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Overview of the apps built to showcase the LocalSocial Proximity Platform

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LocalSocial App Overview

  1. 1. POWERING PROXIMITY Sean O Sullivan CEO, Rococo Software sos@rococosoft.com twitter @sos100
  2. 2. Company Background: Rococo in a nutshellFounded 2000Sector Wireless, MobileStaff 6Focus Proximity Software and Solutions (“Powering Proximity”) Short range wireless (NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth); Web Scale (Ruby on Rails);Technology Android; iOS; Java (J2ME)Products Impronto (Java/Bluetooth) and LocalSocial (Proximity Platform)Location Dublin and Tokyo
  3. 3. Overview• A look at some apps/services built on LocalSocial• Two of our “Person to Person” showcase Apps – TweetAround : social sharing to people nearby – Tagster : proximity alerts and messaging to people nearby• And one of our “Person to Business” Services – LocalSocial for Retail – Enables retailers to create offers and deals for people nearby• Some roadmap detailed included
  4. 4. LocalSocial: Proximity PlatformApps .. And others... TweetAround Tagster Details at http://www.mylocalsocial.com/appsPlatform http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAB3ZmrFaLI
  5. 5. Social and Business Proximity meets Twitter
  6. 6. TweetAround v1 : Register
  7. 7. TweetAround v1 : Discover and Share
  8. 8. TweetAround v1 : Manage proximity
  9. 9. TweetAround v1 : Key Features • Share your twitter ID • Share your stream • See other TweetAround users nearby – right now! • WiFi and Bluetooth • Fun, Social App - Share Twitter profile and stream with people in the restaurant, in the train, on the bus, in the coffee shop • Curiosity, Fun , Exploration
  10. 10. Coming next…
  11. 11. TweetAround v2Roadmap Alias, Mute (hide)Tap to Follow Message! Tag! Share!NFC Support
  12. 12. TweetAround v3Business Share Offers Nearby! Save! Follow! Grab!
  13. 13. TweetAround v3Business Customers TweetAround powered Businesses localSocialTweetAround shows Twitter Business can register with to Stream, Deals and Offers promote itself on TweetAround from Businesses nearby
  14. 14. Actions and messages topeople and things nearby
  15. 15. Tagster v1• Simple, fun App• Looks for devices nearby (Bluetooth or WiFi)• User can: – Name them (“bosses phone” instead of “Nokia 2410”) – Define actions (“beep when it’s near”) – Leave virtual postits or messages on any device in range• Let’s take a look…
  16. 16. Tagster v1: startup• When it runs – you see a list of devices nearby• The little tag button is for tagging them• The little message button is – yes – for leaving a little message “on” that device• You can also click the device icon itself to set your own name for it
  17. 17. Tagster v1 : naming a device• When you tag the device itself – by tapping icon, you can set a name for it that you like• You can also assign an icon for it
  18. 18. Tagster v1: proximity rules and actions• Now the fun part !• You can assign rules – proximity rules for a device• These are things you want to have happen, when the selected device comes near, or goes away!• Vibrate the phone, play a sound, notify you on the notification bar …• Try it!
  19. 19. Tagster v1: messaging• You can also leave virtual postits for a device• Drop a message on any device in range• Anyone else using tagster can see these messages and also leave their own• Like a proximity twitter
  20. 20. Tagster Roadmap• Social • NFC – Bind Facebook, Twitter, or – Tap to Tag (person, LinkedIn identity to enable business) social sharing (like – Tap actions (like proximity tweetaround, but multiple actions) – define what Social Networks) happens on Tap – See social streams for • And more.. others nearby – Same opportunity for• Actions business actions and – Smarter proximity actions reactions – Modes for different social – Follows, Offers, deals and settings (flirting, business) more
  21. 21. Smart Mobile Marketing for Retailers
  22. 22. LocalSocial : Customer Application• For end users of the service – free download• Simple – run the app, and it shows offers, participating merchants, points and more• Three main views (places, offers, map)• Let’s look at each briefly…
  23. 23. LocalSocial : Places• Places are merchants who are taking part in the service• Just a brief title and an image visible for each• If they offer “walk in points” – these are also displayed• If you’re in the store right now – they’re highlighted in green: “Proximity”
  24. 24. LocalSocial : Offers• Lists offers “in proximity” and nearby• Offers arranged in proximity order• Some flagged green again - as “In Proximity”• These are offers where you’re “on premise” or “in the store”• Because the short range wireless “beacon” is visible (NFC, BT, WiFi)
  25. 25. LocalSocial : Map• Shows offers overlaid on a map• Tap offer to see the details• Together – these three views (Places, Offers, Map) give the user a flexible way to explore the service
  26. 26. LocalSocial : Place Detail• If you click on a place, you see more details about the place and any offers available• The icons at the bottom are for: – liking a place – sharing it with friends/social media – mapping it
  27. 27. LocalSocial : Points and Rewards• When a user is in a store that offers loyalty points• The app will detect and collect the points• Points can redeemed for rewards• NFC option: Tap to collect
  28. 28. LocalSocial : Rewards• Rewards (initially at least) are simple, universal vouchers• Can be e-distributed (zero cost)• Amazon, iTunes, One4All, etc.• Option to add merchant rewards…
  29. 29. LocalSocial : Offers• Merchant controls the offers – Type of offer (discount, two for one, etc.) – Limits - how many are available – Locations – where offer becomes visible – Security & POS – unique codes and colours – Roadmap: NFC to unlock offer, redeem coupon
  30. 30. LocalSocial : Offers• When a user taps an offer, they see the detail for the offer• Title, Image, plus addition explanation (just out of view in this screenshot)• Icons at side are for liking, sharing (on social media), mapping and saving offers• The redeem button causes a redemption…
  31. 31. LocalSocial : Redemption• Redemption – User requests by clicking the button• Merchant has some options – Redemption only available when “on premise” – Unique code (for POS) – Unique colour (for security) – Time bound (only valid until….)• Show at the till (or tap where NFC available)
  32. 32. LocalSocial : Social Sharing• Offer Sharing• Several ways to share Offers• Each offer has a unique URL that can be shared in a variety of ways – Twitter, email, Facebook, etc.• Brings recipient to a unique deal page• Social, Viral, Simple
  33. 33. Now let’s look at how a merchant gets set up to use the service….MERCHANTS
  34. 34. LocalSocial : Merchants• Merchants join by registering on web• Once registered, they can manage their own business details, locations• Set up, manage and tune their own offers in real time• Review analytics
  35. 35. Merchants: Adding a new location
  36. 36. Location Summary
  37. 37. Creating a promotion
  38. 38. Promotions
  39. 39. LocalSocial : Analytics Dashboard
  40. 40. LocalSocial : Location Analytics
  41. 41. More detail on the technology behind LocalSocial? 5 Minute walk-through on YouTube here Android Apps : Tagster, TweetAround and others
  42. 42. Status and PlansBeta Launch November 2011Business Ireland and UK, actively seeking rollout partnersDevelopment App ready on Android, J2ME (now); Web analytics, and merchantReadiness registration and management (now), iOS support (Q1 2012)
  43. 43. POWERING PROXIMITY Sean O Sullivan CEO, Rococo Software sos@rococosoft.com twitter @sos100