B2B Social Media: Social media for Business


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Social media provides great customer connection tools – but does it have relevance when your customers are other businesses?

This presentation was presented by Threesides marketing as a workshop session for the ACT Digital Enterprise Program in Canberra. It covers the opportunities for social media marketing in the Business to Business space, explore the best uses for the big platforms, case studies of other businesses and point you in the right direction to get results. This presentation is targeted specifically at businesses that market and sell direct to other businesses, not general consumer markets. This is an introductory to intermediate level session.

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B2B Social Media: Social media for Business

  1. 1. B2B Social Media Essentials
  2. 2. Housekeeping
  3. 3. www.threesides.com.au www.facebook.com/threesides www.twitter.com/threesides www.linkedin.com/company/threesides www.slideshare.net/threesides www.pinterest.com/threesidespins
  4. 4. We help / have helped these businesses with their social media marketing: Old Bus Depot Markets National Parks NSW – Wild about Whales Infomedia – Automotive Industry Capital Region Farmers Market Allbids.com.au The Hellenic Club The RUC Sportsmans Warehouse ACT Digital Enterprise (and more…)
  5. 5. What can we achieve today? Inspire Direct Inform
  6. 6. Your name, business, how many social media tools your business owns accounts on.
  7. 7. Overview 1. Who’s doing what 2. B2B vs. B2C 3. Start with a plan 4. Creating a content strategy 5. Picking and using the right platform 6. B2B post timing 7. How to avoid annoying 8. Managing and Evaluating
  8. 8. Who’s doing what?
  9. 9. Businesses with Social media presence
  10. 10. How often do you update your social media sites?
  11. 11. Which social networks are being used
  12. 12. It’s not about technology..
  13. 13. It’s still about people (right?)
  14. 14. B2B vs. B2C
  15. 15. http://tasminlobley.files.wordpress.com
  16. 16. B2C – A room booked by an individual for 2 nights B2B – A contract signed with a company for 12 months for 250 room nights Who is their B, What do they need, what should the hotel be doing? Consider these businesses: A Hotel
  17. 17. B2C – A training session for a day B2B – A group training session for a team in a company (40 people) Who is their B, What do they need, what should the training company be doing? Consider these businesses: A Training Company
  18. 18. B2C – A individual / personal client B2B – A SME client with monthly needs Who is their B, What do they need, what should the accounting company be doing? Consider these businesses: An Accounting firm
  19. 19. 1. Person of influence / thought leadership 2. Education and Awareness activities 3. Industry niche expertise 4. Promote current clients and build favour 5. Show inside our process / company and build trust 6. Amplify partners and what they are doing 7. Position the brand ready for the sales cycle to start 8. Build multiple touches with an organisation B2B uses for social media
  20. 20. Before you start…
  21. 21. 1. Identify your strategic goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics 2. Get the right bums on the bus in the right seats 3. Define your target market 4. Create a content plan 5. Work out how you will evaluate the plan Get your plan onto paper
  22. 22. Goals Targets Objectives Resources People Budget Time Audience Identify Build Engage Tools Platforms Customisation Content Creation Engagement Management Evaluation Measurement Reporting B2B Social Media Planner
  23. 23.  Building awareness  Educating buyers  Moving leads along the purchase path (nurturing)  Engaging with all influencers in a company  Serving existing customers  Cross-selling or up-selling  Generating new sales leads  Establishing your expertise Prioritise your goals
  24. 24. Creating a Basic B2B Content Strategy
  25. 25. 1. Platforms 2. Anchor vs. Flexible content 3. Content Pillars (themes) 4. Content Plan and Timings 5. Different Channel - Different format 6. Evaluation What’s in a content strategy
  26. 26. Repurpose, Share, Syndicate
  27. 27. Target your content
  28. 28. http://www.velocitypartners.co.uk/papers/b2b-content-marketing- strategy-checklist/ Possibly the best bit of content you’ll ever read…
  29. 29. Using the platforms
  30. 30. 1. Develop a consistent presence – profile, company page, showcase pages 2. Identify, join and participate in groups 3. Connect with current customers 4. Identify prospects and their connections 5. Post updates and blog links via company page 6. Send useful finds via LinkedIn to connections 7. Create your LinkedIn B2B plan (come to session2!) B2B tips on LinkedIn
  31. 31. 1. Become an industry resource 2. Use great images to create shares 3. Ask B2B directed questions 4. Engage with the community 5. Spotlight your clients 6. Feed the beast with content 7. Amplify your partners B2B tips on Facebook
  32. 32. 1. Follow other B’s for insights - intelligence 2. Find the influencers in the B 3. Look for their pain points 4. Publish your own content related to their needs 5. Retweet the best B’s tweets 6. Favourite tweets of relevance 7. Schedule your posts to hit their times B2B tips on Twitter
  33. 33. 1. Videos from the business owner – build trust 2. Knowledge leader videos 3. Case studies of customers - testimonials 4. Business / product demos 5. Industry news update 6. Branded channel to create awareness 7. Share links across other platforms 8. Highlight relationship with suppliers B2B Tips on Youtube
  34. 34. 1. Think about the educational needs of your target market 2. Provide depth in content 3. Create a series of posts 4. Integrate multiple sources eg. Blog + Slideshare 5. Highlight results from other products – don’t sell 6. Syndicate into LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook B2B tips on your blog
  35. 35. B2B TIMING
  36. 36. http://argylesocial.com/
  37. 37. http://argylesocial.com/
  38. 38. ‘AVOID ANNOYING’
  39. 39. Firehosing
  40. 40. Spray and Pray
  41. 41. ‘Signed photos of yourself’
  42. 42. Managing & Evaluating
  43. 43. www.sproutsocial.comwww.Hootsuite.com
  44. 44. Keep Reading
  45. 45. Managing & Evaluating Social media examples wiki - http://wiki.beingpeterkim.com/
  46. 46. https://econsultancy.com/blog
  47. 47. http://socialmediab2b.com/
  48. 48. http://www.salesforce.com/uk/socialsuccess/social-media-marketing/facebook- b2b-case-study.jsp
  49. 49. www.actdigitalenterprise.com.au www.threesides.com.au www.Facebook.com/threesides www.Twitter.com/threesides www.slideshare.net/threesides www.pinterest.com/threesidespins Stay in touch