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Top 10 ibeacon Trends by TrendONE


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Discover the top 10 iBeacon Best Practices!

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Published in: Mobile
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Top 10 ibeacon Trends by TrendONE

  2. 2. LINK-UP TO THE ONLINE TREND DATABASE DEEPLINK Deeplink takes you directly to the micro-trend’s website Trendexplorer This is where you can access the micro-trend in our online trend database. Send a Trend You can use this feature to forward the micro-trend to business partners and colleagues. PPT Export Export the micro-trend directly to a PowerPoint file. More images Call up more images related to this micro-trend. Video Take a look at a video about the micro-trend. 1 2 1 2 Online trend database Deeplink 2 THE INTERACTIVE FUNCTIONS IN THE EXECUTIVE TRENDREPORT
  3. 3. MAKING CONTENT AVAILABLE LOCALLY VIA IBEACON The company Exact Editions plans to use Apple's iBeacons to make publications automatically available at specific locations via apps. The basic idea of "ByPlace" is that cafés and other locations can subscribe to digital magazines and offer their customers access to them when they are present. This access could be automatic via iBeacons without users having to get their own entitlements. The possibility of being able to make content available digitally and locally could also be an interesting alternative for doctors and hairdressers. Exact Editions Ltd., UK 3trendexplorer send a trend PPT export Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS Click!
  4. 4. REWARDS FOR ENTERING STORE "Yoints" is an application for smartphones that rewards users with bonus points when they enter participating stores. The users are also sent exclusive deals at these participating stores. The app uses Apple's iBeacon technology which sends information via the Bluetooth 4.0 standard to mobile devices. Launched in Germany by the Hamburg-based start-up Yoints, the bonus system for smartphone users has been tested at the Budnikowsky pharmacy chain. The company succeeded in doubling its sales during the testing phase. Yoints GmbH, Germany 4trendexplorer send a trend PPT export video more pictures Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  5. 5. DEPARTMENT STORE USES IBEACON TO TRACK CUSTOMERS The US department store chain Macy's has launched a pilot program to test Apple's Bluetooth-based system iBeacon. For this purpose, two stores installed the iBeacon transmitters, known as "shopBeacons". Macy’s can use them to track customers in the store and send deals to their iPhones or iPads if they use Macy's app or Shopkick. Which deal is sent depends on the customer's location. Macy's also uses iBeacon so that customers can prepare their shopping at home and are then reminded of their shopping items when in the store. Macy's Department Stores Inc., USA 5trendexplorer send a trend PPT export video Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  6. 6. TAXI APP TURNS THE PHONE INTO AN ADVERTISER An iOS and Android app developed by RideCharge called "TaxiMagic" enables people to send a recommendation code to people in their area by using Apple's iBeacon technology. Push notifications are only sent to people who have also downloaded and opened the app, although they may never have previously used it to call a taxi. If the contacted person accepts the deal, the sender receives a voucher worth $10. The new feature also rewards long-standing customers and makes the new ones more active. RideCharge Inc., USA 6trendexplorer send a trend PPT export more pictures Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  7. 7. BEACONS IN TROLLEYS MONITOR SHOPPERS The British start-up Proximus has fitted stores belonging to the supermarket chains Carrefour in Madrid and Nisa in London with its beacon technology to monitor the routes that shoppers take through stores. This technology represents an alternative to the tracking of WiFi signals and iBeacon technology. Instead, it lets the beacons integrated in shopping trolleys and baskets transfer location data to the sensors on the roof. This information is analysed by a cloud server in order to give the provider data on the average amount of time spent shopping and checking out goods in specific aisles. Proximus Inc., UK 7trendexplorer send a trend PPT export more pictures Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  8. 8. IBEACONS FOR BETTER OFFICE SPACE PLANNING Knoll office space planner is working with iBeacon technology integration provider Estimote to allow the company to plan the layout of office premises with the help of staff's mobile devices. iBeacons are being installed at the company and staff must install the "Bounce" smartphone app, which is able to receive the iBeacon signal. This will make it possible to analyse how space is used and the working patterns of teams in order to make changes to optimise teamwork and the layout of office space. Estimote Inc., USA 8trendexplorer send a trend PPT export video Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  9. 9. IBEACONS FOR SURPRISING FESTIVAL MOMENTS As a sponsor of the Northside Festival in Brooklyn, MasterCard has installed iBeacons at festival locations to offer some special deals to the visitors. People who installed the festival app on their smartphones and were also MasterCard customers, automatically received notifications to enable them to get things like backstage tickets, coupons for restaurants and signed records from the participating artists. MasterCard, in turn, gained useful insights into the number of visitors using the app or making the most of the MasterCard deals. R/GA New York, USA 9trendexplorer send a trend PPT export more pictures Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  10. 10. COMMUNICATIVE BASKETBALL ARENA WITH IBEACONS The Orlando Magic is the first NBA basketball team to integrate iBeacon technology into the communication system with its fans and spectators in the stadium. Around 20 iBeacons were fitted into the Amway Center in Orlando to welcome fans entering the basketball arena and then provide them with team news and deals inside the stadium via push notifications. What's more, fans could use the accompanying app to access their tickets more quickly and upgrade their seats more easily. National Basketball Association, USA 10trendexplorer send a trend PPT export more pictures Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  11. 11. IBEACON APPLICATION PROTOTYPE IN BUSES As part of a hackathon, the Japanese creative company Alliance Port from Tokyo has installed a system for information sharing via iBeacon in a bus route. The small transmitters were placed at the front, middle and back of buses, as well as at several bus stops. Using a prototype app, the distance to the next Beacon and the position in the bus was displayed. Timetables could also be transferred from the Beacon at the bus stop. Some potential applications include providing information based on the bus position, as well as ticketing services and marketing platforms in buses. Alliance Port LLC, Japan 11trendexplorer send a trend PPT export more pictures Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
  12. 12. IBEACON FEATURES IN THE CAR The connected car system from the American company Automatic has been updated by a feature similar to Apple's iBeacon system. Vehicles equipped with this new feature can now communicate wirelessly with sensors and nearby devices, and exchange information. The manufacturer believes the system will make it possible to pay for things like parking and petrol fill-ups. In general, this development represents even further connectivity between cars, and Automatic plays a key role in this field. Automatic Labs Inc., USA 12trendexplorer send a trend PPT export video Top 10 iBeacon Trends TOP 10 IBEACON TRENDS
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