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LocalSocial is a proximity platform that makes it easy to add in-store engagement features to a Retailer's mobile apps and services. Using in-store beacons powered by Low Energy Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC, it makes it easy for Retailers to offer Loyalty Points for Walk-ins, trigger offers and specials just for being in-store, and create apps that can be smart about where the customer is located. LocalSocial provides Retailers with greater insight about their store visitors, deepens engagement with customers, and helps drive the customer conversation.

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LocalSocial : In-store engagement platform

  1. 1. In Store Engagement Platform twitter: @localsocial blog: blog.mylocalsocial.com !1
  2. 2. !2 LocalSocial In-store engagement platform for Retailers, Merchants and Venue owners
  3. 3. we’re about proximity
  4. 4. Proximity middleware track record at scale (300M phones) Deep proximity expertise !4 Impronto ‣ Java/Bluetooth Middleware based on JSR82 standard ‣ Sold to handset manufacturers ‣ LG, Samsung, Motorola, SonyEricsson ‣ 300M+ units shipped LocalSocial ‣ Proximity Platform ‣ Simplify creation of proximity-enabled apps and services ‣ WiFI, Bluetooth, NFC, Low Energy Bluetooth ‣ SDK, API, Cloud ‣ Build out for retail ‣ Offers ‣ Locations ‣ ShopZones ‣ Points ‣ Beacons ‣ Analytics ‣ Push / Pull APIs
  5. 5. !5 LocalSocial Overview
  6. 6. In-Store Engagement LocalSocial provides a white-label solution to help retailers drive in-store engagement Your Brand Here
  7. 7. Greet on Arrival Know that your customer has arrived. Start the conversation at the start of their journey.
  8. 8. Unlock Rewards Trigger rewards “just for being there” (like ShopKick), or for visiting certain zones in-store.
  9. 9. Contextual Offers Deliver custom offers in real time as the customer moves around the store
  10. 10. !10 Analytics Track your real-world locations like your online properties
  11. 11. Connect with customers on mobile while in-store In-Store Engagement Engage Delight ‣ Greet on arrival ‣ Walk-in points and offers ‣ Start the conversation Reward ‣ Offers based on where you are in store ‣ “Hands-free” promotions ‣ Zone based rewards ‣ Integrate identity (Store card, social) ‣ RAOK ‣ Real time signals
  12. 12. Visits In-store Customer Better data on customer, actions, A/B tests = insight Data, Analytics, Insight 16 Insight Who is the customer? Male, female, social? How often do they come to store? When, what days and times? Which offers work best? A/B test offers by day, store, customer profile. Combine it all to get better insight to enhance basket size and margin by putting relevant offers in your customer’s hands at just the right time. Who visits, and when? How often? Which offers work best, and where? A/B... Data + Insight
  13. 13. LocalSocial Platform in more detail
  14. 14. Soup to Nuts: Apps, Libraries, API, Cloud CMS, Beacons Product Overview ‣ Cloud CMS • Set up Locations / Shops, Welcome Messages, Loyalty Schemes, In- Store Offers, manage beacons, track analytics ‣ Dev Platform • Mobile Libraries (iOS and Android), APIs, Documentation, Template Apps - everything you need to roll your own solution ‣ Apps • iOS and Android Apps - available to be white labelled (download from Play or iTunes to try them out) ‣ Beacons • We provide our own retail-class, production ready beacons • Also support 8+ 3rd party Beacon Manufacturers
  15. 15. !15 Cloud based Dashboard and CMS
  16. 16. !16 Analytics
  17. 17. + Use LocalSocial Library in your app Configure Locations, Offers, Loyalty and more online Install Beacons Deploy, promote, measure 1 2 3 4 Push / Pull Development Platform
  18. 18. Apps iOS and Android, white label ready
  19. 19. The hardware that makes the magic happen :-) Beacons !19 iBeacons Beacons Apple call their BLE Beacons iBeacons. Many have started to refer to all BLE Beacons as iBeacons. We just say Beacons. Small, battery-powered, low cost. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons can power a wide range of proximity scenarios. LocalSocial and 3rd Party Beacons We supply own-brand production-ready beacons for Retail Deployment. Platform also works with Beacons from several manufacturers. This gives you flexibility.
  20. 20. Your App, our Platform. In-store engagement Engage Start the conversation as they arrive - on their phones, in your app Reward Trigger rewards and loyalty points for different application actions. Offer points just for being in-store, or trigger rewards only in certain areas of your store, or at certain times.Delight Give your customers a reason to smile and remember you. Use RAOK (random act of kindness) and gamification to provide memorable experiences. 1 2 3 Know that I’m here Connect online to offline (in-store) identity Remember what I like Greet me & say hello in-app Loyalty Points “just for walking in” Offers that only unlock in-store Random Acts of Kindness Experiences not Coupons
  21. 21. Offer tab shows list of offers in proximity order. These also re-colour based on proximity. Offer ordering and colours !21 Offers Sounds As offers re-order, the app also makes a sound. You can switch this off in the App Settings. Same colour scheme applies for offers, ShopZones and Locations. Red == Beside (0 - 2ft) Orange == Very Near (2ft - 8ft) Yellow == Near (8ft - 15ft) Green == Unknown / far (15ft ++)
  22. 22. Beacons drive signals, interaction enables customer insight LocalSocial Platform Insight Interactions Social Dwell Offers & Brands Visits Triggers Unlock Offer Award points Redeem Message ShareRAOK Signals Near BeaconNFC Tap QR Scan Near store Custom Beacons QRNFC Low Energy Bluetooth WiFi Bluetooth
  23. 23. Simple to add in-store engagement to your own app Key Features LocalSocial is designed to work with your existing application. We provide an SDK and API for you to use. Your brand LocalSocial API enables you to access and manage analytics, offer and redemption activity, and all engagement and user interaction data. Platform The platform provides a range of relevant signals - you decide which ones to use: near-store, in- store, taps, scans and more. Rich Signals We provide a set of triggers for you to re- use: award points, unlock offers, display, welcome messages, post social updates and more. Ready-to- run and configurable. Triggers LocalSocial collects activity data (signals, triggers, more) and turns it in to actionable analytics and insight for you to use on the web or via our API. Analytics
  24. 24. LocalSocial helps you engage, reward and delight customers during their in-store journey Benefits Insight LocalSocial helps you learn more about your in- store visits. Who visits, how often, what in-store offers work and don’t work, and more. Engage Give your customers a reason to connect with you when in-store, tune offers to drive better basket size, and enhance margin Speed It’s easy to add in-store engagement to your mobile apps, without having to do all the heavy lifting yourself. App templates save you time in creating your own mobile experiences. Flexible Start as small as you like, using basic features, and scale to the more advanced behaviours as you build data and confidence.
  25. 25. In Store Engagement Platform twitter: @localsocial blog: blog.mylocalsocial.com !25