAZIN Your Comments DO YOU WANT TO SAY SOMETHING? We want to know your opinion about MAGAZIN and also about the University! Use this space to say what you have in mind. Send an e-mail to or to our twitter @magazine_in. Your comments can be edited to make them be clearer and for extension reasonsFASHION SPACE NEW COMPUTERSCongratulations for your new magazine; I would like to use this space toI think the themes you are going to complain about the computers of Tomaspresent will be very interesting; Moro building, because they are oldhowever, I would like to ask you to have enough to change them. Besides, Ian space for fashion or preferences, like heard that there are new computers butmusic, books, movies, or even I dont they do not want the change themknow interesting shops. This space is because they do not know what to dogoing to make you magazine look even with the old ones. Shame. Camilomore interesting. Thank you for the Saavedraspace. Catalina CorreaUSEFUL INFORMATION CONGRATULATIONSThank you for giving me the space to I really liked the format your magazinesay my opinion. My first and instant will have. I look forward to take a lookdoubt that I would like to have inside. You seem very prepared becauseinformation is about scholarships; you even created an e-mail, a twitterEventhough, I am a freshman I’d really and a facebook to make your readerslike to know that in the future I’m going feel closer, and have an opportunity toto be informed and I’m not going to miss express their opinions. Joanne Abos-opportunities to study abroad. Claudia PadillaParra MAGAZIN | 3
  4. 4. Good-looking people IN FASHION Who’s that chick? One of the teachers you MUST know is Miss Tatiana Neira, who usually teaches Lengua I; we don’t even have to mention those mechones who take that class with her will be very successful in their achievements. We won’t tell you how old she is because it doesn’t matter; she’s beautiful even if she were a 70-year-old teacher. Now we’ll just focus on how she and some students usually dress, where they get their clothes, among others. Check it out now! What aspects do you consider when buying clothes? Color, yeah, but it depends because when I was younger color was like the thing to worry about but someone taught me as you grow older it’s very important to notice the quality. Color, and by second chance would be quality. Do you follow fashion or you own unique style? I have realized that, because of what my sister tells me, I’m ahead of fashion because; for instance, this kind of sweater is like 10 years old, do you see? I’m like ahead of fashion; I really liked this but it wasn’t in fashion at that time, so for everyone it was a weird sweater. But now, it’s in fashion because of the clebich, and maybe the material, yeah. First of all it isn’t like following what’s on but I mix what is trendy and what puts suit me. Where do you usually get your clothes? I go shopping, quite a lot. But I love clearance. Usually stores have a sale, like winter sale or summer sale, but then at the end they have a clearance. And everything is very cheap. So I really enjoy that. Sometimes I buy, even though, some pieces of clothes that are really expensive--I would say for the average, but if I think that the quality is good and maybe the agent is going to last ten years or five years, so that’s okay for me. For instance, Boots I can pay one hundred thousand for boots because I know that I will be able to wear them for six years or more. In that case I go for quality. So for me I’m saving money, even though it’s more expensive but I’m saving. Oh! And I get second-handed cloth, for example, from my sister’s. I can get even clothe from my mom, because we have almost the same styles. I go shopping, clearance. You know that if I saw something on the street, maybe plaza Peru on Sunday, if I like it I get it. Do you enjoy when buying cloth or is it something that stresses you? It comes naturally. I’m lucky. I always come across a sale, or a clearance, and I always get something for me but very cheap. That’s something my friends envy because they don’t know how I do it, but they just appear. You know, fashion for me is more than just going shopping, it is a matter of health. Because I have a tendency to depression so colors cheer me up; so that keeps me in a good mood. And there’s a therapy that is about colors and lights but it was in Santiago not here, maybe now it’s here, but at that time the doctor told me that if bright colors made me happy I should wear them. When I was in my treatment I used to spend one hundred thousand in medicines per month, so now I spend a lot less than that in clothes but I’m healthy. Well, First of all I must confess that I really need plenty of time to choose the correct piece of cloth. I try to consider everything the material, the price, the style and if it possible if it is unique, also I always try to buy useful clothing, not just one that I can use only one time or just for an especial occasion. I really love fashion! But it’s difficult to keep on with that. I prefer to have my own style with some pieces of cloth that are in fashion and others that are more classical. Its just my own style! as I said before. I like to combine tendencies for make my unique style but I prefer semiformal clothes because I think its makes me look more elegant. I use to buy in some shops at the mall like Zara, Pensato, Fes etc. or if a have time I just buy a pieces of cloth to make my own clothing. Natalia Molina Carrillo (21)4 | MAGAZIN Generation 2008 – English Teaching Major
  5. 5. who dress well! Who’s that guy?What aspects do you consider when buying Do you follow fashion or you own unique style?clothes? Ok… When buying clothes I consider its model, and Uhmmm, I just try to have my own style.whether it fits in with my style and personality or not. I believe thatwhat you wear reflects the type of person who you are. Obviously, if How do you define your style and where do youyou have enough money to buy something a little more expensivethen it would usually get it? I try to dress not in flashy cloths, taking intobe incredible, consideration aesthetics; trying at the same time to combine thebut if you see right colors and footwear. I usually get my pieces of cloth inthat you are Falabella and Almacenes Paris; however, I have bought second-handnot able to buy cloth. For instance, too weeks ago I went to a shop which buys thoseit, you just type of cloth, and I bought 2 hoddies at 1.400 pesos.have to lookfor something Osvaldo Espinoza Acuña (20)similar butlittle cheaper. Generation 2010 – English Teaching Major What aspects do you consider How do you define when buying clothes? I consider your style and where that they are cheap, that they can fit in do you usually get it? with me, and that there is not much of In general, I like to match their same type. second-hand clothing with those from traditional shops. I Do you follow fashion or you wouldn’t know how to define own unique style? I usually dress my style, but I prefer dark clothing what I really like; I don’t follow colors. any specific fashion. José Miguel Casanueva (19) Generation 2010 – English Teaching Major MAGAZIN | 5
  6. 6. Tips to learn better Tips Some opinions and tips were collected among students; in order to improve our learning methods. By Andrea Castillo Many times we have found ourself in a situation that just experience teach to deal with; However, at this time of our life we, as students, should know how to study yet this is not always true. Consequently here you will find some useful information taken from our own classmates to learn how to learn, and to have more strategies to make your study improve. Valentina Gallegos has a whole method to study, and Diego Ulloa studies separating all the information which has shown that it works. She separate sections into between sections according to the headings. He also days. The first day she collects all the information which is explains that in a way it is easier to memorize all the in power point, in the copybooks, etc; then she prints it. information looking at it in an organize way; consequently The second day she highlights all the information she he also does concept maps and comparative charts; in this thinks it is the most important one. And the last day she way he can remember better the words and the tries to learn it from heart, and she expounds the information just imagining the form of the c-map and/or information to somebody. the chart. On the other hand, there are different types of people who need to make the process of learning in a more kinesthetic way. For these type of person we recommend the next tips:  It is better for these kind of people use the ability of writing, instead of typing, according to the Online Education Database, this is because when writing by hand you are stimulating your ideas. Also another important tip is using post-notes which are very useful to put your thoughts on when reading or studying.6 | MAGAZIN
  7. 7. Tips to teach better Tips As well as the learning tips we collected some pieces of advice to learn and to have in mind when teaching By Andrea CastilloAs beginners of teaching we have been put in some real situations in which we have to adapt ourselvesto every situation. There are some situations that need experience to know which decisition is best totake. However, here are some pieces of advice to take in mind when teaching. We have to take in mind that every student learns in a different way; hence you have to put special attention in those who do not learn as the others. The lessons should be personalized, Eventhough we just have 45 minutes to teach the contents; to make that change we should try to focus on something different every class; for instance one day for those who are kinesthetic, other for those who are visual and so on. Plan your classes; we cannot arrive to a classroom without knowing how to introduce the topic. Teachers should practice instructions, instructions need to be simple and narrow; just teacher with years of experience can improvise instructions, but beginners cannot look at that as something unimportant. Something that I learn when teaching little children is that we are going to do an entertaining activity we must give the instruction before giving the material; otherwise, they are going to be tooexcited and are not going to pay attention to the instructions or they are not going to listen. We, as teacher, must give a special attention to the contents we are going to teach; because this content will be the trigger for students motivation. Students have to relate the new information with their background knowledge. Try to use all the time English; eventhough, if the students are just children teachers always can adapt their language to every situation. MAGAZIN | 7
  8. 8. English Simce Results “One out of ten student reached the basic level” – National News Joaquin Lavin, Education Minister. The results of English SIMCE’s first assessment to all the 3rd grade students from High School of Chile between the October 25 and November 5, 2010, show that only one out of ten students reached a level considered “basic”. At the same time, this measurement is the first of its kind that is applied in a Latin-American country, thus Education Minister is looking for a diagnosis that will serve as a basis for future evaluations. Evaluation On this occasion, it was used the test TOEIC Bridge, aligned with international standards of the English language, to assess student learning. This test allows you to identify the students that have reached a basic level in the English language, according to international standards. Students who get more than 134 points in the test receive a certificate at a basic level of the English language. As a result, a student who achieves certified is capable of:  Listening: Understanding phrases and expressions related to everyday topics. For instance, they should be able to understand the main idea when listening to short messages, warnings and instructions.  Reading Comprehension: Understanding short simple texts that contain vocabulary used frequently. For instance, to understand the advertisement information, menus, schedules, signs in public places, letters, catalogs, and short articles of a daily newspaper. Results According to the measurement, one out of ten student achieved certification at a basic level. The average obtained by Chilean students is 99 points; lower level as those students from countries in other continents. For example, the middle school students from Japan reach an average of 119 points. The best results correspond to establishments located in the Metropolitan region and Magallanes one. On the other hand, such as one would expect, the students who belonged to high socio-economic group got the best results. For instance, in a class of 40 students of the high socio- economic group, an average of 26 students achieved certification of English, while in a low socio-economic group’s course none manages to do so. Other data obtained in the review, results have to do with the age at which begins learning and methodology used by teachers. In this sense, the best results are obtained by: students who begin their English classes at a younger age, students who have more hours of English classes, students whose teachers speak English during their lessons, and students who attend English courses out of school hours.8 | MAGAZIN Joaquín Lavin Education Minister
  9. 9. 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn A Foreign Language A look focused on 5 reasons out of the English student’s view. Article During the modern age, with globalization at its height, knowing one or two secondary languages has become more than a simple feat of high class and intelligence but also a strict requirement in many occasions. Whether it’s for professional, social or personal reasons, learning at least one foreign language is a must for anyone that wants to keep his or her head up high in today’s society. Keeping outside of the English student’s point of view, let’s take a focused look on 5 of the main reasons that should turn any of you towards learning a foreign language. By Diego Ulloa 1. Professional Requirement This is probably the main reason for which one would learn a foreign language. Many professions require the knowledge of at 2. Social Plus least one or two foreign languages, depending on the field of the Yes, knowing a foreign language (or more) is definitely a social bonus. job. Most jobs may ask that you know an international language There’s definitely a steep hill to climb between being presented as such as English, French, Spanish or German or a business-specific someone that doesn’t know any foreign language whatsoever againstlanguage such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian and so forth. If you’re being presented as a polyglot. Another case when knowing a foreigna native English speaker you may have it a bit easier, since English language can be literally a social blessing is when meeting a foreigner is the main international language (and one that is present the whose language you can speak. They’ll be extremely impressed by your most often in job descriptions) but knowing a secondary might also ability to talk with them through their own native tongue, although you’re prove vital. on home grounds and this fact can single handedly create a great impression around you. If the foreigner happens to be part of a business meeting, this impression can turn to a successful business partnership, bringing you both professional and social satisfactions. 3. Family Communication It’s often the case where a couple formed out of persons of diverse nationalities understands each other through a commonly known international language such as English. However, they’ll soon want to start learning the other 4. Personal Satisfaction person’s mother tongue, not only for a better Learning a foreign language is one of the greatest intellectual goals that communication, but also out of respect for them. one could have, on a personal scale. Think about a difficult puzzle, or math problem that takes months if not years of constant studying in order to be solved. The process of solving it may be a hard, arduous one but the yell of 5. Keeping Your Mind Healthy joy at the end is well worth it. It’s the same case with learning a foreign language: the learning process is not easy and you’ll have many small issues and problems to tackle along the way. You’ll have to focus on It’s been scientifically proved that by learning a new language, the various aspects of the problem, such as spelling, grammar, reading, process stimulates your brain in such a way that it will make you pronunciation and so forth. If you keep the problem in sight however and if keener on understanding and learning other subjects, including “real” you don’t lose interest in it, the chances of solving it are extremely high disciplines such as math, physics, chemistry and so forth. Learning a and the intellectual fulfillment that you get at the end is incomparable to new language requires the memorizing and understanding of several anything else. thousand new words and concepts, which offers your brain a good training for future occasions where memorizing is a must. After studying a foreign language you’ll have better results with studying for exams, with information assimilation and generally, with keeping your mind healthy and “active” even at older ages. MAGAZIN | 9
  10. 10. CafeteriaSan Juan Bosco Building Open: 09.20 – 18.30
  11. 11. BEST & WORST UCSC SURVEYHave you noticed many students have been complaining of some issues happened at UCSC? Tomas Moro is notthe exception among all faculties. Well, we asked students by means of our Facebook account what is the best and the worst one of UCSC. Check what they think! Some egos are too high, don’t you think? But avoiding first two options they chose, we have our secretary, Miss Faby. Teachers’ time for students outside the classroom, gymnasium and green areas follow Faby’s option. Do you think the same? One of the most problematic complaints ever heard at UCSC is the lack of toilet paper. Cafeterias’ prices are getting higher and higher and economical benefits are disappearing every year. Don’t you agree? Go to our Facebook account “MagazIN” and answer our weekly questions. MAGAZIN | 11
  12. 12. Traveling Abroad Interview Brittany Dunstan Before interviewing this pretty girl, she was preparing things about next Autumn Talent Show 2011. I noticed she was very busy, but you should know she’s very sweetly kind not to answer some questions! She loves talking! Brittany is 23 years old—born on 08 July 1987, and studied Spanish and Geography at University of St Andrews. She came from England and currently lives in Concepcion. Don’t you want know some more about her?... Let’s see! When did you arrive in Chile, how was it? What did you come for? I arrived on August 23rd last year to be an English Language assistant at this University for ten months. I was really like amazed by how friendly the students right here, like immediately coming to say hi, to want to have parties, to have lunch together… that was a really nice welcome. Something that was definitely different from what I thought it would be was that it was quite easy to adapt myself here. May you make any comparison between Chilean culture and yours? Uhu, yeah. I think probably what you already think, but the Chilean people are more like affectionate, and really, really generous of love. They always have a lot of time for you to do things together and like the hugging—I was amazed by that. I guess they are always like able to celebrate something, like ramadas! [Did you like celebrating that?] Yeah, yeah. I really liked the ramada here; I really liked it very much. Have you had any traumatic or unexpected experience that ended up by having an effect on your life? Uuhm, I haven’t really had a traumatic experience, just the one time where I got lost on a micro on my third night here! I got on the wrong one to Chiguayante and got off in the middle of nowhere. By that time it was nearly midnight and there were no more micros coming past and I couldn’t call a taxi, so I had to go into a shop that was just about to close and they had to drive me home... I was crying! I thought that one of the dodgy men was going to attack me! But, no... Apart from that, nothing unexpected, I don’t think!! If you have to give a mark to your stay here from 1 to 10, what would it be? Uhm, probably like 9… 9,5 (laugh) Yeah, It’s been very, very great… I don’t know, as I said like, it’s been like a different life here and at a certain point I want to go back because of my family, but I loved traveling and visiting, and… when I get back I’m gonna definitely tell everyone how was living here and that they should also come here, yeah.12 | MAGAZIN
  13. 13. Traveling Abroad Amaya Bai InterviewWhen we first saw and talked to this girl, a mix of feelings—a bit of nervousness and a bit of fear, appeared immediately on her face. Being completely honest, we did not know what was going on at that time, but anyway… After a couple of minutesfull of communicative complications, we finally realized that the matter was simple: she spoke better Spanish… Duh! Despite this, it was amazing to notice that she could speak Spanish almost perfectly, taking into consideration that she’s been living here for less than 4 months... Impressive, don’t you think?! When did you arrive here and what for? We ten arrived at Chile on February 23th to study Spanish language here at this University. Has it been rather a good or bad experience to live in Chile? It has been a very good experience because Chileans have treated us well; they’ve helped us as much as possible. They’ve been really, really nice. Have you found some marked differences between your culture and ours? Sure! There are some Chilean customs we don’t understand very well; this may be because we’ve been living here four months, I guess. Uhm… if you have any problem with some Chilean people—I mean, different believes, different views, then we simply talk. We talk about that stuff which affects us and then the problem is solved immediately. I think is just a matter of communication. Amaya Bai (21) studied Spanish at SWUST University. She came from Chengdu Shi, Sichuan, China; currently living in Concepción. The first thing that comes up to your mind now: two clear differences between China and Chile. As far as I’ve seen, Chileans are more affectionate than Chinese people; every time they can, they demonstrate what they feel at the very moment. However, medicine is more expensive here than in my country, it’s horribly expensive! Have you had any problem during your stay in Chile? You know, like Brittany. Fortunately, I’ve just got good experiences! We, as well as Brittany and Richard, have come to Chile and had some problems about different cultures with Chileans, but nothing that serious. Chile is full of nice people, they are really, really nice and kind. MAGAZIN | 13
  14. 14. Traveling Abroad! INTERVIEW Talking to Angie Talking to some students from different You traveled abroad because of a scholarship, didnt Universities, I could realize that there isn’t enough you? If yes, where did you get information about it? Yes, I information about scholarships; everybody knows traveled abroad. I was awarded the Semester Abroad scholarship, framed into the they exist, but few are well-informed. English Opens Doors program, in 2009, second term. When I enrolled IN the English teaching programme at the university, I was told by the person that signs me up that Here you have two girls who traveled abroad for there were scholarships available to study abroad. From then on, as I was interested different reasons; Angie Alvarado and Kimberley in traveling, I googled these scholarships, which was what helped me to get the information I needed. Additionally, every time I was not sure about something, I Rivas. Let’s get IN the zone! called the Ministry of Education and they clarified my doubts. Thats how I applied later. Where did you go, how long were you living there and how was your stay? I studied for one term in Iowa Central Community College in Fort Dodge, Iowa, USA. It was a great opportunity to live on my own and to be inserted into an English speaking country, which helped me a lot with the development of the language. From the university, we were 3 people sent there, 10 Chileans IN total. In general, the experience was good. I stayed there for 5 months, more or less. What was the worst part of living there? The worst part of been there was the college and the town. To be sent to a community college IN a town with a population of nearly 30.000 people when here in Chile I study in a university in a town with a population of nearly 1.200.000 was shocking. I wasnt expecting a big town, but I lived in the countryside surrounded by corn fields, something completely unexpected because I was in USA, you know? I mean, I didnt even have wifi IN my building! That was desmotivating. Besides, as everybody has a car, means of transport were limited and expensive, so I didnt have the chance to go to other cities by myself. I basically felt stucked in a farm form 5 months. Regarding schooling, the subjects I took were really basic for a 4th year University student as well; so, IN academic terms, it was not a good experience. I learn more from life and the experience itself. Luckily, the Ministry of Education removed that college from the list of "likeable places" to send people. We were the first and last Chileans there. …And the best one? Well, regarding the best parts of being there, I can name three. Firstly, the cities I went to. I had the chance to go to Chicago and I totally felt IN love with it, wonderful! I also went to Miami to see and old friend of mine I studied with when I was in high school, which was amazing as well. Secondly, I had the chance to go and see a gig of one of my two favorite bands EVER, Marilyn Manson. Im a music lover, so it was a dream come true. Finally, the best, best, best thing of the experience was meeting new people. I didnt meet many people from the States, but other foreigners that were in a situation similar to us. I had the chance to share with people from Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China, France and Germany, which was really interesting and Im still IN touch with them. What I learnt from their cultures is something I know I wouldnt have ever learnt here. We were all IN the same position. We became friends, we cried a lot when it was time to say goodbye and every time I think of the scholarship I was awarded, the first thing that comes to my mind is the good times we spent together, not school, not the town, but them. Friendship is the word.14 | MAGAZIN
  15. 15. Traveling Abroad! Talking to Kim INTERVIEWYou traveled abroad because of a scholarship, didnt you? Ifyes, where did you get information about it? Actually no, I saw aposter IN one of the faculties which contained information about a Work&Travel Programto work in the U.S, after having seeing it I headed down to its office in order to get detailslike prices, types of programs, etc.Where did you go, how long were you living there and howwas your stay? I went to South Lake Tahoe, California for around 3 moths, and I have to say it was amazing. Even though the job was not the best, but it was fun. I met Chileans, Portugueses, Peruvians and we had such a tight relationship that we never had problems and enjoyed every minute of it. What was the best part of living there? The best was that I was able to meet people from different countries as well as to be IN a new one. Also, the fact of learning to be independent and responsible, being in new places like San Francisco, Reno, L.A, places that looked so far for you, they were now as close as you could have imagined. Mostimportantly, you realized that everything is possible… if you really long for it.…And the worst one? The worst part was when one of our friends had tocomeback because her brother had killed himself. It was the saddest moment. She had topack up right off and take the first fly. I was sorry for her because she was having fun andIN the push of a button her experience of living abroad changed. On the other hand, I haveto recognize that leaving SLT was also the worst and hideous moment... I was having such agreat time living my life without any worries about what would happen tomorrow I had evenlost track of time and all of the sudden I was being forced to go back to the boring routine ofstudying! ↘ Look for more information in: MAGAZIN | 15
  16. 16. How To Understand $#%&/(¿ gringos! Culture If you want to understand them, you better read this! Not all words, phrases, verbs and Ace: v. To have success in an exam. Ex: “I can’t believe it. I thought I aced the exam, but I failed it!” A daily expressions have a written meaning, i.e. in printed B Born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth: exp. Someone who was born in a rich family. Ex: “He’ll never have to work a day in his life, he dictionaries. Thus here you have was born with a silver spoon in his mouth” some American expressions, Crush and burn: exp-v. Not having success miserably and totally. Ex: “Not only did he not pass the test, he crashed and burned on it!” C nouns, and adjectives which may help you to understand a bit more what gringos try to tell you while D Drop-dead: adj. Very impressive, spectacular for never being forgotten. Ex: “Sarah Michelle Gellar is not only a drop dead beautiful, but she also holding a conversation. gives a drop dead performance” Ok, let’s take some notes! Eency-weency: adj. Too little / too short. Ex: “The baby’s toes are eency-weency!” E F Flake: s. a person who you cannot trust in. Ex: “You’re such a flake. You always say you’ll do sth, but you never do it” Gaga: adj. Crazy, insane. Ex: “He got hit in the head and has been gaga ever since” G High roller: s. who spends lots of money without moderation, H especially on expensive things. Ex: “You’re acting like a high roller with your fancy restaurants and clothes, but remember who changed your Sarah Michelle Gellar / Drop dead diapers!” Is the Pope Catholic?: exp. Answer given when sb asks a stupid question when s/he already knows the answer is yes. Ex: A: I “Do you want another beer?” B: “Is the Pope Catholic? Of course I do!” J Jerk: n. sb disgusting. Ex: “I can’t stand that jerk, she’s always talking me about how much money she has” Knock: v. Critizise or poner peros a algo. Ex: “No matter what I do, she always knocks me” K L Let the cat out of the bag: exp-vi. Revealing a secret or being rather indiscreet. Ex:” We can’t do the prank. Alfred let the cat out of the bag so the teacher knows about it” Monkey business: n. A behavior not serious. Ex: “All right kiddo, no monkey business while we’re gone” M N No such thing as a free lunch: exp. Everything that seem to be cheap or free always have a hidden cost. Ex: “John, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If he’s inviting you out, there’s sth he wants from you.16 | MAGAZIN
  17. 17. One who snoozes, loses: exp. if you are not alert you will lose an opportunity. Ex: He who snoozes, loses pal. You left yourseat” O P P.D.Q: abbrev. of Pretty Damn Quick; very quickly. Ex: “You’d better start cleaning up this mess P.D.Q.”Quarterback: v. To direct or address sth. “Who’s quarterbacking this operation?” Q R Read someone the riot act: exp-vi. To tell sb the very truth of a particular situation, especially about what I expect of him/her or his/her behavior.Spin a yarn: exp-v. To lie in a complicated, creative way. Ex: “I don’t believe a word he says , but he sure does spin a good yarn” S T Take five: exp-vi. To take a break generally for 5 minutes. Ex: “Okay folks, take five and then we’ll start from the top. Did you get it? Ugly as sin: exp. VERY ugly. Ex: “That dog is like… ugly as sin! Where did you find it?” U » Abbrev. = Abbreviation » Adj. = Adjective V Vamoose: v. To go out in a hurry. Ex: “This bar sucks, I say we vamoose!” » V. = Verb » Exp. = Expression Wake up and smell the coffee: exp-vi. Finally » Ex. = Example to assume a situation, especially a disgusting one. Ex: “Jane, » » Sth / Sb = Something / Somebody N. = Noun this is the fifth time your husband has had an affair and promised not to do it again. I think it’s time you wake up and W smell the coffee!” Y Y’all: abbrev. of “you all”. Ex “Y’all want to go to the movies?” Zit: s. Synonym of blackhead, a small, hard inflamed spot on the skin. Ex: “Is that a zit on your nose?” Z MAGAZIN | 17
  18. 18. International News Independent schools in England and Wales are to mount a legal challenge against tighter regulations over charitable status. By Andrea Castillo The Independent Schools Council claims the requirements to show how schools offer "public benefit" are unfair. It says the cost of offering bursaries to poorer pupils could mean higher fees and pricing out hard-pressed families. The Charity Commission says it looks at a wider range of public benefits when assessing cases - not just bursaries. The Charity Tribunal will be asked to clarify the disputed rules under which independent schools can retain charitable status at a hearing which begins on Tuesday. Flexible support The 2006 Charities Act meant that independent schools could no longer automatically claim charitable status - instead they had to demonstrate that they offered benefits to a wider public, beyond their own fee-paying pupils. But the Independent Schools Council, representing more than 1,200 schools, has argued that the Charity Commission guidelines interpret this in too narrow a way - with too much emphasis on bursaries. The ISC says that its "key concern" is about whether private schools educational work with local communities and state schools as well as should be obliged to provide bursaries for poorer students, as a condition of bursaries. keeping charitable status. The Charity Commission also says that it allows up to five years for charities to The council says that many schools already offer bursaries - but it wants meet requirements. Last year the ISC was successful in its bid for a judicial schools to be allowed flexibility over how they benefit the wider community, review - and the Charities Tribunal hearing is expected to last more than a such as sharing facilities and developing partnerships with local state schools. week. It warns that requiring schools to provide bursaries could mean pushing up fees, which it says will hurt those middle-income families who are already The proceedings will take place alongside questions from the Attorney General about charity law and public benefit, relating to fee-charging charities. nancially-stretched. But the Charity Commission says that it takes a wider Charitable status brings tax benefits to independent schools believed to be range of factors into account when assessing public benefit - including worth more than £100m a year. But independent schools say that they are offering means-tested bursaries worth over £200m a year Retrieved from:| MAGAZIN
  19. 19. A helping guide student parents for Article Steps to be a good parent We all know that every person has his/her own burden; however magazin wanted to give this space to those who are student parents. This guide will give some useful pieces of advice to be a good parent because nobody was born knowing how to be a good parent, so here some steps to take in mind. By Andrea CastilloMany times in life we have been asked whether we would like or not to be a father or a mother,and we commonly give a negative answer; However, this might happen because we are notconscious of how incredibly fullfilling this experience could be. Parents are the support that everysingle person needs during life; not only in terms of the facilities they provide to their children butalso in terms of the invalueble love they give us.Being a good parent is never taught; However, here are some useful bits of advises to take inmind when being a parent. 1.- Express love and affection All children seek the acceptance from their parents; hence a little hug or an encouragment would be enough to make you son/daughter feel better. 2.- Listen to them. Parents should show to their children interest in their children’s life. They should create a place where children can trust in them and 5.- Praise your children have the confidence to talk of problems. Comparisons between your children are not allow, you 3.- Help them feel safe should celebrate their Parents should respect their children’s 4.- Provide order Give them job to do in the house in that way differences; because every privacy. Allow them to feel that once they children is different and in this enter their room they can know that no one you are encouraging them responsibility. If they do not do their parts, as punishment way you are making him/herwill look through their drawers, or read their feel unique and do not feel diary. Do not argue in front of them, you revoke a privilege. In this way they are going to learn the concept of inferior than others. Teachhave to show them to fix their disagreements them to persue their dreams. in a peaceful way. reward/consequence.With this steps you will make feel your children as they deserve.And remember “do not be afraid to be a parent. Do your best, be their friend, but neverlet them forget you are their parent” (Rubenstein, 2011). Adapted from MAGAZIN | 19
  20. 20. FABIOLA The private life of our favorite person from the university. The reason she wants to helps students4 | MAGAZIN
  21. 21. Always willing to help Fabiola with sometimes I think “why didn’t I do and vice verse.a smile on her face; agreed to give those things”, for instance, to gous an exclusive interview. At the out with mom and spoil her much As long as it does not affect themoment of our arrival to the more; now I regret that I did not other aspectplanned meeting Fabiola asked do some things such as that over Right. Besides, I always try towhether it would be too long; and over. I think of all those days think positively when I am at workhowever, we gave her a negative of my life in which I should make or at home; always, always. Ianswer the most of my mom when I was think that gives me a balance. unmarried, and did not everEveryone should know that Fabiola compensate her for everything she HER WORKtook an important role among gave me. Are you happy working here?students last year when many of Yes, although this wasn’t my idealthem had some administratives ABOUT HERSELF jobissues, some of these issues had What is the thing which describesto do with their schedules; she you the best? What kind of job were you lookingwas always well disposed to help I am a completely mess at home. for?every single student. However, we You know, when I’m here working Well, I didn’t have opportunities toknow very little about this woman I’m not able to do that… Keeping study. I couldn’t go to thewho thanks to her many of us everything well organized is a University. That is what holds mecould save a must; you have to back a little bit. But, I am happycourse know where your with what I do. I think it is because stuff is in order to of you (students), because I amHER LIFE react quickly when very close with you.Which are any teacheryour most requires a HER RELATIONSHIP WITH THEvalued thoughts you have from document. UCSC’S STUDENTSyour childhood and adolescence? At home, Mario and Emilia’ stuff Well, related to that topic; what doWhen I was I child I used to dream are always very you think of students who considerbeing a dancer; Chiquitita was the organized…always, but nobody you as a very important person atsong that usually turned me on can touch mine, I know where my the university? Did you know thatand encouraged me to dance. I things are even if they seem to be there is a group in facebook calledremember when my daddy used to messy. “We want fabi to be the chief ofsing that song to me and I the English Language Teachingimmediately started to sing it and How do you keep you work-life Program”?dance it too. At that time CD’s did balanced? Yes, some people told me, andnot exist yet, but vinilos; these What I do is not to mix both they sent it to me by e-mail. Yes, itwere black and the record player personal and work things. For really surprised me; however, Iwas red. instance, if I have any problem at think that if I don’t help them, home then I try this not to have a maybe, they would treat me in aAny from your adolescence? negative effect on at University by bad way. In addition, I don’t thinkFrom my adolescence, uhm… clearing my head during the path that MAGAZIN | 21
  22. 22. I’m imprescindible. I don’t know, I Yes they still haven’t had schedule love are healthy. That, for me, is athink it is just because of the way I problems being without worries. I don’t asktreat them. It is not because of the Right; for instance, this year I’ve for more, as everyone is healthy.information that I share with realized that more students havethem; it is the contact, because I come to my office to say hi instead Do you want to study as you arefeel close to them. For example, of asking for help. working here?there is a student who has an Yes, in fact this midterm I asked toemergency operation last week, an English teacherand I have called her by phone to if I could go to hersee how she is. So I am worried MECESUP classesabout the other side of students, as an occasionalnot only of how they are in student; however,academic terms. If you have she neverproblems with your schedule and I answered the e-can do something, I will do it. I That is nice. But that is a good mail. Consequently, I think thatthink it is mutual; however, there thing because that’s when they this next midterm I am going toare always exceptions; there are demonstrate they care about you ask again to other teacher. That issome students who don’t get along and they don’t want only your what I would like to do, studywith me but that is because we help, it demonstrate that it English. Nevertheless, I’m morehave had some problems, with closeness is not because of selfish interested in my husband studyingmedical certificates or things like interests. what he loves doingthat. But I know that I can’t get on No, I don’t think they are goodwith everyone. because of selfish interests. No, And what is he studying? because it is from both parts the He is studying a Masters degreeBut, at least the majority of good manners, I am good with in creative Communications herestudents think you are an them and they are good with me. at the universityimportant person here at the What I try the most is to help themuniversity (students). I have a brother at the Here?For example, the freshmen university and I would like that he Yes, he works here. I met himstudents, they even do not know was treated as I treat you. here many years ago. He was awho I am. They haven’t had student when I met him. I wasproblems HER FUTURE PLANS young and I arrived to journalism Well, and the last question is what and there he was; however, we plans do you have to do in the started dating after he went out. future? Let’s see… I want to be a mom Funny again Yep, he was a thesis preparation student. Nice thoughts (laughs) Up to now, do you have only one child? How long have you been married? Yes, I have only one child. Well, in Six years the future I expect to be happy. Look, the only thing that makes Are you happy with him? me happy and be calm is to know YES! that my family and people that I MAGAZIN | 23
  23. 23. Music & Films Spare time Get informed about what is IN today. Get IN the Music&Films zone! Troll Hunter. The Pop music world has been shaken by the seventh album of Britney Shot in a verite style, Trollhunter is the Spears’ the appearance in March, Femme Fatale. Despite all the controversy story of a group of Norwegian film that she awakens, she still stands with her students that set out to capture real-life danceable pop enriched by skillful trolls on camera after learning their producers, checked with the arrival to the existence has been covered up for years by straightaway #1 of the album, and also of a government conspiracy. A thrilling and the first single, Hold It Against Me. wildly entertaining film, Trollhunter delivers truly fantastic images of giant With a different attitude, Avril Lavigne’s trolls wreaking havoc on the countryside, new work also comes to this musical world, with darkly funny adherence to the original Goodbye Lullaby. The topics of the Norwegian folklore. Unlike its found footage creature feature counterpart, Canadian singer sound more introspective this time, inspired by her divorce Cloverfield, this film gives plenty of framed shots of the trolls while still with the singer of Sum 41, Deryck Whibley. leaving enough to the imagination when they are not framed in the shot. Now teenagers have the teen version of Susan Boyle. This is Adam Lambert, a Jane Eyre. californian 19-year-old guy who came out of the program American Idol, and who merges sand rock, new wave, disco and R&B, with songs composed by In the story, Jane Eyre (Mia Wasikowska) the singers of Muse, Wezzer and The Darkness. Now he comes with his new flees Thornfield House, where she works work live, Glam Nación Live, with songs from his debut and the cover of a as a governess for wealthy classic: 20th Century Boy of T. Rex. Edward Rochester (Michael fassbender). Latin music has also been very attractive. The isolated and imposing residence–- One of the most important works is Drama y and Mr. Rochesters coldness, has sorely tested the young womans resilience, Luz which belongs to Maná, especially because it is the first studio album in five forged years earlier when she was years from their last work, where the latter orphaned. As Jane reflects upon her past was the so-successful Amar es Combatir and recovers her natural curiosity, she will (2006) and its rockmantic hit Labios return to Mr. Rochester – and the terrible secret that he is hiding. Compartidos. Now his first single is titled Lluvia al Corazón. The nostalgia has always been a good business, especially if this is an artist has since died. This is the case of Michael Jackson, “who pointed out” his posthumous album called Michael which include unknown songs and whose second single Hollywood Tonight has already appeared in four different versions. IN got the news! Britney Spears tells us why she named “Femme Fatale” her last album.24 | MAGAZIN
  24. 24. Social events & BooksSpare Time SOCIAL EVENTS IN BOOKS Recommended Francisca Valenzuela is presenting New realises BOOK her new album “Buen Soldado” In the Garden of Beasts To Kill a Mockinbird When: June 3rd - 21:00 hrs In: Universidad de Concepcion theather Novel by Harper Lee published in 1960. (O’Higgins #650) By Erik Larson. It is an It was instantly successful, winning the Price: $6.000 - $7.000 eerie and disturbing Pulitzer Prize, and has become a classic chronicle of an of modern American literature. The plot American familys and characters are loosely based on the year in Berlin during authors observations of her family and Hitlers rise. (Retrieved from neighbors, as well as on an event that occurred near her hometown in 1936, 2014957681_br08beasts.html) when she was 10 years old. (Retrieved from Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me gbird) AUTHOR It is a look at some of the not-so-truthful tales Handler has spun for friends and family throughout the years. The book is Edgar Allan Poe advertised as a chance for the hapless victims of Handler’s deceit to finally tell Allan Poe was an their stories, because she didn’t feel like American author, writing it herself. poet, editor and (Retrieved from literary critic, considered part of handler-dated-50-cent/) the American Romantic What Happened to Goodbye Movement. Best known for his tales of mystery and the Written by Sarah macabre, Poe was one of the earliest TALENT SHOW Dessen. It American practitioners of the short story captures the and is considered the inventor of the TALENT SHOW vulnerability that detective-fiction genre. TALENT SHOW young people (Retrieved from JUNE 15TH often experience after the dissolution of Tales: "The Oval Portrait" their family. (Retrieved from Poem: "Annabel Lee” MAGAZIN | 25
  25. 25. Horoscope, crossword & humour Spare Time HOROSCOPE Cancer Aries Ball of fire. Could you be any more “ON”? The Sagittarius Time to shine Aries! Like the morning sun, you career arena is popping with achievement. The Romance is in the spring air for you. Also the seem to burst onto the scene wherever you go, things you want out of life seem to be handed to creative urge is running through your life with spreading sunshine. Pluto and Saturn are giving you without effort. Even romance is in the spring abandon. Time to smell the roses; to take some you a big boost this month. Things are changing, air for you. I’d say June couldn’t get any better. measures to enjoy your life. If you open yourself but in a good way and not without some common to new experiences this month you could get a sense and a sound foundation. Any changes you Leo big surprise. make will be for the best. You could be rolling in clover before June ends. Seems that all the work you’ve been doing is Capricorn Taurus now going to start to pay off. The accolades will Your security is where you may be focused the So much to do and so little time. The gas tank is be rolling in on the career scene. You could wind- first half of June. Financial planning will be the running low and the clock is ticking. Are you up very high profile as a result of your actions. most important thing going for you this month. feeling the pressure? You may feel like crawling This could also mean more money for you. Take your time and leave your options open as away and hibernating for a while. After the 21st long as you can before committing. This would be the energy level comes back, so don’t push it so Virgo an excellent time to purchase property as well. hard until then. Busy, busy. Get the taxes out. Balance the books. Cover all the bases. Run here, run there. It’s a Aquarius Gemini full schedule, but you’re up to the task. It’s The communications will be rolling in with The last two weeks of June and the better part of almost like having a private personal energy lightening speed this month. It may be this month the Dream Machine has been running source this month. Just don’t go over board with something of a task just to keep up. Remain calm into overtime. Seems you’ve been scheming and trying to do too much. Remember to breath. and eat that elephant one bite at a time. Don’t planning for the future. After midmonth, you loose your perspective in any situation. This will may feel like just taking the time with someone Libra help when things get just a bit frantic. on a very personal and quiet basis. Nothing This month bodes so well for your committed fancy, which is such a departure for you. Time of relationships. There’s just a ton of activity in this Pisces quiet talks and dim lights. Sounds romantic, but area. You are changing things for the better. You could have such an urge to just go shopping you’re more tired than amorous. Get some rest Making a new commitment or revitalizing an for something nice for that loved one in you life. in the next few weeks. older one. Either way, it’s a wonderful ride this Interesting, huh? The good news is, that you month. have the money at this time to do it right. Don’t forget to be good to yourself as well.26 | MAGAZIN
  26. 26. MAGAZINAcknowledgements IN magazine would like to give their most sincere thanks to the people who could make possible the format of it. Director ANDREA CASTILLO BILCHI DIEGO ULLOA IGLESIAS Editor ANDREA CASTILLO BILCHI DIEGO ULLOA IGLESIAS Photography DIEGO ULLOA IGLESIAS collaborators JUAN PINOS Photo editions RESOURCES British Broadcasting Corporation Sites Private schools legal challenge to charity rules By Sean Coughlan wikiHow. The how to manual that you can edit How to Be a Good Parent By Wpendy, Krystle C., Hannah, Ben Rubenstein BARNES&NOBLE New Release Books The Seattle Times NEWSYTYPE he Bookscape Report Wikipedia E Horoscope 2011 GlasBergen
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