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Your Employer Brand IS Your Brand: Recruit Candidates & Customers with the Talent Attraction Lifecycle - Chad Norman; recruitDC Spring 2018


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Don’t just hire great people… turn them into great recruiters! When making decisions, both candidates and consumers are influenced by branding, referrals, references, and reviews. The Talent Attraction Lifecycle combines employer branding with the recruiting process to create a continuous cycle enabling your employees to become your best recruiters. We’ll show you how to use every stage of the candidate lifecycle to attract talent, from careers web pages to culture-infused job descriptions, from employee referral campaigns to reputation management, from onboarding to thought leadership. When you harness the power of the Talent Attraction Lifecycle, you win the war for talent!

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Your Employer Brand IS Your Brand: Recruit Candidates & Customers with the Talent Attraction Lifecycle - Chad Norman; recruitDC Spring 2018

  1. 1. Your Employer Brand IS Your Brand: Recruit Candidates AND Customers with the Talent Attraction Lifecycle
  4. 4. Talent Attraction Lifecycle
  5. 5. TODAY’S AGENDA - What is Employer Branding - - The Talent Attraction Lifecycle - Recruiting, Interviewing, Making Offers, Onboarding, Promoting, Referring - Bring it All Together - - Q&A -
  6. 6. of professionals are passive candidates75%
  7. 7. 78%of candidates decide to apply for a job before speaking to a recruiter
  8. 8. Employer Brand Leadership Across every industry, companies are creating employer brand leadership positions and departments to focus on talent attraction.
  9. 9. Employer Branding Execution What Does it Affect & Where Do Candidates See It? Careers Websites Referral Campaigns LinkedIn Company Pages Job Descriptions Interview Questions Glassdoor Reviews Social Media Channels Industry Conferences & Their Friends and Family!
  10. 10. Discover Your Employer Value Proposition
  11. 11. Employer Value Proposition (EVP) EVP is a collection of formal and informal, tangible and intangible, benefits offered by an employer in exchange for employment. 1 2 3 Conduct Focus Groups, Surveys, & Interviews Use multiple methods to reach across company and determine perceived benefits. Determine Underlying Value of Benefits If healthcare is a benefit, the value is security for family, being treated as a person, and company is altruistic. Leverage EVP for Attraction, Retention, & Engagement Apply the values to the different stages candidate’s employment lifecycle.
  12. 12. Talent Attraction Lifecycle
  13. 13. Talent Attraction Lifecycle RECRUIT
  14. 14. Recruit Great Talent
  15. 15. Career Page Anatomy Some of the things you should include are: Why Work at Your Company Day in the Life Your Mission Perks and Benefits Job Openings Meet the Team (Quotes, Photos, Videos) Core Values Products & Services Major Call to Action (Join the Team!)
  16. 16. Talent Attraction Lifecycle INTERVIEW
  17. 17. Interview Candidates
  18. 18. Talent Attraction Lifecycle OFFER
  19. 19. Make the Offer
  20. 20. Talent Attraction Lifecycle ONBOARD
  21. 21. Onboard Your Talent
  22. 22. IDEA Use a Buddy System
  23. 23. Talent Attraction Lifecycle PROMOTE
  24. 24. Promote Your Company
  25. 25. 66%of candidates believe interactions with employees are the best way to gain insight into a company.
  26. 26. Enlist Your Social Army
  27. 27. Talent Attraction Lifecycle REFER
  28. 28. Refer Your Network
  29. 29. Campaign Theme + Rules Kickoff Email & Event Social & Email Samples Social Media Content Landing Page Track & Communicate Results
  30. 30. Questions? Answers?
  31. 31. Thank You!