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We have been doing some work with Beacons (iBeacon’s) at the moment and there where many preconceptions we had to overcome before getting to grips with the technology. We have compiled this presentation to help explain the landscape and explore some possibilities.

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Beacons Explained Slideshare

  1. 1. Beacons explained
  2. 2. When devices have apps installed that have been built to respond to the specific signal from the beacon then a pre-defined action will be triggered. The sort of actions that might happen include sending notifications, navigating to specific areas in the app, or navigate to a web page. What is a beacon? Beacons are a simple piece of kit. They broadcast a signal that can be picked up by mobile devices. Certain apps listen for these signals, and use them to trigger actions in the app. 2/10 Beacons Explained
  3. 3. Busting the preconceptions Beacons DON’T send content to a device Beacons are NOT for iOS only (iBeacon is a trademark of Apple) Beacons will NOT drain your battery Beacons can NOT prompt an app to be downloaded 3/10 Beacons Explained
  4. 4. <1m 1-10m 10-30m Beacons can help with indoor navigation by providing location information to users, based on which beacons are nearby and their known location. Features Beacons work on 3 levels of proximity: Far: 10-30m Near: 1-10m Immediate: under 1m 4/10 Beacons Explained
  5. 5. Additional information Beacons can be used to trigger apps to show additional information based on the users current position. 5/10 Beacons Explained Opportunities
  6. 6. Environment triggers For example, property apps could be designed to trigger notifications when walking past homes for sale. 6/10 Beacons Explained Opportunities
  7. 7. Examples of use Welcome visitors back to a location Push coupons to your phone Offer indoor navigation Enable payments at the point of sale (POS) Reward regular visitors with coupons Display all kinds of content such as video and audio Depending on hardware you can measure temperature Discount vouchers Send discount vouchers directly to the phones of people as they pass by shops and restaurants. 7/10 Opportunities Beacons Explained
  8. 8. However, BLE only supports low data rates; you can’t stream audio or send large files with it. BLE is ideal for transmitting smaller amounts of data though, such as fitness data to fitness trackers or payment data to beacons. Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) BLE is a technology meant for transferring data. It consumes minuscule amounts of energy and allows device batteries to last longer. 8/10 Beacons Explained
  9. 9. 9/10 The future With iOS8 Apple is building on iBeacons by allowing push notifications, triggered by a beacon in relatively close proximity, to display on an iPhone or iPad lock screen. Beacons Explained
  10. 10. Established 1991 • Based in Old Street, London • 16 Employees About the presenter Sarah Edwards is the Creative Director of Make it Digital, a Division of Make it Clear. @Make1tDigital