Effective Image Event: How to get LinkedIn to the London Market


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Slides from our 7th May Breakfast Briefing on How to get LinkedIn to the London Market.

Presentation includes Latest developments in the London Market re Social Media, An underwriter's view of Social Media by Kevin McDougall, Group Comms Manager at Hiscox, Best practice case studies in the industry, A practical guide to optimising your Company Page and How to maximise LinkedIn's potential.

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Effective Image Event: How to get LinkedIn to the London Market

  1. 1. Agenda !! 9:00am Introduction and latest developments Simon Hayes, event Chairman and Director at brandformula !! 9:20am Social Media – an Underwriter s view Kevin McDougall, Group Communications Manager, Hiscox !! 9:40am Best practice: case studies Simon Hayes, brandformula !! 10:00am A practical guide: optimising your company page Helena Martin, Digital Marketing Executive, brandformula !! 10:20am How to maximise LinkedIn s potential Helena Martin, brandformula !! 10:45am Q&A !! 11:00am Close
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONS AND LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN SOCIAL MEDIA " Simon Hayes, Director, brandformula #eisocialmedia
  3. 3. Growth of Social Media LinkedIn membership growthSocial Media visitor growth
  4. 4. Social Media in the London Market
  5. 5. Why engage? “Social Media is the fastest growing media in the history of mankind” McKinsey
  6. 6. What Social Media can do for you !! PR - build your brand and enhance your profile !! HR - reach out to staff and find potential new joins !! Direct sales - promote offering to a wider audience !! Business intelligence - understand your clients/competitors !! Client service - engage with your clients !! Internal communications - effective low cost communication Social Media – additional channel for your marketing communicationsSocial Media – additional channel for your marketing communications
  7. 7. !! LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network !! Over 300 million members and growing rapidly !! LinkedIn enables you to: –! Expand your network and re-connect –! Keep in touch with your contacts –! Exchange knowledge and insights with wider network via groups –! Gain valuable data on company and individual profiles Did you know? 65% of journalists use LinkedIn information as research material Source: The effectiveness of professional social networking LinkedIn!
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA: AN UNDERWRITER’S VIEW Kevin McDougall, Group Communications Manager, Hiscox #eisocialmedia
  9. 9. BEST PRACTICE: CASE STUDIES Simon Hayes #eisocialmedia
  10. 10. LINKEDIN: A PRACTICAL GUIDE Helen Martin, Digital Marketing Executive #eisocialmedia
  11. 11. What you need to do   Before you start: PLAN and tie in with your other marketing   Admins: select carefully   Visual branding: enhance personality and recognition   Company info: inform visitors and enhance SEO   Showcase Pages: effectively segment business into categories   Connect employees: leverage employees’ profiles & connections
  12. 12. Create a Social Media plan, consisting of: !! Objectives: What are you trying to achieve through LinkedIn? !! Social Media Audit: How are your competitors using LinkedIn? Are there active discussions/groups you are missing out on? !! Who: Who are your target audiences on this platform? !! KPIs: How will you know if you are achieving your objectives? !! Content: What do your target audience want to see on your LinkedIn? !! Measurement: Continuous evaluation of activity based on analytics PLAN to get Social!
  13. 13. Creating the perfect Company Page   Setting up and managing your page   Visual branding   Company information   Showcase Pages “You need to look at attitude as well as aptitude and capability as well as capacity” Tiffany St James
  14. 14. Visual Branding It s free ad space, use it to stand out from your competitors !! Company Page: Logo, Banner image !! Showcase Page: Hero image, Standard logo, Square logo !! Ensure PC and mobile friendly: !! Clean look and feel !! Avoid big image files (max size is 2MB) !! Branded content: articles, videos, etc
  15. 15. Company info   Description, including keywords   LinkedIn Users will visit your page to find out more about you   Make sure they can easily find what they are looking for   Enrich your page by adding keywords to improve SEO (of LinkedIn page)   Don’t forget to include a link driving traffic to your website
  16. 16. Showcase Pages   Products & Services  Showcase Pages   Extend your Company Page presence by creating a dedicated page for products/ services/business areas   Used to build long-term relationships with members who wish to follow specific aspects of your business   Followers will be able to see your updates on your Company Page, and on their newsfeeds
  17. 17. HOW TO MAXIMISE LINKEDIN’S POTENTIAL Helen Martin, Digital Marketing Executive #eisocialmedia
  18. 18. “In the world of [online] business, the line between personal and company branding is thin” LinkedIn, 2013
  19. 19. Maximising LinkedIn’s Potential: What do you need to do?   Optimise personal profiles: connections, info, link to Company Page, advise on Do’s and Don’ts   Company Page: Develop content strategy   Promote: engagement, member groups, other channels…   Measure success: analytics against objectives   Constant evaluation: use feedback and developments to improve
  20. 20. How to optimise personal profiles Important to include:   Professional profile picture   Current employment   Previous employment   Contact info   Details of experience   Connections   Groups   Company Website Important not to include:   Inappropriate images   Incorrect information   Inappropriate language   Spelling mistakes   Confidential company information
  21. 21. Policies and Procedures Encourage involvement, with guidelines for employees, covering:   Personal - Content: Employees should be aware that anything they post online can be viewed by employers, colleagues and clients   Personal - Time: Is Social Media blocked at the office? Accessible during lunch hour or unlimited access?   Company Page - Who: Who will be responsible for managing your LinkedIn page? Select admins carefully.   Company Page - Content: Set a tone of voice and agreed topics for your content to follow
  22. 22. Connect employees Extend brand reach by having Company Page linked to employees’ personal profiles   When employees update their information to include your Company Page, their connections will see this update on their newsfeeds   When someone views an employee’s profile, they will see your logo and be able to click directly through to your Company Page   The more profiles linking to your Company Page, the higher it will rank in LinkedIn searches   Your visitors will see how many employees you have on LinkedIn and how they are connected to them, this will support your brand
  23. 23. Be clear about who will be responsible Company Pages can only be created and administrated by an employee of the company who has: 1.  a personal LinkedIn account 2.  their company email address listed on their LinkedIn account Therefore, personal profiles act as a representative of the company and should be professional and consistent with company values Keep your LinkedIn page up-to-date and accurate Setting up and managing your company page
  24. 24. “Create an information hub for visitors to learn about your company…” LinkedIn, 2013
  25. 25. Developing your content strategy SIRR = Shareable, Interesting, Relevant and Regular   Shareable: The more people who share your content, the more exposure it receives, thus the more potential leads it may be generating   Interesting: Would you read/watch something which did not automatically grab your attention? Neither will your LinkedIn audience   Relevant: Social Media channels are often over-crowded with news, stories, statuses, images, videos. Make content relevant and engaging   Regular: Don’t bombard people with information, but post regularly to stay front of mind
  26. 26. Promoting page and content Followers = quality over quantity   Amplify content through individuals’ engagement: –  Likes –  Comments –  Shares   Post in relevant groups: Lloyd’s, client groups, Social Media for Insurance Agents   Promote via other Social Media platforms: Twitter, FB, youTalk Insurance, MySlipcase   Promote via other channels – website, email sigs, business cards, mailshots, hold event & encourage people to follow to get discount 
  27. 27. Measure your success LinkedIn Analytics Measure, evaluate and adjust your approach Admins can view Company Page analytical data directly on LinkedIn. This provides deeper insights into your page performance by:   Showing how engaging your individual posts are   Identifying trends across key metrics   Understanding follower demographics and sources   Understanding page traffic and activity Measuring these analytics against your LinkedIn plan will enable you to see whether or not you are meeting your objectives, and how.
  28. 28. How to access your LinkedIn analytics Company Page Analytics:   Go to your Company Page   Click the Analytics tab at the top of the page Showcase Page Analytics:   Go to your Company Page and scroll down to the Showcase pages section on the right   Click the Showcase Page you’d like to review   Click the down arrow icon next to the blue Edit button in the top right   Select View Analytics from the list
  29. 29. Measure your success   Hootsuite   Useful for scheduling LinkedIn posts, but LinkedIn Analytics must be paid for and are very similar to LinkedIn’s own free Analytics   Buffer   Similar to Hootsuite, Hootsuite generally preferred due to speed of connection and ease of use   Sprout Social   More expensive than Hootsuite & Buffer, with many of the same features   Analyses Twitter and Facebook, integrating LinkedIn analytics soon   Simply Measured   Best LinkedIn analytics – has additional features to basic LinkedIn analytics, eg commenter demographics, keyword info and best time to post, but includes a cost   NUVI   New social media listening tool, to monitor what people are saying about you on Social Media   SocialBro   Useful for Twitter analytics, but no LinkedIn analytics
  30. 30. On-going evaluation –  Due to fast-changing nature of Social Media, it is important to see your plan as a live document to be continuously adapted   LinkedIn are constantly updating and removing features, which it is important to keep up-to-date with –  As with any other campaign or strategy, you should use results to improve   If a particular type of content generates strong engagement, focus on that   If a particular type of content generates no, or negative engagement, replace it with content you think will do better based upon results
  31. 31. LinkedIn for Recruitment   LinkedIn has been cited by many employers as an extremely effective way of recruiting talent   LinkedIn Recruiter must be paid for, but will save you more in the long run   A ‘Careers’ tab is added to your Company Page, to be managed in a similar way to Showcase Pages (as per Hiscox)   Ability to target searches and content to your desired potential candidates, and monitor reach
  32. 32. What brandformula can do for you " Getting started:   Social media audit   Set up Social Media platforms   Social Media planning   Processes and procedures   Training in best practice Ongoing support:   Create content   Social Media platform updates   Promote your Social Media presence   Monitor your Social Media footprint   Ongoing consultancy support