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Prospecting new clients ss

  1. 1. Social Sparkle & ShineProspecting New Clients ForSocial Media Services#SocialMediaProspects@Sparkle_Agency
  2. 2. Event DetailsHow to Make More Money With Social Media Focus will include: Free by invitation/RSVP: Series presents: 1. Identifying potential clients • This will be a free presentation with the most value to you for approximately 25 people who PROSPECTING & QUALIFYING NEW - Your existing clients/contacts SOCIAL MEDIA CLIENTS already have a good that need social media understanding of marketing, PR - Your personal passions & or blogging and are interested in Immediately Actionable Tips & Insights hobbies for Marketing Professionals taking their business or career to - Digital flirting to romance & the next level with social media. #SocialMediaProspects engage potential clients 2. Identifying businesses who • Potential interns, talent, clients HOST: ING DIrect Cafe, 221 Yonge Street have advertising budgets and collaborating partners of TIME & DAY: Monday May 30, 2011 - Media monitoring Social Sparkle & Shine are 8:45am registration (while prior meetup group finishes) 3. At-A-Glance Analysis of “Can I welcome to register. 9:00-9:45am presentation use social media impact to this Meeting space for 9:45-10:15 Q&A client’s business?” #SocialMediaProspects is - Twitter & Facebook: brand/ donated by ING Direct Café.Presentation by Debbie Horovitch market opportunity analysis – How to search tactics For further information please contact:Social Sparkle & Shine is a talent-management - Video: My City Lives & You agency, marketing and representing Tube social media professionals, services and - Website: social media • Twitter: @Sparkle_Agency products to our ad agency and direct optimization characteristics @Sparkle_Style @Debbie_h2o client database. - Google: brand managementWe offer non-exclusive, collaborative optimization & SEO • Website: representation & learning opportunities contribution in a flexible and personalized work • Facebook: environment, perfect for students and experienced marketing professionals in career transition. ncy
  3. 3. Your ProfilesDecide your brand & what it says about you, then add your personalityASSUME EVERYTHING YOU POST WILL GO VIRALEven though it won’t…• Facebook Profile connected to everyone you’ve ever met & everyone you meet – As long as you can stand them• Twitter profile following everyone who does what you do: – Your peers, industry C-suite, their staff – Journalists & policymakers• LinkedIn• Foursquare
  4. 4. You are a Community Manager• Connect with everyone you’ve ever met, worked with or known on social media – Established financial relationship: people who’ve worked for you / you’ve worked for them – You are their trust network: Your messages mixed in with their most-trusted peer influence network of family & friends … Business investors evaluate candidates partly by their support network, and their ability to establish strong networks (communities) – social media puts them on display for the people who are researching you
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  6. 6.!/search.php?q=elizabeth%20grant&init=quick&tas=0.6409927198529991
  7. 7.!/EGSkincare
  8. 8.!/pages/Elizabeth-Grant-Int-Inc/110938032258049
  9. 9. Social Sparkle & Shine• Social Sparkle & Shine provides customized, individualized, ongoing social media support for your business or ad agency.• Operating as a talent-management agency, Social Sparkle & Shine partners with talented social media professionals to market & represent their services to our ad agency and direct client database.• Debbie Horovitch provides experienced, strategic traditional, digital and social media guidance and consulting on every client account.• Daily ongoing community interaction & engagement and campaigns are managed by your selected Community Manager or other contracted services/media.• We offer non-exclusive, collaborative representation & learning opportunities in a flexible and personalized work environment, perfect for students and experienced marketing professionals in career transition.
  10. 10. Bring It or Bling ItVideo Jump-Start for GTA Fashion Retail• “Private” Shopping Experience for Bloggers/Twitter, with discount extended to public attendees – Content creation across blogs of attendees• Facebook Page & Event RSVP for public attendance & promotion• Twitter & Foursquare account set up• Social Sparkle & Shine video content development, posted to YouTube & My City Lives – sent to clients• $500 + $500 shopping credit
  11. 11. Sparkle SOSA la Carte Social Media HelpAnytime you need a helping hand or a brain to pick, give me a call ~No holds barred brain- dump, contacts, and ideas to help you succeed• 3 x 1 hour phone/web consultations• $500• Book by June 1, 2011 for 4th session free
  12. 12. Prospecting New Clients ForSocial Media ServicesDebbie Horovitch416-553-2157@Debbie_h2o@Sparkle_Agency@Sparkle_Style@Sparkle_Tourism@Sparkle_Sports