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Threesides Social Media Human Brochure 101


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Social media provides great customer connection tools that create engagement, reach and compelling content – but do you have the know how and skills to create and connect consistently and successfully? The days of using social media to PUSH your marketing and advertising messages are over. It's time to professionalise your social media tactics. Through hands on activities, sharing of simple tips and getting advice from industry experts, this session aimed to bring operators social media skills up to scratch, helped them learn how to find and tap into the streams of content and conversations and find communities that will be engaged in the 101 humans program. This session was presented on behalf of Visit Canberra and ACT Digital Enterprise.

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Threesides Social Media Human Brochure 101

  1. 1. Social Media: 101 Humans
  2. 2. Housekeeping
  3. 3.
  4. 4. We help / have helped these businesses with their social media marketing: Old Bus Depot Markets National Parks NSW – Wild about Whales Infomedia – Automotive Industry Capital Region Farmers Market The Hellenic Club The RUC DDCS Lawyers Sapphire Coast Tourism (and more…)
  5. 5. Your name, business, and your organisations preferred social media platform.
  6. 6. Social Media Kick Starter Connect to your local exchange (CONNECTIONS) Know your peeps – Home made CRM (AUDIENCE) Who’s helping out the front (UGC) Tapping into #TAGS (DISTRIBUTION) Market your marketing (PROMOTION) Keeping an eye on proceedings (MANAGEMENT) When can we crack the champagne (EVALUATION)
  7. 7. Connect to your local exchange 1. Introduce yourself to 7 people 2. Name + Business 3. Share with them the platform they should be following and one reason why
  8. 8. Know your peeps – home made CRM 1. List 4 ways that you can background users in your community 2. What the things you can be doing with this information. 3. How will this improve what you are doing?
  9. 9. Who’s helping out the front 1. List 5 things that you commonly see people creating on social media about your business 2. How can you be supporting and encouraging this? 3. How could it be turned into a promotion / incentivised activity?
  10. 10. Content Discovery - Tapping into #TAGS 1. Grab a device (Ipad / Smartphone) with Instagram, Twitter or Google 2. Identify 7 relevant #Tags to your business and at least one of the HB pillars (Food, Arts+Culture, Adventure, Family)
  11. 11. Market your marketing 1. Group of 2/3 people 2. Write an ‘exhaustive’ list of all the ways you could be promoting your social media presence (including existing ways you are doing it)
  12. 12. Channel Management
  13. 13. Multi Channel Management Visit Canberra and Tweet Deck
  14. 14.
  15. 15. When can we crack the champagne 1. List 5 ways that you will measure your social media efforts 2. Where can you get this data from? 3. Who are you going to share it with?