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An Integrated Approach to B2B Lead Generation and Social Media


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Insights into how digital marketing and social media strategies can play a vital role in making all the B2B lead generation efforts pull in the same direction.

Today, 50-60% of the B2B buying process is over even before organizations engage with vendors. In this session for the Pune Digital Marketers Radha Giri (CEO of Midas Touch Consultants) & I covered:

• How B2B companies can differentiate themselves in the online world?
• What role does ‘content marketing’ play?
• Which social media channels are more effective for B2B companies and why?
• How to calculate the ROI of the digital marketing initiatives?
• What role does Influencer marketing play?

(All images belong to their respective owners as clearly credited and they retain all rights to them. They have been used here in a purely illustrative capacity to educate.)

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  • Hi Sanjeev, great slides! thanks for sharing. I'd like add some other great tools: 1- Outreach.iu (Paid) - Send follow-up emails; 2- (Freemium) - Send follow-ups emails; 3- (Paid) - Identify unknown B2B website visitors; 4- - Sales prospecting tool on LinkedIn; 5- (Paid) - Viewer engagement analytics for presentations; Thanks
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  • Good info! LinkedIn is obviously one of the major source for B2B lead generation. And using advanced automation software like AeroLeads and SalesLoft are also very effective with LinkedIn and other social sites.
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An Integrated Approach to B2B Lead Generation and Social Media

  1. 1. An Integrated Approach to B2B Lead Gen & Social Media B2B ● Social Media ● Social Media ROI ● Branding >> Buzz >> Business Outcomes
  2. 2. Convinced Or Confused? Image Courtesy B2B Marketing World
  3. 3. The Plan For Today • What you can expect to hear – Who From? • B2B Focused Organisations today – A Snapshot • A Different Approach • Role of Social Media in: – Defining Focus – Social Listening – Research – Influencer Marketing – Social Selling – Content Marketing – Lead Nurturing • The “R” Document • Questions?
  5. 5. Why Are You Here? • What do you think you will hear? • What you will actually get (hopefully) – An understanding of the sales process – An appreciation of the need for integrating Sales & Marketing – A view of the possible points of integration – An overview of the role of social media at various stages in this process
  6. 6. The Speakers Radha Giri • Software Engineer & Lawyer by training and a Digital Marketer by trade since 2002 • Founded Midas Touch 4 yrs. ago • Product Management & Marketing Specialist • Contributor to afaqs!, YourStory, Technorati on Social Media and Digital Marketing • Published Author on Social Media & Frequent Speaker at Social Media Conferences Sanjeev Nambudiri • 20+ years sales experience across much of the known world • Believes that – Sales is a process and – Differentiation is key • Social Selling & Content Marketing Advocate • Contributor to Social Samosa & afaqs! on B2B Marketing issues
  8. 8. Is This Familiar? Research Contact Discovery Content Creation Social Media Inside Sales Sales
  9. 9. Independent Silos Inside Sales Social Media Offline Marketing Courtesy – NetApp Community
  10. 10. The Traditional Sales Process Research • Database Creation of "Suspect Universe" Initial Contact • First contact for awakening interest First Meeting • F2F or Remote – Detailed communication of “Value Proposition” Customer Acquisition • Contract Signup, Project Kick-off, Timelines etc. Bid Preparation • Submit your technical / commercial proposal, Objection handling, Negotiations Follow Thru’ • Establish if a “Need” exists and that you can address that “Need” Customer Retention • Build Ongoing relationship with customer
  11. 11. The Handoff Courtesy – Harvard Business Review
  12. 12. Have You Heard This Before? • Sales • We waste our time with leads that marketing sends us. • Marketing sends us leads that are just names, but they aren’t really leads. • We can’t tell which leads are “hot” or “cold.” • Marketing doesn’t understand what a lead is. • Marketing – Sales Can’t Close Leads • Nearly 36% of online leads are NEVER followed up! • 77% of companies report a disconnect between sales & marketing
  13. 13. A NEW APPROACH
  14. 14. Pulling Together
  15. 15. An Integrated Approach Research identifies the area getting funding / budgets allocation - eg. Healthcare Cos. Content Creation: 1. White Papers / User Case Studies – for eg. “Training in Healthcare” strength 2. Email Drafts – “Cold” + “Nurturing” leads Contact Discovery / Database build up – for eg. companies in the “Healthcare industry” area or areas with comparable parameters Outreach – 1. Email campaigns to share content + offer introductions 2. Calling Campaign by Telemarketing” team Integrate into “Sales” process – 1. Follow up for “Leads” generated 2. Feedback Loop for responses received – inputs for Marketing / Content Social Media – start promoting the content in targeted channels – for eg. Healthcare Training focused LinkedIn groups Influencer Marketing – Identify Key influencers, decision makers and start tracking their social media presence + engage with them
  16. 16. How? • Campaign Based Approach – Business dictates the Campaign thrust – Research / Social Listening – All activities aligned with the specific campaign • Who to target? – Contact Discovery + Influencer Marketing • What message for them? - Content Creation – Website, Blogs, Collateral, Social Media • Outreach – Email Campaigns, Phone Campaigns – Landing Pages, CTAs • Lead Follow up – Sales • Lead Nurturing – Marketing / Sales – Content, Campaigns, Newsletters
  18. 18. Social Media Habits of B2B Decision Makers
  19. 19. Social Listening Image Courtesy: Green Book Blog
  20. 20. Social Listening • Building a Suspect Universe – What is the Market Talking About? • Twitter • LinkedIn Groups • Blogs – How to, Where to, What to Research? • Social Channels – Twitter & LinkedIn • Blogs
  21. 21. Who Do You Trust? Image Courtesy : Cassandra Campbell
  22. 22. Influencer Marketing • Identify, Engage & Connect – Define parameters to identify few top prospects or influencers – Map their social media footprint – Twitter, LinkedIn – profile & groups, Blogs – Engage with them in their turf and get in their eyeline – Build a long term relationship
  23. 23. Do You Have Something To Say? Image Courtesy Web Access Global
  24. 24. Content Marketing • Content to Reflect Credibility and Expertise – Editorial Calendar for content in line with campaigns – Adherence to schedule – Publishing across appropriate social media channels – Different types of content – text, graphics, infographics, audio & video
  25. 25. Revenue Matters
  26. 26. Social Selling • Create a perception of your B2B brand on social media that reflects your positioning – Social Media Strategy – Find and engage with communities of your target customers • For example: LinkedIn groups – Leverage Content – Build an “Inbound” engine
  27. 27. Everything In It’s Own Time Image Courtesy MBA Life Cycle
  28. 28. Lead Nurturing • 90% of Leads will say “We like what you have to say but we don’t have a need right now” – stay on their radar – Draw up database of leads to be nurtured & define the necessary filters to slice & dice the database – Define differences between the various lead categories and the differing communication objectives – Design campaigns – content, time & frequency to reach out to the various different types of leads
  29. 29. Comparison of Platforms - snapshot Platform Primary Purpose Projected Benefit Blogs Putting out own Point of view, inviting serious comments Thought Leadership position, gain trust of readers Twitter Short, sharp updates or very specific information like events, client news etc. Make connections, “piggy back” on well known brand followings LinkedIn More professional, role or technology specific forums, placing our point of view and participating in on-going conversations Able to get very specific p.o.v across to highly targeted audience, connect with opinion makers Leads Nurturing Revive connections with old leads, open possible new opportunities Widen prospect base 29
  30. 30. B2B Lead Gen Options
  31. 31. Your Money’s Worth? Image Courtesy Rob Cottingham
  32. 32. The ROI Q • What do you think is ROI? – R Revenue • Important to define “Return” – For eg. Engagement, Site Visitors, “Form Fills” are also valid “returns” • “Return” is also context specific – Eg. Event registrations in response to social outreach – “Connections” with Influencers • “Investment” is also considerably lower – think about it!
  33. 33. ROI Examples Lenovo Lenovo attributed a 20% reduction in call center activity to use of a community website for answers TurboTax Twitter campaign to respond and answer questions during key tax season (found customers were 71% more likely to recommend TurboTax) Oracle Trained 25,000 partners using social media (Reduced costs, boosted satisfaction and increased PR)
  34. 34. ROI Examples Kogi Korean BBQ Uses Twitter to let the customers know where the truck would be and when it would be in their neighborhood. Comcast Provides customer support on Twitter (Reduction in support cost + satisfied customers) Home Depot Appreciates technical support employees on Twitter through tagging (Morale boost, unique appreciation)
  35. 35. Some Thoughts For The Road! • Forget silos – start thinking of integrated approach • Define business objectives and goals before you start marketing • Social media is a two-way conversation • You can get ‘ROI’ from social media – provided you know what to measure
  36. 36. QUESTIONS?
  37. 37. Radha Giri Twitter - @radhagiri Sanjeev Nambudiri Twitter - @sanjeevnambudir @MidasSocial THANK YOU