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Social media, beyond the hype

Social media strategies explained; listen, talk, support, energize & embrace. A hype free approach to building a company wide social media program.

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Social media, beyond the hype

  1. 1. Social Media, beyond the hype.A presentation on what social media really is, and tangible strategies that brandsand organisations can apply.Joakim Nilsson@joakimnilsson
  2. 2. FACT: Today we’ve so many new shinythings to play with... But Facebook and Twitter are just tools, they are not business strategies.
  3. 3. Please meet Johnny. He’s been doing social media for 6 monthsnow, and he says it’s not working.
  4. 4. Peak of inflated expectations (Johnny is here)Media visibillity Plateau of productivity (Johnny wants to go here) Time/Business value
  5. 5. I took him a side, I wanted toshow how Social Media tools & technologies disrupted the purchase funnel...
  6. 6. Traditional purchase funnel CUSTOMERSPaid media advertisement used to influence peoples buying intentions.
  7. 7. Today’s purchase funnel CUSTOMERSCustomers now have a voice to share their experiences of products and brands.
  8. 8. Welcome the Empowered customer CUSTOMERSSocially connected customers influence the buying intentions of other customers and prospects.
  9. 9. He looks enlighted! But my BIGquestion to Johnny was around hisobjectives for Social Media...
  10. 10. Facebook fans are good, but they are not business goals TO GET MORE FACEBOOK FANS!? BUSINESS GOALS OBJECTIVES STRATEGIES PROGRAMS
  12. 12. 5 tangible strategies for unlockingthe real value of social media and connected customers 1. LISTEN 2. TALK 3. SUPPORT 4. ENERGIZE 5. EMBRACE
  13. 13. LISTEN
  14. 14. What do we mean with ”Listen”?• Monitor the social web and understand what people say about: – Your company name – Your products – Your competition – Your industry?• Identify on which online platforms they are: – Web forums? – Twitter? – Facebook? – Youtube?
  15. 15. Accor hotels monitors online mentions in 8 languages
  16. 16. TALK
  17. 17. Use ”talk” to provide value• Create content that your customers and prospects wants – How can you create value for your customers/prospects? – What are their passions and interests? – What makes them look good? – Do they trust you, or should someone else speak for you?
  18. 18. Cisco’s Flip cam Hijacked the worlds most valuable real-estate
  19. 19. Audi Q3, car launch on YouTube
  20. 20. SUPPORT
  21. 21. Support• One of the best applications of Listen & Talk is to create customer service outreach – Stepping in to discussions and solving problems in public often exceeds those of you customers expectations – Can you get customers to help other customers? – Makes you prepared in case of an crisis
  22. 22. AT&T proved the value of customer service outreach• Measured nine financial and relationship impacts. These values include: – Call shed, Customer retention, Customer influence, Site referrals, CSAT, SLA, Early Warning Radar, Facebook Wall Advocates and Twitter Followers.
  23. 23. Rosetta Stone’s Success CentralThe ultimate mission of the Rosetta Stone Customer Success team is simple: To providean easy and fun way to socially engage our learners; encouraging happy usage in theirlanguage program.
  24. 24. Real answers by real people
  25. 25. Blackberry P2P support
  26. 26. ENERGIZE
  27. 27. Energize• Empower your customers and prospects to spread the word – Who are your net promoters, the customers most likely to speak positively about you? – What can you do to make them speak for you? • Campaigns • Incentives • Web site features • Shared values & causes
  28. 28. Kirkland’s Finders keepers online game
  29. 29. Virgin Atlantic is looking for Linda
  30. 30. EMBRACE
  31. 31. Embrace• Foster advocasy and leverage on customers feedback – How can you use your socially connected customer/prospect base to: • Test new products • Give feedback • Come with new product ideas • Tell you what’s broken and needs to be fixed
  32. 32. Wranglers Commitment to Collaboration
  33. 33. BlackBerrys SuperUser Program