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Visual Storytelling: Maturing Your Social Media Practice for Synagogues



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Visual Storytelling: Maturing Your Social Media Practice for Synagogues

  1. 1. Visual Storytelling First in a 5-part series on maturing social media practice for synagogues Hosted by Lisa Colton, President, Darim Online and Chief Learning Officer, See3 Communications Presented by Briana Kerensky, See3 Digital Project Manager Tweeting today? @DarimOnline @ujafedny @LisaColton @BrianaArden
  2. 2. Agenda UJA Webinar - Visual Storytelling Welcome, context, Briana intro and goals Why is storytelling important? Why is visual storytelling important on the Internet? How can I incorporate visual storytelling in my social media?
  3. 3. Communication as Connection
  4. 4. Narrative as Identity
  5. 5. About Me ● Briana Kerensky ○ Digital Project Manager, See3 Communications ○ Digital Marketing Instructor, General Assembly DC ● Favorite digital marketing topics: ○ Marketing for nonprofits ○ Storytelling ○ Editorial calendars ● Avid knitter, baker, hiker, 30 Rock & Parks and Rec re-watcher UJA Webinar - Visual Storytelling
  6. 6. Goals ● Learn the value of storytelling. ● Learn why visual storytelling is important, particularly for nonprofits and faith groups. ● Learn how you can incorporate visual storytelling into your social media.
  7. 7. Why is storytelling important?
  8. 8. UJA Webinar - Visual Storytelling
  9. 9. Show, don’t tell.
  10. 10. Why is visual storytelling important?
  11. 11. Why is visual storytelling important? ● Keeps people interested. ● Breaks down complicated subjects. ● Reinforces what you just read. ● Puts a human face on nonprofit and faith-related issues.
  12. 12. Meet your enemies.
  13. 13. So long as the Internet is full of cats, babies and gifs, a wall of text will never keep your audience’s attention.
  14. 14. Facebook knows that people value photos over text, and downgrades text-only posts. Facebook also downgrades posts with photos completely unrelated to the text.
  15. 15. iMedia Connection: Compelling visuals can help social posts generate over 90 percent more views than generic content. Photo credit: PostSectet
  16. 16. Instagram puts imagery at the forefront, and quality is key. Photo credit: Taylor Swift
  17. 17. Photo credit: Taylor Swift
  18. 18. HighQ: Online video now accounts for 50 percent of mobile traffic. IKAR: Pause Before You Post video
  19. 19. Visual storytelling breaks down complicated topics.
  20. 20. Would you rather read a report or look at pretty pictures?
  21. 21. Visual storytelling makes data fun!
  22. 22. Are you better at remembering names or faces? Online, we are all better at remembering faces. Faces compel us to read longer stories and stay with us when we move onto the next article, Facebook post or cat video.
  23. 23. Most importantly...
  24. 24. Visual storytelling illustrates the community and values of your synagogue.
  25. 25. When it comes to social programs, visuals prove that your community is a place where people are active (and serves as an invitation to be engaged).
  26. 26. How can you incorporate visual storytelling into your work?
  27. 27. When you’re talking about the people
  28. 28. Use photos that can thrive on their own and don’t need to be explained.
  29. 29. Remember Facebook’s 80/20 Rule
  30. 30. Show, don’t tell.
  31. 31. Wrap Up & Questions UJA Webinar - Visual Storytelling
  32. 32. Great reading and social media UJA Webinar - Visual Storytelling ● Central Synagogue’s Instagram Account: ○ ● G-dcast: Meaningful Jewish Screentime ○ ● 25 Video Marketing Statistics for 2015: ○ ● 10 Rules for Visual Storytelling: ○ ● 7 Tips for Jumpstarting Your Visual Storytelling Strategy: ○ your-visual-storytelling-strategy/ ● Video: Pause Before You Post: ○
  33. 33. THANK YOU! Want to chat? Email me at UJA Webinar - Visual Storytelling Thank you to SYNERGY and UJA-Federation of New York for their support of this webinar series. ● Paid Media: Feb 9, 1-2pm ● Communicating for Social: Feb 25, 1-2pm ● Representing Your Brand Online: Content Strategy and Planning: March 8, 1-2pm ● Crowdfunding: March 29, 1-2pm All times above are eastern. Once registered, you will receive login information for all webinars.