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Location SDK by Impromptu Media Ltd


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A quick presentation on how we can implement our location code into your app so that you can track and trigger messages, promotions and surveys based on your app users location.

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Location SDK by Impromptu Media Ltd

  1. 1. IMPROMPTU MEDIA Presents… LOCATION SDK (our code in your app)
  2. 2. Agenda About Impromptu Media The Software Development Kit SDK: Return On Investment Deliverables NPD & Beacons5 4 3 2 1
  3. 3. About Impromptu Media
  4. 4. About Impromptu Media Impromptu Media are all about Location, Motion & Action based insights and Communications. Our solution brings together Consumers, Retailers and Marketing Organisations keen to provide ‘in the moment’ geographical based Marketing and Market Research services.
  5. 5. We use both traditional and new location services such as Beacons and Wi-Fi fingerprinting to ensure that the context of any transaction that takes place is accurate and correct. Our Expertise Beacons, Location Tracking, Digital Mapping, Marketing, Market Research, WiFi Fingerprinting, Wireless Human Behaviour Technology & Expertise
  6. 6. We’re the most accurate on the market. Location estimates of 50m, could be the other side of a building, on another road or in a different postcode. The SDK can capture locations to ~2m accuracy throughout a user’s journey. VS. Location Accuracy
  7. 7. The SDK can stay with you for days without charge, capturing 100's of data points an hour whilst using little more power than standby. The SDK implements a sophisticated proprietary system of software which uses multiple sources of device information e.g. ambient signals to record where someone is - using less battery power. This benefits the user by efficient and accurate delivery of information without killing the battery like some geolocation SDK’s. Battery Friendly
  8. 8. The Software Development Kit *our code in your app
  9. 9. Our code can provide you with the ability to prompt your users within moments of them reaching the front door of a retailer with an offer. This gives you the ability to convert customers in real time. Sending offers when they are on site will increase conversions and also, more importantly, the amount of transactions. SDK: Notification Example
  10. 10. What do we do for you? We provide you with our SDK to trigger messages based on the location of your app users in real- time How does this help you? It allows you send timely and relevant messages e.g. coupons, adverts & promotions What’s the benefit to you? Increases your customer engagement and sales. SDK: For App Owners
  11. 11. ...your app then notifies your users of special offers, when they are within your chosen location… …We train you to build your campaigns and set your target locations… …The user can accept a special offer and save money on their purchase… On receiving a order we provide you with a web link… …Integrate simply by ‘drag n drop’ of our SDK code into your app… …We provide you with access to the back office… 1 2 3 4 5 6 SDK: How To Get It
  12. 12. SDK: Return On Investment
  13. 13. Market Research companies, Outdoor media owners and Brand owners are always looking to gain insight at the point of contact with the brand. We can allow MR firms to contact your users for market research studies bases on a fixed amount per interview. This means you could earn a price of a few pounds per interview. This gives your app users another benefit from using the app, as well as providing you with a new source of revenue. In the Moment Market Research
  14. 14. Outdoor Media owners, who have a plethora of outdoor advertising sites, have difficulty in monitoring the amount of people that walk past their sites and indeed whether they recall the adverts. You/we can provide these companies with a unique source of respondents and the amount of people that pass these sites on a regular basis. Frequency & Footfall
  15. 15. Deliverables
  16. 16. Deliverables are simple and beautifully visual. Available in the form of an interactive dashboard with ‘Drill Down’ capabilities or MS Excel export Deliverables
  17. 17. Main Dashboard
  18. 18. Frequency & Footfall
  19. 19. Public Transport Networks
  20. 20. Triggers by Roadway
  21. 21. Localised Surveys
  22. 22. International Coverage The location SDK collects data from whatever territory you are in allowing us to trigger events from South Africa to California to Germany to the UK for the best in the moment notification service application The Imp can provide you with what you need any time any place any where.
  23. 23. NPD & Beacons
  24. 24. We are constantly developing new tools. Most recent is User Definable Geo-Triggering. A long name for something very simple in that it allows you to define the shape of the area in which you want the geo trigger to execute. Generally geo- trigger areas are round but with The Imp they can be any shape you want. Developments
  25. 25. Infrastructure Stores are now commonly implementing Bluetooth Beacons around service areas and retail environments. The Imp makes intelligent use of mobile technologies to take advantage of this without the need to add additional expensive infrastructure.
  26. 26. THANK YOU! From: Impromptu Media Ltd +44 7887 600 353 Jason More - Co-Founder