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A simple basic social media plan anyone can use...


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The basics of a social media marketing plan. Social media marketing via facebook, twitter, blogging does not have to be difficult.

This short presentation I did for one of my clients lays out the basics of how to drive engagement and action via social media channels for any company

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A simple basic social media plan anyone can use...

  2. 2. PLAN OBJECTIVES:• Build your social media community in multiple (but appropriate) social channels.• Engage audience and get them talking (and liking, and buying)• Create brand advocates who will spread the message
  3. 3. PLAN STRATEGIES:• Focus on 3 channels for now: • Facebook • Blog • YouTube • But don’t stop twitter • Up the frequency on emails
  4. 4. FACEBOOK – ENGAGE:• 1 to 2 posts per day (Minimum 1)• Ask questions• Be provocative (provoke a response)• 1 Contest per week: • Caption picture contest • Recipe contest • Picture yourself with our product contest• Give a random winner product for a month.• Let your brand personality out and show the people/philosophy behind the company!• Promote FB everywhere!• Facebook ads?
  5. 5. YOUTUBE – SHOW AND TELL• Create as many videos as you can• Always have the video camera nearby• Go behind the scenes• Let your mission and your personality be known• You are a celebrity!• Encourage user videos • Contests • Testimonials
  6. 6. BLOG – INFORM:• 1 to 2 posts per week (Minimum 1, shoot for 2)• Post contests and winners• Post select articles with info that “fits”• Find health/fitness guest bloggers (EG: Laura London?)• Post random thoughts – to connect with audience• Recipes• Videos (from youtube)• Cross post all to facebook and twitter
  7. 7. EMAIL - REMIND• One email per week - newsletter• One email every month special offer• Newsletter recaps news and info from facebook, blog, youtube etc
  8. 8. TWITTER - COMMUNICATE• Tie in youtube, fb and blog to auto tweet• Follow people who fit• Make contact with tweeters who fit and build relationships• Retweet tweets that make sense• ### Hashtags ###