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The Art of Connecting: Recruit Like an FBI Agent, the Original Social Engineers - Conni LaDouceur


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Talent sourcing is undergoing a paradigm shift, new game, new rules. Agility is key. In this increasingly digitized and networked business environment, winning organizations proactively go beyond traditional workforce sourcing for competitive advantage. Learn the efficient, metrics-driven process to recruit the best candidates and learn the what-you-say and what-you-don’t-say via NLP/Neuro-linguistics programming. Conni will share the most efficient talent sourcing web search strategies and dissect actual calls identifying, sourcing and reeling-in the most qualified talent--not the most easily findable or easiest to connect with--from IT to healthcare to defense to financial services and beyond. Now that LinkedIn has leveled the playing field, how are you distinguishing your results and demonstrating Staffing Subject Matter Expertise? In this session, identify, contact and compel candidates for any function, from individual contributors to senior management with empowering sourcing best practices/case studies. Excel in connecting with the people you most want to place for the most challenging open positions via this fun, fearless formula and improve your reputation as the Deliverer of Results!

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The Art of Connecting: Recruit Like an FBI Agent, the Original Social Engineers - Conni LaDouceur

  1. 1. Recruit Like FBI Agents The Original Social Engineers 12/7/2017 The Art of Connecting Conni LaDouceur President, Chief Sourcing Strategist and Trainer, #sourcingguru
  2. 2. 26% of long term success is due to intelligence and skills 74% is attributable to mindset 5
  4. 4. A Challenging Position to Fill Search: Target: Middleware Engineers Advanced Search: middleware, 01702, Staples current 12 results Too few?? 60
  5. 5. Solid, Targeted Sourcing Listen carefully: what are my observations? • • What was said first, next… • How were questions answered? • What did the call yield? • (3 minutes, 28 seconds)
  6. 6. “I do not belong to that group…” Search: Target: Middleware Engineers 3:08 Advanced Search: 12 results Yield for Sourcing Investment/YFSI: 8 of the on-target 12 were UN-findable on LI and unknown to our client in the same city WHAT CHALLENGE COULD THIS BE THE ANSWER FOR?? 60
  7. 7. Can they possibly have 200+ in their Advanced Analytics Team? EQC identified the 32 A leading online on-target team members vs. sourcing guru with verified contact identified 226, and reporting data none verified Only 2 duplicates: are you seeking on-target names or just names? Fantastic Phone AND Internet Results! Top 10 Insurance Company
  8. 8. Social Engineering While it is amazing and complex, it is also very simple. The perfect blend of Science Psychology Art 10
  9. 9. 2 The Intake Meeting As Recruiting SME/Consultant: What should I take to the meeting? Competitors recruiting for the same talent, heat maps, potential profiles, best target cos., associations/attendee lists, comp analyses, etc. What will I take from the meeting? Nice-to-haves, compelling reasons, qualifying Qs, # reports, counterparts known to client, do-not-contacts, SLA/timeline, etc. 1
  10. 10. What’s most important? To set HM’s expectation and calibrate success, ask to force-rank which two factors are most important. How will the weightings affect strategy and tactics?
  11. 11. Post and pray… or… 19
  12. 12. Post and curse?? 20
  13. 13. sourcing channels
  14. 14. Who needs phone sourcing? 12
  15. 15. Is there still a War for Talent? 13
  16. 16. Narrow Your Search QUALITY OVER QUANTITY 21
  17. 17. The Targeted Approach Previous Research Secondary Research Our Adjunct Employees Value-added Telephone Research Do not reinvent the wheel! Previous offer candidates and previous incumbents LinkedIn FB Attendee Lists Twitter Yatedo Hoovers Indeed Factiva Corp/Fin’l Lead Dirs MLS Librarians! 202-707-3156 Pharma/Philly Tech/San Jose Lib of Congress NYPL/Brooklyn (from your laptop!) Distinguish Yourself! Build a valuable original talent library with competitive org charts 1 2 3 4 22
  18. 18. 30
  19. 19. BOOLEAN: Get Creative!! 1) Google, Bing & Yahoo – Start Simple Search for name. Possibly add location or co. 2) Use Contact Databases Paid: Connect, Lead411, Zoominfo Free: Pipl, PeekYou, Zabasearch, LeadFerret (To find other databases: search Crunchbase, compare with g2crowd or Alternativeto, Google) 3) Email Addresses Find the format, guess the address – • "email * *" Email Format Custom Search Engine • Emails4corporations 4) Phone Numbers • Search like this "Ashlee Speight" "510 420" • Call and ask the receptionist/operator • If you know where they live, try the local number range, for example: • "jay smith" "801 200..999" • "call me * cell * 215 200..999". Google name plus area code from where they lived 1998-2000 5) SEE EXECUQUEST HANDOUT
  20. 20. Best Sourcing Tips 20
  21. 21. Q: I need to develop 2 lists of top 10 companies in order of size/sales for competitors to these 2 DuPont products please: Corian and Zodiaq (countertop) Tyvek (building weatherproofing wrap) A: Unlike Reference USA and Mergent which profile companies,Thomas Net ( ) Thomas examines products. No “Top” lists but provides distributors and manufacturers of products as well as competitor products (ex brand/Tyvek or type weather resistive barrier) and it’s FREE.
  22. 22. 31
  23. 23. From: Sent: April 4, 2016 9:37 PM To: Subject: Big-time Os fans, see attached Hi, Just had to send you this picture of our son, Jesse String, and grandson, Otto String, in Los Angeles, on Opening Day. They LOVE you!! GO O's!!! Conni String From: John Angelos [] Sent: Monday, April 04, 2016 10:06 PM To: Conni String <> Subject: Re: Big-time Os fans, see attached Thanks Conni. Good day to be an O's fan, for everyone. Take care. John Angelos COO and EVP, Baltimore Orioles, President and COO, MASN, Mid-Atlantic Sports Network Jangelos@Orioles.Com, Jangelos@Masnsports.Com M: 410.340.8364 O: 410.547.3079
  24. 24. Title Name Vice President Of Technology Jim Naylor Software Engineer Le Chung Software Engineer Faizal Khan Product Manager Dori Merifield Software Engineer Stephanie Byrd Project Manager/Product Development/Operations Emily Baraan Software Engineer Lorenz Verzosa Director Business Analytics Nataliya Sayko Director Product Management Bradley Spannbauer Manager, It John Kuo Technical Lead Aidan Short Network Manager Evvy Mankowitz Associate Business Analyst Jennifer Han 33
  25. 25. Creative Sourcing: Our Tax Dollars At Work Our client needed to know chemical plants within # production power and NAICS code in a certain location. Online searches not cutting it? Try the EPA! A search on an EPA database to record chemical emissions can give us location, industry, size of plant by emissions released – as well as names and contact numbers. Don’t forget Uncle Sam! 34
  26. 26. Mandarin-speaking CPG Marketing Talent Talent Name Company Title City ST Chen, Gao Newell Rubbermaid Inc. Director of Marketing Atlanta GA Chen, Heidi LVMH Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton Global Senior Brand Manager, Officer Premise a New York NY Liang, Jeanette The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Executive Director, Global Digital Marketing New York NY Liu, Henry The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Executive Director, New Brand Development New York NY Huang, Lily The Procter & Gamble Company Company Marketing Research Manager Cincinnati OH Wang, Richard The Coca-Cola Company Brand Director of The Fanta Brand Atlanta GA Wu, Peggy Avon Products, Inc. Associate Brand Manager, Global Skincare New York NY Zhang, Alvin The Procter & Gamble Company Assistant Brand Manager Cincinnati OH 35
  27. 27. Wanted Analytics Job Heat Map Mechanical Reliability Engineer
  28. 28. Name Title Reports to Email Primary Phone City ST Country Jill Brannon Sr VP Sales Brannon jill.brannon@ 901-434-4677 Memphis TN USA Robert Baldwin Director Sales Brannon rabaldwin@f 860-830-0800 Wallingford CT USA Adrian Becerra MD Sales Brannon adrian.becerr m +52 33 32683661 Guadalajara Mexico Ingmar Bergman VP Sales EU Brannon ibergman@f +49 17 06 32 86 39 Neu-Isenburg AL Germany Sandrine Buisson MD Sales Brannon sbuisson@fe +00322 7527873 Brussels Belgium Patrick Charles Director Sales Brannon jpcharles@fe 317-223-4229 Indianapolis IN USA Jaideep Chauhan Global Bus Dev Director Brannon jchauhan@fe 630-875-6517 Elk Grove Village IL USA 37
  29. 29. Dean DaCosta: Top Tool Recommendations • Chrome Productivity-Extensity, tidy bookmarks, context, TempMarks, APPJump, ChromeWebstore, One Tab • Search Producivity- EZlink preview, AutoPagernize, Multiple File Download, Docs Online Viewer, Multi-File Downloader, Google When? • Scraper-Dataminer/Scraper, Copylead Complete Sourcing Solution- Hiretual • Social Info/People Aggregator/Email Finding-Prophet, 360Social, Aevy, RocketReach, Connectifier+SocialLinks, Jobjets Hound, AmazingHiring, Email Qualifier, Contactout, Nymeria, People Search, Toofr, Nymeria, Snovio, JobJet, Rocketreach, PrettyRadical, Lusha • Boolean/xray- Source hub, Bool, SourcingLab, Talentsonar • Facebook- Search is Back, Intelligence Search LinkedIN- LeadIQ, LOXO rch Ext G+ • G+-Sea Twitter- Riffle, PropelIQ, Twitter Advance Search • Github- Hikido, Get Discovered, GitHub Email Reveal, GitHub emails revealer, Hirables, GitAwards • Gmail/Email finding- Full contact, , Clearbitconnect, , Zenprospector, Accompany • Gmail/Email Tracking- Geotrack, Bananatag, Boomerang, Criptext, Evolutics • Email with Video- Free Video Email for Gmail, Wiind • Competitive Intel – Datanyze, Fedger, Rethinklabs, inDoors - Glassdoor Integrator for Linkedin, Recap. Work -DOL, Linkedin, Glassdoor, Owler, Lead essentials, Talisman, FYI, Acquired, Levels, • Writing tools(emails, jds etc)- Textio, Mosaic Track, JobLint, Crystal, Readability, Spam • Search – Sales Search, Social Geek, Wayback machine, millionshort, Advangle • Sourcing tools/sites- Elucify, Discovered, Talismatic, Seekout, Zensourcer, LOXO AI • EXTRA= Google Sheets With (Numerous Addons) Blockspring using Full Contact, Hunter + (to many to list), Wholi Communications- Google Hangouts, Zoom, Uber • Email –, Contactout, Lusha, etoggler, EmailCatcher, Hunter, A/B Testing • Security /Maintenance- Touch VPN, MyPermissions, Shield for Chrome, Lastpass, Ghostery, Free Proxy • Social- Bitly, TweetDeckLauncher, FB Notifications, G+ Notifications, Yoono, AddThis • Misc- Easy URL Params, URL Monster, Grammerly, Xendo, , Zip-Codes • Free ATS/CRM- CRM for Gmail, Streak CRM for Gmail, HubSpot, LOXO
  30. 30. The telephone drives our recruiting efforts while technology supports us 38
  31. 31. Ethics and Direct Phone Sourcing If we’ll call individuals whom we find on LI, who apply online or are referred to us, shouldn’t we also ID the entire teams to recruit the best-performers on those teams? Isn’t this what our Clients expect of us? Don’t be shy…our competitors aren’t! DISTINGUISH YOURSELF! Do all you can to hire the very best talent!
  32. 32. NLP: Neuro-linguistics programming Highlight Objective Qualifiers Ask for one thing at a time Don’t ask Yes or No Questions Thank you! Obtain NAMES First Follow up a Question with a Q 11
  33. 33. What do I want to know? What questions will I ask? How much information am I aiming for? Push the envelope! Get as MUCH as you can: names, titles, reporting relationships, direct dial and cell phone numbers, email addresses and previous incumbent, # of reports, etc. 40
  34. 34. gonna call?Who ya Top-down? Bottom-up? Peer-to-peer? 41
  35. 35. Highlight the Objective Qualifiers 1. Accountant, Senior Staff: “Who prepares financial statements, statistics and supporting schedules for the monthly close pls?” 2. Process/Reliability Engineers, Honeywell: “Who signs off on the LOPAs?” 3. Software Engineer: “Who contributes to the development of large distributed systems and cloud services?”
  36. 36. Direct, Disarming Dialogue Position profile responsibilities: Objective Qualifiers WHOis responsible for (OQs) …? 42
  37. 37. Utilize the pa se to your advantage Thank you… 43
  38. 38. What exactly is his title please? 44
  39. 39. When titles are identical… 45
  40. 40. And who does she report to please? 46
  41. 41. Pursue Previous Incumbents “That’s not the name I recall… How long has XX been in the role? Who did he replace? Where is he now?” 47
  42. 42. ASK TIMES 48
  43. 43. 49
  44. 44. 50
  45. 45. But… WHO are you? and WHY are you calling?
  46. 46. Faith is bigger than fear! 52
  47. 47. ”That’s still me” BUSTED! Search: Target: “Delivering the user persona ID, experience vision, UI architecture and interaction design” Advanced Search: 10 results “user experience”, 94301 zip, Director, Facebook XX, Dir of Design, and ex-Sr. Mgr, User Experience and Design at eBay Senior UX Design Leaders 2:06 Objective Qualifiers: 57
  48. 48. Impress Your Client! Search: Target: Senior UX Design Leader 58
  49. 49. Reverse-Research the New Names 1. Validates original phone research 2. Educates on unknown, online resources/sites (cool!) 3. Improves your sourcing results
  50. 50. Are Flight Test Engineers on LinkedIn?? Search: Target: Flight Test Engineers Some are….call and build it out!! Impress the Hiring Manager!
  51. 51. “I’m not going to give you all those names…” Search: Target: Flight Test Engineers 480-891-3000 XX XX Manager, Out Plants 301-757-XXXX XX XX Manager, P-8A Poseidon Testing 301-757-XXXX XX XX Manager II (mgs 20 Flight Test & Eval Engrs thru 3 Mgrs) 301-757-XXXX XX XX Mgr II (mgs 7 FT&E Engineers) 301-757-XXXX XX XX Manager (mgs 7 FT&E Engineers) 301-757-XXXX XX XX Manager (mgs 6 FT&E Engineers) Obtained all 20 Engineers, P-8A Poseidon, 10 previously unknown to client
  52. 52. +1-410-667-8400
  53. 53. The Kindness of Strangers The President’s AA or other executives’ AAs Human Resources: could you check an org chart please? The 800 # (call repeatedly and after hours) Ask the Operator: What # to call to dial by name? Media Relations The Mail Room Another regional office vs headquarters Loading Dock or Shipping and Receiving for the facility The Help Desk or the Copy Center Investor Relations and/or Corporate Library Marketing Communications Accounts Payable 62
  54. 54. The Comfort-Zone Challenge™ Safety Comfort Confidence Known Trust Present Comfort Zone Excited, nervous, anxious The Unknown New Expanded Comfort Zone Leap of faith, courage 63
  55. 55. I.D. Recap: Who, what, where? Who is responsible for (objective qualifier)? Who does Name report to please? How many people does he/she manage, directly and in total? Who else should I copy? What is direct dial number, mobile, email address? May I call you back if I have additional Qs? 65
  56. 56. The Help Desk might help you…just for the asking!!! 56 SAP Basis Administrator Solution Manager, Plano, TX Called in, asked for IT Help Desk, given name Lauren Luensmann by Help Desk, called Lauren, got VM, #0, asked who’s resp for “SAP installation and technical admin”. 214-296-1436 John Corpany SAP Change Control Manager 214-296-1318 Sharon Jarratt SAP Solution Manager 830-372-8590 Lauren Luensmann SAP NetWeaver Manager (manages 50+) 830-372-8779 Luigi Lombardo SAP NetWeaver (BASIS) Team Lead – ABAP 214-296-1142 Satchi Naik SAP BASIS Development Lead 972-409-5167 Slava Plyushchikov SAP NetWeaver (BASIS) Team Lead – JAVA 972-409-5168 Lakshmana Akasapu SAP NetWeaver Technical Admin 972-409-5199 Abhay Ambegaonkar SAP NetWeaver Technical Admin 972-409-4761 Durga Pilli SAP NetWeaver Technical Admin 972-409-5170 Ravi Tupurani SAP NetWeaver Technical 972-409-5150 Ranney Yau Senior SAP BASIS Admin 972-409-5166 Andrey Kalinin SAP NetWeaver Technical 830-372-8200 Dennis Solis SAP Enterprise Architect
  57. 57. Think your company is safe? • consumer insights group • electromagnetic, low-observables, cleared engineers in defense contracting • R&D Directors and Managers, class II medical device product development • open innovation teams • patented skincare packaging engineers 57
  58. 58. Would you rather call 50 people to network with or the 5 most qualified individuals? 69
  59. 59. Most Qualified or Most Available? Let’s have a show of hands… 71
  60. 60. Most Qualified or Most Available? Let’s have a show of hands… 71
  61. 61. “This is XX. Your name came up in a meeting this morning and I'd like to talk with you about a project I'm working on. Thank you.” Peter Leffkowitz “This is XX. I know you don’t typically return recruiters’ calls but this is a great next move for you. I would hate to see this search come to a close without your having an opportunity to consider it. Thank you.” Successful Voicemails/Texts
  62. 62. Time is $$: the 1-2 Punch Schedule 6 am email, call at 8:30 and 4 pm Yesware, Chrome ext. tracks emails and opens Call priority candidates first thing each morning: THEY are my most important calls After leaving VM, 0#, ask if he/she is in today and ask for his/her cell phone number Call throughout the day and catch him or her at their desks What impression am I creating via my professional persistence? 72
  63. 63. Qualify First Vet before interest, our first priority: • Are you qualified for this position? • Why would this be an ideal next step for you? • What would motivate you to make a change? CONTROL the interview!
  64. 64. Candidate too $$? “So that I can understand more about your role and responsibilities, can you tell me how many people you manage directly and in total? What are their titles and what differentiates them?” Then call and reel them in!
  65. 65. I’m not interested… “That’s exactly why we should talk” “I encourage you to take a look at this oppt’y until you know what you are saying no to” “Do you see yourself as open-minded enough to consider a new opportunity?” “Don’t you owe it to your career to consider this outstanding opportunity?” 73
  66. 66. Recoms for Qualified Individuals Don’t ask: CAN you recommend someone? What 3 people do you consider BEST at this? Who did you replace? Where is he/she now? Who have you interviewed for this role whom you thought was great? Who is the best manager you have worked for? How can I identify you online? (FDA Patents) 74
  67. 67. Diversity Candidates? “We want to consider the most diversified roster of talent we can to increase our client’s representation of ________. Who can you suggest who would meet that need?” 75
  68. 68. It’s All About TIME If I’m online, who can I be calling? When I’m on the phone, what can I be researching online? Measure time vs. yield, critical to measuring performance and repeating success 76
  69. 69. Become the Deliverer of Results! What is our ROI from this database and that job board vs. the FREE, forgotten phone??
  70. 70. Luck is the result of preparation meeting opportunity
  71. 71. Why engage an audacious* sourcing partner? • Access to the most qualified talent pool • Contact best talent before competitors • Proactive developmt of a quality pipeline • Sourcing = more effective recruiting • Economies of scale (time and cost savings) • Fantastic competitive intelligence * Audacious: bold, courageous, creative, enterprising, tenacious, undaunted!!
  72. 72. GO for IT! What challenging positions am I recruiting for that would benefit from this targeted approach?? Is it really an “impossible” search or have I omitted a best practice? COMMIT to a new learning!
  73. 73. EQC Talent Sourcing Experts Value Proposition We deliver outstanding sourcing solutions, expeditiously. We are relied upon to find the right people, get the right contact information, get the right hierarchy – and we do it in real-time, on every call, every click, every hour, every day of every engagement, with push-back at every turn. We are passionate about our results-driven research and training services and take great pride in our work. Conni LaDouceur Chief Sourcing Strategist and Trainer EQC Talent Sourcing Experts, 410-667-8400 Connect with the people you most want to hire or place!
  74. 74. 410-667-8400
  75. 75. IT’S A NEW DAY FOR EVERYONE IN TALENT ACQUISITION Welcome to the Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals ATAP is a non-profit professional association, representing the interests of talent acquisition professionals at every level worldwide. Join us @