What Publishers Want - Blogger Outreach from the Publisher Perspective


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An overview of blogger outreach strategies and the attempt for Publishers & Marketers to find a common ground.

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What Publishers Want - Blogger Outreach from the Publisher Perspective

  1. 1. • Looking for content from experts. • Experts with authorship and established network • Non-commercial content (not advertising) • Original ideas that resonate with audience • Influencers to be associated with.
  2. 2. • Looking to build reach for their brand/client • Natural human engagement & views • Conversation – Comments, Social, Shares • Social Proof – Establishing G+ Neighborhoods • C-Suite Cred – “We were featured on HuffPo” • Citations & LINKS
  3. 3. • Not Really • Publishers definitely are more SEO & Marketing SAVVY than we were years ago • Google Penguin woke up Publishers
  4. 4. • If you thought marketers/SEOs had egos. Try publishers. • Do research, know who you're taking to, know their audience and join their audience. • Commenting is one of the best ways to do so, instantly adds to their content, instantly gets your message in their eyes and their dashboard.
  5. 5. • LinkedIn - Full of clutter • Facebook - Do they use it for work or personal? • G+ and Twitter are the lifeblood of bloggers and journalists  They are your golden ticket!
  6. 6. • I'm not a fan of public pitching on Twitter, don't pressure and not the proper channel for disclosure. • Date before marriage, court the publisher… then try to get into their pants.
  7. 7. Let’s Learn from the Mistakes of Others OR Guaranteed Ways to REALLY PISS OFF Publishers!
  8. 8. What Not To Do - Trust PR List Contact Info • Typically outdated • We get 5 to 6 emails a day addressed to ex-editors • Lists get sold • Just go to the About Us page 