How iBeacon Could Disrupt Consumer Experiences


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This presentation explores how iBeacon and BLE beacons are set to disrupt consumer experiences across a number of different categories including retail, banking, airlines and home automation. It also lists a range of other iBeacon applications. Feel free to contact me for more information in Lighthouse or if you enjoyed the presentation please share with your networks.

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  • Nice Slide! iBeacon technology is indeed set to disrupt consumer experiences by enhancing customer engagement. Since 90% of the sales happen in-store, businesses are trying to digitize the in-store space in order to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital world. They want to reach out to their customers via smartphones at the right place and time. This is where iBeacon technology comes into the picture. Statistics show that beacons increases product engagement by 19x, in-store app usage by 16.5x, and app retention by 6.4x. Here is an interesting slide that will tell you more on why and how beacons engage customers better
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How iBeacon Could Disrupt Consumer Experiences

  2. 2. Inlight is a digital agency with a focus on building high quality technology solutions. We work with some of Australia’s largest brands on web and mobile solutions that push the boundaries of technological innovation. We are also working on building our own beacon powered software - Lighthouse. ABOUT INLIGHT
  3. 3. WHAT IS LIGHTHOUSE? A cloud based software platform that leverages Bluetooth beacons to deliver content and experiences to people based on proximity to things in the physical world. ! Lighthouse turns your existing smartphone app into a powerful proximity marketing platform.
  4. 4. Beacons are small wireless devices that broadcast radio signals using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). ! Smartphones that are nearby listen for these signals and communicate with the beacon and deliver content and experiences. WHAT ARE BLE BEACONS?
  5. 5. iBeacon is Apple’s trademarked term for any BLE hardware devices that meet Apples’s iBeacon specifications. ! Prior to Apple releasing the specifications this week, the term has been used as an industry wide defacto for BLE hardware and software. WHAT ABOUT iBEACON?
  6. 6. A beacon can be attached to any flat surface in almost any location and can last up to three years on a single battery. HOW LONG DO THEY LAST?
  8. 8. WHAT’S THE TYPICAL RANGE? Immediate - Near - Far Entering zone - Leaving zone
  9. 9. Phones can finally see what’s around them and provide content at the right time and place. SO WHAT’S THE FUSS ABOUT?
  10. 10. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) doesn’t drain your phones battery life like GPS does. IT REALLY IS LOW ENERGY
  11. 11. BLE has been endorsed by Apple and Google and therefore works on iOS and Android. THE BIG PLAYERS ARE ON BOARD
  12. 12. BLE works indoors when GPS doesn’t. IT WORKS INDOORS
  13. 13. A phone need only be powered on in order to accept a BLE beacon’s signal and forward the ID to a server. IT RUNS IN THE BACKGROUND
  14. 14. Both Apple and Paypal are exploring payments using BLE, and both are encouraging developers to build applications that leverage the technology. PAYMENTS
  15. 15. VS. THE NFC KILLER? iBeacon has an advantage over NFC due to its longer range, affordability and push by Apple to build an effective sales, payment and marketing system around the technology.
  16. 16. Application user controls and the opt-in process are critical for success with this type of technology. ! We expect that value or utility based applications will be the most successful. WHAT ABOUT PRIVACY?
  17. 17. Think of all the different objects you walk past in a single day. These ‘objects’ can now trigger custom events on your smartphone app. ! The physical world can become a whole new customer engagement channel. WHAT’S THE OPPORTUNITY?
  18. 18. 1. You need to have a physical location 2. You need to have a native smartphone app THERE ARE TWO REQUIREMENTS TO ROLL OUT AN iBEACON PROGRAM:
  19. 19. WHO’S ONBOARD?
  20. 20. APPLICATION: RETAIL The most obvious application of beacon technology is in the retail sector.
  21. 21. Georgia is walking down Little Collins St in Melbourne and has her favourite retailers iPhone app in her handbag. ! As Georgia comes within 50 meters of a store she is pushed a special offer via the app to draw her in store. DRIVE STORE TRAFFIC
  22. 22. As she walks through the doors she is greeted with a welcome message. ! At the same time the sales assistant is alerted that a loyally member has entered the store and Georgia’s customer profile is presented on screen. CUSTOMER SERVICE
  23. 23. Georgia needs some new sandals for summer so heads to the shoes section within the store. After spending a few minutes browsing the sandals Georgia is presented with a product related offer via her iPhone. PRODUCT INFORMATION
  24. 24. APPLICATION: BANKING Branches still play a critical role in the delivery of financial services. Beacons can take the in-brach experience to a whole new level.
  25. 25. Tony walks into his local branch and a nearby beacon informs the branch manager that a high value customer has entered the premises. ! Tony is instantly recognised by the staff and offers a personalised experience. PERSONALISED SERVICE & RECOGNITION
  26. 26. It’s common for banks to take advantage of advanced analytics to optimise their online experience - but what about the branch experience? ! With beacons installed, banks will know which customers are using which branches, what are the busiest days and times and how long customers are spending in branches. BRANCH ANALYTICS
  27. 27. We’ve already talked about Apple and Paypal’s intention to use beacons for automatic payments and hands-free transactions. ! There’s no doubt that banks will be exploring similar hands free payment partnerships with retailers to drive revenue streams and improve the customer experience. AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS & TRANSACTIONS
  28. 28. Locating a nearby ATM becomes a simple task with beacons. ATM advertisements and targeted offers could be pushed directly to smartphones. ! Security could be increased by managing pin numbers via the app and the app could replace the need to carry a debit or credit card all together. BEACON ENABLED ATM’S
  29. 29. It’s clear that marketer’s are excited about the opportunity to target customers when they enter a venue or branch. ! User controls will be critical to success, but beacons could present a great opportunity to up-sell or cross sell products and services when customers are in a branch - right time, right place. PROXIMITY BASED OFFERS
  30. 30. Westpac NZ already has plans to roll out iBeacon technology in it’s branches. ! Chief Digital Officer Simon Pomeroy has plans to use beacon technology to: ! • Send special offers • Alert staff when a customer arrives • Drive insights from branch analytics WESTPAC NZ LEADS THE RACE
  31. 31. APPLICATION: AIRLINES Airlines are already taking advantage of QR codes and Apple’s passbook so it makes sense for them to enhance the customer experience using beacons.
  32. 32. Customers sitting in airport terminals will be able to receive flight updates and check-in staff will know which customers are already at the boarding gate. ! VIP customers or frequent flyers will be able to receive access to exclusive offers and services. FLIGHT UPDATES & EXCLUSIVE OFFERS
  33. 33. Check-in information and mobile boarding passes can be delivered as customers come within range of a check- in beacon or boarding beacon. ! Additionally, airline staff will be able to quickly validate a customers details using a close proximity beacon and make the check-in and boarding process more efficient. CHECK-IN & BOARDING PASS
  34. 34. APPLICATION: ENERGY The delivery of energy efficiency products and services to residential and business customers has become a key focus for large energy companies.
  35. 35. Control a home or businesses energy usage, temperature and lighting based on how far, or near, each user may be from their residence or business. ! As home or business owners leave a building or a room, the environment is automatically adjusted based on how far away they are. As they return, the environment is returned to their personalised settings. HOME OR BUSINESS AUTOMATION
  36. 36. US based Allure Energy has just unveiled an iBeacon smart sensor technology known as ‘Aura’. ! Simply place an Aura BLE sensor in a room, and the mobile apps can detect that room's temperature and adjust it accordingly. ALLURE ENERGY iBEACON SENSOR
  37. 37. OUR CORE OFFERING Campaign centre Analytics App integration Beacons
  38. 38. OTHER APPLICATIONS • Augmented homes for real estate • Augmented print and outdoor advertising • Automated check-ins • Child and elderly care monitoring • Tourism treasure hunts • Creating secure zones • Emergency services coordination • Employee time tracking • Event ticket delivery • Fitness tracking • Grocery list reminders • Health data and monitoring • Home and vehicle security • In store customer profiling • Indoor navigation and mapping • Localised chat rooms • Locating personal items • Loyalty and rewards • Mobile games in the real world • Proximity based dating • Proximity based social data • Personalised data delivery • Stock control and movement • Tracking vehicle data for insurance • Triggering personalised settings • Vehicle to vehicle communication • Virtual and guided tours
  39. 39. THANKS!