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A presentation for the CIPR on influencer outreach with a focus on blogger outreach and an introduction to Inkybee.

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  1. 1. CIPR Scotland 18 April 2013Are you speaking to Bloggers?Influencer Outreach for PR Pro’sHugh AndersonForth MetricsThursday, 2 May 13
  2. 2. Outline• Context• Why Blogs?• The Benefits• The Process• Measurement• ExampleThursday, 2 May 13
  3. 3. The changing world:from this ...• Traditional “paid” media• Media relations• Journalists• Press clippings• Control of the message and whodistributes itThursday, 2 May 13
  4. 4. The changing world:to this ...• Digital media• Social media• Mobile• Bloggers, influencers• NO control of the message and whodistributes itThursday, 2 May 13
  5. 5. The changingworld:consumerconsumptionThursday, 2 May 13
  6. 6. The changing world:new media modelsSource: previewnetworks.comThursday, 2 May 13
  7. 7. Marketing has changed• Outbound marketing• Inbound marketing• Content marketingThursday, 2 May 13
  8. 8. Lord LeverhulmeFounder of Unilever“I know that half of my advertising budgetis wasted, but I’m not sure which half”Thursday, 2 May 13
  9. 9. • Cold calling• Direct mail (press releases)• Email ‘blasts’• Print ads• Radio and TVOutbound marketingTrying to find your audience using;InterruptionThursday, 2 May 13
  10. 10. • Through search• Through social media• Through bloggingInbound marketingBeing found by your audiencePermissionBe visible to your audience using contentThursday, 2 May 13
  11. 11. • Be visible to your audience and attractthem with content• Think like a publisher• Don’t be dull• Educate, entertain - and be relevantContent marketingTeach, don’t sellThursday, 2 May 13
  12. 12. Why blogs matter: stats• 78% of internet users conduct product research online.• Greater than 70% of consumers state that blogs affected theirpurchasing decisions.• Trust in online customer opinions of 70%, vastly outstripstraditional media.• Sources used to begin a search on branded products: 57%search engine.• The average budget spent on company blogs & social mediahas nearly tripled in three years.• There are more than 180 million blogs globallySources: Hubspot, Econsultancy, eMarketer, NielsenThursday, 2 May 13
  13. 13. Why blogs matter• Earned media = Trust• Consumer point of research• Engine that drives ideas on the Internet• The realm of experts• Panda/Penguin updatesThursday, 2 May 13
  14. 14. Benefits of bloggeroutreach• Precise: rifle-shot target audience• Create loyal communities & brandadvocates• Reliable• SEO performance• Measurable: campaign & businessThursday, 2 May 13
  15. 15. Thursday, 2 May 13
  16. 16. Important points• Its about developing relationships• You need to be creating compelling content• Its a two way process• You have to have a lead capture strategy• It requires an investment of time & energyThursday, 2 May 13
  17. 17. PreparationThursday, 2 May 13
  18. 18. Objectives• Know your business objectives (how muchmoney do you want in the bank by what date)• How many physical conversions does thistranslate into (total money needed / unit costprice = conversions required)Thursday, 2 May 13
  19. 19. Example:• Business Objective is to generate £4K of salesfor ‘Our Well Received Debut Album’ by theend of July 2013.• Campaign Objective is to get 571 people todownload ‘Our Well Received Debut Album’ bythe end of July 2013.Thursday, 2 May 13
  20. 20. Customers• Know your target customers• Who are the people who are going to deliverthe business objectives by actually spendingtheir cash?• Where do these people ‘hang out’ on theInternet?• Have some sort of a clue about why thisaudience is going to care about your offerThursday, 2 May 13
  21. 21. Lead capture• Every campaign requires a lead capturestrategy.• People don’t buy when you want them to buy.They buy when they’re ready to buy.• Capture the leads and follow up with them• Use a landing pageThursday, 2 May 13
  22. 22. Thursday, 2 May 13
  23. 23. ProcessThursday, 2 May 13
  24. 24. Find the influencers• Find the influential bloggers that your customersfollow• Estimate the visibility they might achieve for you• Use this to estimate conversion rates based onreach. Are the numbers high enough to achievethe objectives?• Big does not equal best; find the “magic middle”• Assess engagement and other factorsThursday, 2 May 13
  25. 25. Thursday, 2 May 13
  26. 26. Thursday, 2 May 13
  27. 27. Thursday, 2 May 13
  28. 28. Reaching out• Be sane and be normal• Follow on Twitter• Read their blog (really)• Retweet occasionally• Get to understand them• Comment sensibly once in a while• Behave like a friend• Keep a record of your level of interaction withthemThursday, 2 May 13
  29. 29. Thursday, 2 May 13
  30. 30. The content offer• Devise and create a compelling contentoffering that will appeal in the strongest termsto your audience (customers and influencers)• Teach, don’t sell• Educate, entertain, and be relevant• Think about the expertise you have and how itwill help your target audience.• Prepare a content strategy that includesanticipation• No spammy emails or press releases!Thursday, 2 May 13
  31. 31. Types of content• Videos• Infographics• Ebooks• Interviews• Surveys• Event invitations• Samples• Etc.But, make it really genuinely useful.And make it compelling.Thursday, 2 May 13
  32. 32. Putting it all together• Get your influencer friends to review content• Even get them to contribute to it• Then, plan a content release strategy• Build up some anticipation• Set a launch date• Get you influencers lined up to talk about it• Release, and watch the sales or leads come inThursday, 2 May 13
  33. 33. But, to re-emphasise, success is based ondeveloping relationships and putting effortinto making really useful contentNeither of these is too hard to achieveThursday, 2 May 13
  34. 34. Measurement• Weekly meeting (not sit down!)• Visibility achieved?• Engagement achieved with the offer?• Conversions to leads?• Are the numbers going up?• Discuss ideas to increase conversion• Assign actions to improve now before nextweekThursday, 2 May 13
  35. 35. Example• ‘The Best PracticeGuide for EffectiveBlogger Outreach’eBook• Released July 2012• 12 main influencersThursday, 2 May 13
  36. 36. Thursday, 2 May 13
  37. 37. Thursday, 2 May 13
  38. 38. Thursday, 2 May 13
  39. 39. Thursday, 2 May 13
  40. 40. In Conclusion• Don’t be put off by nomenclature;• Embrace digital outreach - it’s here to stay;• Think strategic goals, not tactical gains;• Compelling content/story is key;• Be human - it’s about relationships;• Demonstrate value.Thursday, 2 May 13
  41. 41. blog.forthmetrics.comHugh You!www.inkybee.com, 2 May 13